Chris Streveler Interview - March 14, 2024

Started by ModAdmin, March 13, 2024, 03:55:24 PM

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Chris Streveler will be Ed Tait's guest on The Huddle, March 14, 2024 at 10:00am CDT.

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I was thrilled to have Strevvy back in Blue and Gold!   I loved this guy right from the very beginning when he first came to training camp.   The guy's energy is infectious!   He will be bringing this enthusiasm to our locker room at a time where we are still stinging from losing the Grey's exactly what we needed and I can't wait to see what Buck can do with the Zach Attack and the Strevvalator working in tandem!   
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Interesting to hear about the whole "NFL pension" situation.

Gets NFL healthcare now.

At 50, he gets $3k/month.

And the Jets threw him a bone, getting him his third game for that year.

Sounds like he had a good experience on every NFL team he was on, either from the organization's treatment of him, or the experience with legends on the roster.  He's going to be a big add to the roster this year, and an inspiration for the young players looking to try and make the NFL. 

Losing Jackson and Hansen makes a lot of sense now, the Strevelator is going to bring a lot of that heart to the room.

The whole part about him playing on a broken ankle even though there were NFL teams sniffing around says everything about his "team first" attitude.

Great interview, a must watch.
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