The good, the bad, the ugly - Ott at Wpg, Jul 5, 2024

Started by Cool Spot, July 06, 2024, 03:32:18 AM

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2Q14:27 Whoa!  The OL actually picked up a simple switch stunt!  Can we actually be seeing ... progress?!  Was there actually some ... coaching?!

Someone pinch me!

:o  :o  :D  :D
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2Q1:39 The "is the play dead?" play by OTT.  Ya, so I was right when watching live @PAS: the ref blowing in the play did so basically right as OTT snaps the ball.  The blow-in whistle was fairly long and so Dru/Armstead thought it was blown dead.  Then someone from somewhere (maybe their sideline nearby) yelled to keep it going and so Armstead starting running.

Watching on TV I thought for a sec it might be a trick, but Armstead's reaction after he's tackled for ~1Y gain shows that, nope, it was all a big flub-up.

I like and agree with Suits: never seen anything like that.

Chalk one up to PAS crowd noise!!  They should count that in the IP/TC tally... that would be around 145 now?  :D  :D  :D

P.S. Refs could have negated the play and really blown it dead as technically I think the snap needs to wait for the whistle to end, not just start?

P.P.S. This needs to go into the top-50 CFL blooper reels.  This one is really messed up.
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The good:  Getting our 1st win
The Bad:  Getting our first win in our 5th game
The Ugly: Still too many terrible penalties, very costly ones.

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Quote from: Tiger on July 06, 2024, 04:39:28 AMTell me what you think about Woods when you watch the replay.  I thought he did ok and showed potential.

I'll probably re-watch the game tomorrow. I think Woods has potential as well as the other rookies. I'm just saying they weren't stopping the run near the LOS. Ottawa was not successful passing the ball which was great but I was disappointed on how long they had to throw and how well they ran.

You can't give a good QB that much time. Crum is not that guy so the game plan worked.

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The good
Streveler and Olivera's heart and determination spread out to the whole team. Willies effort was the best all year
 How can you not go all out when you see your teammates fight even when hurt
Dline provided more pressure thanks to Willie
Oline played hard nosed ,taking advantage of ottawa lbs who aren't the biggest
Special teams esp ayer ( hope he sees more regular action)
Once again secondary were great, i think they are underrated, even Alexander was more involved
The bad
Wilson isn't a threat, Same with Johnson Clerius was more effective, Hope we get Lucky soon ( pun intended)
Every game it getting more obvious Bighill has lost more than a step. On the Crum td run 2 yrs ago Crums toast.( Pun unintended)
The ugly
The officiating
Holms penalty
Strevlers getting speared had to be called by command center
Blatant holding calls on Willie and Hubert missed. Willie, at one point, was wrestled to the ground like a steer at Stampede
The non offsetting roughing calls could have played a big role.Keep the flags in the pocket, Numerous times that after whistle stuff gets ignored,Why this one was called and what were the calls is mystifying


Quote from: ichabod_crane on July 06, 2024, 06:15:24 AMI would have to agree. His longer throwing accuracy is still all over the place and he can be impatient at times. Short to mid range he is OK, but he boffed a short one to Olivera one time I recall in this last game. With Streves it seems if nothing is quickly available to throw to he will just barrel ahead head first for whatever he can get. Now maybe the team says to him to do that as less chance of picks, but that is not true long term starting material in my estimation.

With the amount of practice he has had the past 5 years you would think he would get accuracy figured out by now, but maybe it's just his natural throwing stance or something else similar to that. NOT like he has some speed merchants to throw long to though anyway right now! 😮 Maybe Lucky can be that guy? Just toss it long and hope he can run under it! :) Streves improvisational skills while on the run to complete a pass are nowhere near Zach even with his slow start to the season.
You're right, strev is not the prototypical passer by any means, never has been never will be. His accuracy is brutal. But he does bring an energy and determination to the ball park like no other. The man is simply inspiring to watch play, one of the last few who gives everything on every play to make a play.

One stat I d like to see is how many blocks did strev throw last night?? While I m not big on our Qb s throwing blocks and potentially being injured, strevy is in there against the big D linemen knocking heads to try and advance the ball. You could see on every play last night that you'd have to kill this guy to stop him. He played like a man possessed ladt night!!


Quote from: ichabod_crane on July 06, 2024, 05:15:13 AMI noticed Streveler was still fighting for yards near the goal line near the end of the game when he had the first down already. In those situations he should just go down and not take the chance of pulling a groin or muscle. He's our main bread and butter until Zach is back fully healthy. I know he has that fire, but need to use then noggin' at times as well.

You NEVER reign back a racehorse.  That's when they get injured.  You let the fly at full gallop.

Streveler will never take the safe route.  And we do not want him too.
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With the number of rookies and the number of next man up rookies on top of that due to injuries, starting 10 NATS, I am not surprised that it has taken 4 games to start getting into sync.

We are getting $SMS relief on Schoen and Lawler, but none on Zach.  Not sure what they are, but I have to think Streveler is getting some bonus for starts.  Was there a reason not to put Zach on the 6 game immediately?
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Kind of feel like our o-line & Buck's play calling won us the game.

As well as our defense.



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Quote from: ichabod_crane on July 06, 2024, 05:13:25 AMCan't say I'm a fan of IPA's. I like more red & brown ales or lagers. Pilsner is garbage! :D
Agree on reds and browns, and also not a fan of IPAs unless it's a hazy IPA.

However, pilsners are pretty good if they come from the Czech Republic, or sometimes Germany. From elsewhere, they aren't great.


Shout out Jake Thomas, iron man.

The guy does not miss games.

Unspectacular, but Always seems to make a play... tipped pass last night.

And Willie does not miss games either.

Made more impressive by the number of our D linemen  that played one or two games then got injured this season.


Buck Pierce. What a show he put on! Everything he wasn't doing in the first 4 games he MASTERED in game 5! Awesome job from Buck!

The bad/ugly
I think I need some clarification on the illegal forward pass rule. I know in the NFL you just need one leg behind or at the line of scrimmage when you release the ball. Is it the same for CFL?


In the Canadian game, front foot/toe is over the line, it's an illegal forward pass. That's an exam question on your level 1 officiating test with a diagram illustrating the front toe portion of the Qb being over the line and it's illegal.


Quote from: dd on July 06, 2024, 04:56:12 PMIn the Canadian game, front foot/toe is over the line, it's an illegal forward pass. That's an exam question on your level 1 officiating test with a diagram illustrating the front toe portion of the Qb being over the line and it's illegal.
actually its deemed legal if the passer has even one foot behind or on the line of scrimmage In both of Strevelers passes they were legal. OShea should have challenged the second one that was in question as it was even more obvioussly legal than the first which they allowed

Article 3 — Eligibility Of Passer
A pass may be thrown by any Team A player who was behind the scrimmage line when passing the ball. The passer needs at least one foot on or behind the line of scrimmage when the ball is released to be considered behind the line of scrimmage. The passer need not be the first player to receive the ball from the centre.