Stephen Hawking passes away at 76

Started by blue_gold_84, March 14, 2018, 12:20:10 PM

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What a stupid timeline.




He is now free from the prison that was his body for 50 years. RIP


Given 2 years to live after his diagnosis, he surpassed 50.  I guess he didn't accept that it was his time (or space) to leave then.  The world is better for his time here.

It is very telling of the man that he never changed his "computer voice" even though the technology was there to give him a smooth talking voice.  He became renown for the uniqueness of his "voice" and embraced it, using it and his humour to engage people in learning more about the "you knee verse" (tell me you didn't just read that in his computer voice  ;D )

He made "doing a science" cool for so many, and paved the way for people who might otherwise have their abilities questioned due to using a wheelchair or assistive device, or people with conditions that make them appear different.  His brilliance and humour were both disarming and enlightening.

He will be missed.
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I recommend watching the movie about his life, The Theory of Everything. It's fantastic if you haven't already seen it.