2023 Predictions

Started by TecnoGenius, February 08, 2024, 04:58:10 AM

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Ya, you read that right: 2023.  I was watching the "2023 CFL Season Preview" show TSN aired Jun 7 2023 (don't ask).

The odds-makers were putting WPG at +180 to win the GC.  MTL was +1100.  If you took that latter bet, you were pretty happy in November.

More interestingly they asked the whole panel who was going to be in the cup and who was going to win.  Almost everyone picked WPG to be in it (only Chez said no).  But Dunnigan won the day by picking WPG vs MTL in the cup.  However, he picked WPG to win.  That's some crystal-ball level prediction, as no one was picking MTL to do anything but suck at that time.

I think the odds/predictions this year will be heavily slanted towards the Bombers once again, at least for being in the cup.  Maybe after dropping a deuce in the bed 2 years in a row more people will predict we'll choke once again, though.  It's like when BLM's CGY was choking in all those GC's but finally won it again that last time -- I think we'll fool all the naysayers!!
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