“I’ve done a lot here in Winnipeg and I want to continue to build on my legacy.”

Started by ModAdmin, January 19, 2024, 06:41:50 AM

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"I've done a lot here in Winnipeg and I want to continue to build on my legacy."

Make the 2024 season the best season Stanley.  Fans are with you and the team in 2024!

"... I'm trying to win a Grey Cup, which is always the goal, but it's even more the goal when you're at the end of your career and I'm at an older age. I want to have the best team we can put out there. I know guys are thinking about free agency and things like that, but if I can get all the guys we had and even more, I'd love to have those guys back."


"I haven't hit the free-agent market since 2015, leaving Calgary," he said. "I'm pretty sure it came to my mind, but I knew that Winnipeg is where I wanted to be. I don't see myself going anywhere else and playing. It didn't make sense for me where I'm at in my career. I'm a lot older so there's no reason for me to move around and try to start something new, somewhere else.

"I've done a lot here in Winnipeg and I want to continue to build on my legacy."

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One of my biggest worries of 2024 was that we wouldn't have Big Stan out there.

Incredibly happy that this is settled.
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Blue Bomber royalty AFAIC. One of the best ever at his craft.

Stan's the man!
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When Big Stan tells us all not to vape, smoke or get disorderly before every game on the jumbotron, fans listen!  Don't want Big Stan sent into the stands to dish out some punishment  :D  :D   Well, that line works on my kid(s)!

The message wouldn't have the same gravitas if it was, say, Augustine delivering the message.  ;D
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Hope he gets that last Cup before he retires....a tall order as the Western Conference will be stronger this season.   Last year it was basically BC and Winnipeg with not too much resistance from anyone else
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Bryant has nota step, he has lost 415 steps and is still a better olineman than 97% of the league.

Glad to have the CFL GOAT back:
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