Official Game Day Thread - Winnipeg vs Toronto Grey Cup November 20, 2022

Started by ModAdmin, November 19, 2022, 05:54:56 AM

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After the worst 4th quarter in maybe 3 seasons it still comes down to a game we should have won.  When was the last time 2 consecutive field goals were blocked?


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Unfortunately, Toronto was just the better team today. Collaros injury was the difference IMO.


Well time for AH to strut around now, I'm not even watching the post game stuff. I have say ZC did not play well, but neither did Leggs, that missed extra point after Grant's TD cost us.


The play call on the Prukop interception and Legghio cost us this game.

Better luck next year.

feeling the blues

I?m proud of this team sucks to have collards hurt at the wrong time. Still felt they did decent.

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It's unfortunate the Liegghio will bear the brunt on most of this loss. No guarantee we'd have won if it went to OT but that's the way some will feel.

Didn't like the play for Prukop to throw deep. Pass maybe but bad decision with the call and poorly executed throw. Kudos to Argos defence pulling out a win.

It was one heck of a season and a though way to lose. Collaros didn't have his best game and that may have been due to his foot injury. He was missing open receivers unfortunately.

Ironic losing 6 Grey Cup games to the Argos.
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Leggs cost us the win streak and he cost us the Grey Cup. No sugar coating it. Let's find ourselves a real kicker.


Congrats to T.O congrats to Henoc..congrats AH33 wow props 3 straight! Congrats Dinwidie. .

LEGGS man work hard this offseason, let this emotion make you better...

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Quote from: BLUEBOMBER on November 21, 2022, 01:58:27 AM
Leggs cost us the win streak and he cost us the Grey Cup. No sugar coating it. Let's find ourselves a real kicker.

Giving up the long punt return. Giving up the Prukop int. Giving up the Collaros int. Having our last FG blocked.

Yeah right.

It's going to be a long off season listening to this.
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Collaros looked fine to me. Our offense struggled tonight though. Argos ate us alive by blitzing hardricks side and we didn?t adjust for it. Repeated sacks from that side of the field. Argos played better than us, simple as that.

And we ALL knew if it came down to the kicking game, we lose this ball game. So no surprise at all. i guess the only surprise is it got blocked before he missed it


Legs definitely gonna find a truck load of manure on his driveway when he gets home


At the end of the day inches make the difference..but players have to do what players are paid to do...T.O ayed really good...but regardless we should have faced off in OT...sorry there is no excuse for missed PAT...the blocked FG was a baller play, T.O deserves that..yes we made other mistakes as did they.....but you can. NOT miss PATS...thats a guaranteed point, and absolutely no excuse zero zilch, maybe we lose in OT, but 100% LEGGS cost us a dynasty


Great game, two good teams and another great year of CFL ball.

Sign as many players as possible and same coaches please