2025 Potential Concert(s) at PAS

Started by peg_city, February 11, 2024, 07:32:21 PM

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Based on history, it seems likely that a concert will be at the stadium in 2025 (the temporary seating makes it more profitable for bands/artists). In 2015, we had AC/DC and One Direction (only AC/DC used the temp seating). So, I figured I'd come up with a list of likely (and less likely options).

Most Likely

Taylor Swift - two nights at the stadium with the temporary seating. It's not the CFL demographic so it won't impact the Grey Cup. If she is going to come, 2025 would be the year.

AC/DC - they are on tour again. They usually stop in Winnipeg. It's been almost 10 years

Motley Crew - current doing stadium tours with def leopard

Pink - 1 show for the same reasons as Taylor Swift

Metallica - they are in Edmonton in 2024. I could see them swinging by in 2025. Again, 2025 would be the year to do this. 2 nights they seem to be doing.

Less Likely

Pearl Jam - new album and tour in 2024 (which included stadium dates). They sold out the MTS Centre in like 6 minutes in 2011.

U2 - haven't been here since 2011.

The Rolling Stones - this seems very unlikely. They don't play a lot of dates and usually play in indoor stadiums

Coldplay - they are big enough to play and sell out BC place. Not sure how big of a market Winnipeg is for them

Others include Blink-182, foo fighters (sounds like they will be here in the fall, so we can probably rule them out), Chilly Peppers, Billy Joel, Beyoncé, Rihanna).

Let me know what you think and who else I missed.


Double bill Neil Young with Crazy Horse and Pearl Jam