Calgary @ Montreal

Started by J5V, July 06, 2024, 11:31:54 PM

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Blue In BC

Dequoy was testing his shoulder when he was walking off to the sidelines. Reports were he was in a sling later. It could be anything from a bruise to some sort of separation. I'd think he'll miss a game or two but there didn't seem to be any indication of a break of any sort.

He's a tough kid and I hope he recovers soon and well. Fun player to watch.
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Quote from: 55StickCar on July 07, 2024, 12:26:05 AMUnfortunately I think Calgary is going to break our backside next week.
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Calgary showed they can take advantage of gifts, and still lose the game. 

If you give up 3 turnovers of more, 2% chance to win.  Pretty sure that is Dic kenson's own statistic.

Montreal gave up 3 turnoevers.

Montreal won.

Dickenson beat the odds...
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What a move Fletcher puts on #31 to break his run into the end zone. Poor guy is still looking for his jock strap.
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Quote from: DM83 on July 07, 2024, 01:39:54 PMCalgary has a tendency to lose the fourth Qtr.  do they change the way they play? Montreal did find a way to win.

MTL was getting smoked in 1st Q.  Cody lost.  Pressure getting to Cody.  Bad throws.  Run game not working.  CGY D in the exact right place.

Then MTL adjusted (remember that strange concept?) at halftime.  Adjusted big time.  They were a completely different team in the 3rd and 4th.  And CGY didn't have a plan B.

CGY could have still pulled out a W, but they lost heart, morale, then momentum.

I also saw something new, to add to the annoying MTL horns... people in the crowd were holding up their cell phones with the flashlights on shining them on the field when their D was on.  Never seen that before.  Never seen that @IGF/PAS.  I have no idea if it's effective, or if those fans are just dumb.
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It felt like CGY was surprised to be in the lead, and did not know how to hold onto it in hostile territory.  They were gifted points, and then just let it get away from them.
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