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Current Roster

Zach Collaros -8    QB  A  re-signed Oct 18 2022          2024  2025 (Contract length)            600 000 (salary)
Terry Wilson    QB  A  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Eric Barriere    QB  A  signed Jan 18 2024          2024  2025
Chris Streveler -17  QB  A  signed Jan 31 2024        2024        120 000 plus

Johnny Augustine -27    RB  N  re-signed Jan 26 2024          2024                            
Brady Oliveira -20    RB  N  re-signed Feb 6 2024        2024  2025        230 000 
Jonathan Rosery    RB  N  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Ronnie Brown      RB  A  signed Jan 12 2024          2024  2025
Chris Smith  RB  A signed Feb 7 2024        2024  2025

Dalton Schoen -83    WR  A  re-signed Feb 6 2024        2024        230 000 
Drew Wolitarsky -82    WR  N  re-signed Jan 20 2024        2024  2025
Nic Demski -10    WR  N  re-signed Feb 5 2023          2024  2025
Kenny Lawler -89    WR  A  signed Feb 14 2023        2024        285 000
Jeremy Murphy -87    WR  N  signed May 5 2023          2024
Ravi Alston -81      WR  A  signed Nov 20 2023          2024
Bryce Mitchell    WR  A  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Ontaria Wilson    WR  A  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Ronnie Blackmon  WR  A  signed Dec 7 2023          2020  2025    
Tyler Adams    WR  A  signed Jan 18 2024          2024  2025
Kody Case    WR  A  signed Jan 18  2024          2024  2025
Keric Wheatfall  WR  A signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Braxton Burmeister  WR  A  signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Peter Afful  WR  A  signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Oliver Martin  WR  A  signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Keytaon Thompson  WR  A  signed Feb 2 2024        2024  2025
Aron Cruickshank  WR  A  signed Feb 7 2024        2024  2025
K.J. Hill   WR   A   signed Feb 26 2024        2024   2025

Stanley Bryant -66    OL  A  re-signed Jan 16 2024          2024 
Micah Vanterpool  OL  A  signed Feb 2 2024        2024  2025
Chris Ivy  OL  A  signed Feb 11 2024        2024  2025
Eric Lofton  OL  A  signed Feb 16 2024      2024
Kendall Randolph  OL  A  signed Feb 22 2024        2024  2025
Patrick Neufeld -53    OL  N  re-signed Dec 18 2023          2024 
Chris Kolankowski -67    OL  N    re-signed Jan 29 2024        2024  2025          140 000 
Liam Dobson -64    OL  N  signed May 20 2022          2024
Asotui Eli  -65      OL  N signed Jan 18 2023          2024  2025

Jose Borregales  K  A  signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Sergio Castillo  K  A  signed Feb 23 2024        2024
Jamieson Sheahan  -18    P  G  signed May 14 2023          2024
Mike Benson -40    LS  N  re-signed Dec 15 2022          2024    
Jake Thomas -95    DT  N  re-signed Feb 2 2024      2024                                           
Cameron Lawson -99    DT  N  re-signed Dec 22 2023          2024  2025        135 000
Willie Jefferson -5    DE  A    re-signed Dec 4 2023          2024                                     
TyJaun Garbutt  -49    DE  A signed July 29 2023          2024
Nate Givhan  -92    DE  A  signed Nov 28 2023          2024
Celestin Haba  -45    DE  A  signed May 30 2023          2024
Miles Fox  -90    DT  A  signed June 12 2023          2024   
Jamal Woods    DT  A  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Ali Fayad  DE  A  signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Jordan Lewis  DE  A  signed Feb 7 2024        2024  2025
John Waggoner  DL  A  signed Feb 9 2024        2024  2025
Kenny Randall  DT  A  singed Feb 22 2024      2024  2025
Anthony Bennett  -98    DE  N  signed May 5 2023          2024
Collin Kornelson  -97    DT  N  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Tanner Scmekel  -96    DT  N  signed May 7 2023          2024

Adam Bighill -4    LB  A  re-signed Nov 29 2022          2024
Kyrie Wilson -19    LB  A  re-signed Dec 16 2022          2024
Shayne Gauthier -44    LB  N  re-signed Feb 12 2024        2024
T Gaskill-Cadwallader -47    LB  N  re-signed Dec 20 2023          2024  2025
Brian Cole -41    LB  A  re-signed Jan 1 2024          2024
Marcus Hillman  LB  A  signed Jan 23 2024          2024  2025
Jared Beeksma  -43    LB  N  signed July 4 2023          2024
Max Charbonneau    LB  N  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Michael Ayers  LB  A  signed Feb 2 2024        2024  2025
Jeremiah Gemmel  LB  A  signed Feb 22 2024        2024  2025
Deatrick Nichols -1    DB  A  re-signed Dec 21 2023          2024  2025
Brandon Alexander -37    DB  A    re-signed Feb 7 2024        2024 
Jamal Parker -7      DB  A  signed May 15 2022          2024
Nick Hallett -21    DB  N  re-signed Feb 1 2024        2024  2025
Redha Kramdi -17    DB  N  re-signed Dec 19 2023          2024  2025
Evan Holm -31    DB  A  signed May 23 2022          2024 
Souleymane Karamoko  -42    DB  G  signed Jun 3 2023          2024
Jake Kelly  -16    DB  N  signed May 5 2023          2024
Tyrique McGhee  -38    DB  A  signed June 27 2023          2024
Bret MacDougall    DB  N  signed Nov 28 2023          2024  2025
Anthony Blue    DB  A  signed Jan 12 2024          2024  2025
Nico McCarthy    DB  N  signed Jan 12 2024          2024  2025
Noah Hallett  DB  N  signed Feb 1 2024        2024
Tyrell Ford  DB  N  re-signed Feb 20 2024        2024
Marquise Bridges  DB  A  signed Feb 2 2024        2024 2025
Travon Fuller  DB  A  signed Feb 2 2024        2024  2025
Raleigh Texada  DB  A  signed Feb 7 2024        2024  2025

Transactions not announced by team:
WPG ADD  AMER Ronnie BLACKMON (WR)    West Georgia 07-Dec-23

Suspended players:
WPG ADD  AMER Will ALLEN (DB)    Columbia
WPG ADD  AMER O'Bryan GOODSON(DL)    Memphis
WPG ADD  NAT Robbie LOWES  (LB)    Regina

Once a Bomber, Always a Bomber
Markeith Ambles  13  WR  A - finished season on practice roster, released Nov 20 2023
Noah Hallet  -23      DB  N - finished season on practice roster, released Nov 20 2023
Desmond Lawrence-22  DB  A - finished season on practice roster, released Nov 20 2023
Tomoya Machino  -69  OL  G - finished season on practice roster, released Nov 20 2023
Les Maruo  -00      LB  G - finished season on practice roster, released Nov 20 2023
Mike Miller -24  FB  N  re-signed Jan 19 2023 named Special teams coordinator Jan 8 2024
Dru Brown -6  QB  A  signed Dec 30 2021 -traded to Ottawa Jan 18 2024
Drew Richmond -60    OL  A  added to AR Nov 12 2021 - retired Feb 6 2024
Jesse Briggs -34    LB  N  re-signed Feb 13 2023 - retired Fed 12 2024
Dakota Prukop -12    QB  A  signed June 27 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Greg McCrae -29    RB  A  signed June 3 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Rasheed Bailey -88    WR  A  re-signed Feb 17 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Janarion Grant -80    WR  A  re-signed Feb 2 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
B O'Leary-Orange -84    WR  N    added to AR Nov 1 2021 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Jermarcus Hardrick -51    OL  A  re-signed Jan 11 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024 
Geoff Gray -68    OL  N  re-signed Jan 17 2022 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024 
Sergio Castillo -14    K  A  signed May 4 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Ricky Walker-96    DT  A    re-signed Dec 28 2021 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Jackson Jeffcoat -94    DE  A  re-signed Jan 16 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Thiadric Hansen -3    DE  G  re-signed June 18 2022  - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Malik Clements -33    LB  A  signed Mar 4 2022  - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Winston Rose -30    DB  A  re-signed Dec 13 2022 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024 
Demerio Houston -35    DB  A  signed Dec 28 2021 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Alden Darby -22    DB A  re-signed Feb 5 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024 
Kerfalla Exume -39    DB  N  Signed July 4 2023 - not re-signed by Feb 13 2024
Damian Jackson -48    FB  A  signed May 8 2023 - released Feb 16 2024

Roster 2021-2022

Roster 2020-2021

Roster 2019-2020

Roster 2018-2019     

Roster 2017-2018


Roster as of Grey Cup 2023:

Zach Collaros -8    QB  A
Dru Brown -6        QB  A       
Dakota Prukop 12    QB  A

Brady Oliveira -20    RB  N 
Johnny Augustine -27  RB  N   
Damian Jackson -48    FB  A 

Kenny Lawler -89    WR  A 
Drew Wolitarsky -82  WR  N 
Rasheed Bailey -88  WR  A
Janarion Grant -80  WR  A
Nic Demski -10      WR  N
Dalton Schoen -83    WR  A
B O'Leary-Orange -84 WR  N 
Stanley Bryant -66    OL  A 
Geoff Gray -68        OL  N 
Chris Kolankowski -67  OL  N
Patrick Neufeld -53    OL  N 
Jermarcus Hardrick -51 OL  A
Liam Dobson -64        OL  N 
Asotui Eli  -65        OL  N

Sergio Castillo  -14  K  A 
Jamieson Sheahan  -18  P  G     
Mike Benson -40      LS  N 

Jackson Jeffcoat -94  DE  A               
Jake Thomas -95        DT  N 
Ricky Walker -96      DT  A                                       
Willie Jefferson -5    DE  A
Thiadric Hansen -3    DE  G 
Cameron Lawson -99    DT  N 
Anthony Bennett  -98  DE  N   
Adam Bighill -4            LB  A
Kyrie Wilson -19          LB  A
Redha Kramdi -17          DB  N
Jesse Briggs -34          LB  N
T Gaskill-Cadwallader -47  LB  N 
Malik Clements -33        LB  A   
Shayne Gauthier -44        LB  N
Brian Cole -41            LB  A

Demerio Houston -35    DB  A
Deatrick Nichols -1    DB  A
Brandon Alexander -37  DB  A
Evan Holm -31          DB  A
Jamal Parker -7        DB  A 
Kerfalla Exume  -39    DB  N
Nick Hallett -21      DB  N 

Practice roster:

Markeith Ambles  13  WR  A
Ronnie Blackmon -15  WR  A
Noah Hallet  -23      DB  N
Desmond Lawrence-22  DB  A
Tomoya Machino  -69  OL  G
Les Maruo  -00      LB  G

Injured List:
Ravi Alston -81      WR  A 
Miles Fox  -90       DL  A   
TyJaun Garbutt -49   DE  A
Celestin Haba -45    DE  A 
Souleymane Karamoko -42 DB  G 
Jake Kelly  -16      DB  N 
Greg McCrae -29      RB  A 
Tyrique McGhee -38   DB  A 
Jeremy Murphy -87    WR  N 
Drew Richmond -60    OL  A
Winston Rose  -30    DB  A   
Tanner Schmekel -96  DT  N  
Jared Beeksma  -43   LB  N (6 game)  
Alden Darby  -22     DB  A (6 game)
Mike Miller  -24     FB  N (6 game)



ROSTER                                    20-Nov-23

WPG ADD  AMER Will ALLEN (DB)    Columbia *
WPG ADD  AMER Ravi ALSTON (WR)    Montana State *
WPG ADD  NAT Jared BEEKSMA (LB)    Guelph *
WPG ADD  NAT Anthony BENNETT (DL)    Regina *
WPG ADD  NAT Mike BENSON (LS)    Acadia *
WPG ADD  AMER Adam BIGHILL (LB)    Central Washington *
WPG ADD  AMER Zach COLLAROS (QB)    Cincinnati *
WPG ADD  NAT Nic DEMSKI (WR)    Manitoba *
WPG ADD  NAT Liam DOBSON (OL)    Maine *
WPG ADD  NAT Tavita ELI  (OL)    Hawaii *
WPG ADD  AMER Miles FOX (DL)    Wake Forest *
WPG ADD  AMER TyJuan GARBUTT (DL)    Virginia Tech *
WPG ADD  AMER O'Bryan GOODSON (DL)    Memphis *
WPG ADD  AMER Celestin HABA (DL)    Texas A&M Commerce *
WPG ADD  AMER Evan HOLM (DB)    North Dakota *
WPG ADD  AMER Damian JACKSON (FB)    Buffalo *
WPG ADD  GLOB Souleymane KARAMOKO (DB)    Laval *
WPG ADD  NAT Jake KELLY (DB)    Bishop's *
WPG ADD  AMER Kenny LAWLER (WR)    California *
WPG ADD  NAT Robbie LOWES  (LB)    Regina *
WPG ADD  AMER Tyrique MCGHEE (DB)    Georgia *
WPG ADD  NAT Jeremy MURPHY (WR)    Concordia *
WPG ADD  AMER Jamal PARKER (DB)    Kent State *
WPG ADD  NAT Tanner SCHMEKEL (DL)    Regina *
WPG ADD  GLOB Jamieson SHEAHAN (P)    California *
WPG ADD  AMER Kyrie WILSON (LB)    Fresno State *
WPG TRF TO INJURED AMER Miles FOX (DL)    Wake Forest – to Nov-20
WPG TRF TO INJURED AMER Celestin HABA (DL)    Texas A&M Commerce – to Nov-20
WPG TRF TO INJURED NAT Jake KELLY (DB)    Bishop's – to Nov-20
WPG TRF TO INJURED AMER Greg MCCRAE (RB)    Central Florida – to Nov-20
WPG TRF TO INJURED AMER Winston ROSE (DB)    New Mexico State – to Nov-20
WPG TRF TO INJURED NAT Tanner SCHMEKEL (DL)    Regina – to Nov-20

NON-ACTIVE                              20-Nov-23

WPG REM SGD  AMER Miles FOX (DL)    Wake Forest
WPG REM SGD  AMER Celestin HABA (DL)    Texas A&M Commerce
WPG REM SGD  NAT Jake KELLY (DB)    Bishop's
WPG REM SGD  AMER Greg MCCRAE (RB)    Central Florida
WPG REM SGD  AMER Winston ROSE (DB)    New Mexico State
WPG REM UNS  AMER Markeith AMBLES (WR)    Houston
WPG REM UNS  AMER Ronnie BLACKMON (WR)    West Georgia
WPG REM UNS  AMER Desmond LAWRENCE (DB)    North Carolina
WPG REM UNS  GLOB Tomoya MACHINO (OL)    Kyoto University
WPG REM UNS  GLOB Les MARUO (LB)    Texas at San Antonio

Notes: WPGs transactions of moving 6 players from PR to INJ were submitted prior to yesterdays game.
* Registration of existing 2024 contract.


Ed Tait  @EdTaitWFC
Nov 21
Unofficial @Wpg_BlueBombers pending free agent list:
Brown, Oliveira, Jefferson, Kolankowski, Neufeld, Rose, Nichols, Wolitarsky, Walker, Thomas, Prukop,
O'Leary-Orange, McCrae, Kramdi, Jeffcoat, Hardrick, Hansen, Hallett, Gray, Grant, Gauthier, Miller, Castillo, Bryant, Briggs, Bailey, Augustine, Alexander, Schoen, Lawson, Houston, Cole, Clements, Cadwallader, Darby

NOVEMBER 24, 2023 Ed Tait

It is as daunting a list as it is long, and as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers head into full offseason mode it has already led to some serious hang-wringing and nail-biting among the loyal fanbase.

The Blue Bombers' list of prospective free agents features 36 names, including the entire starting offensive and defensive lines, three starting receivers, five players who made starts in the secondary, ace return man Janarion Grant, kicker Sergio Castillo and – just to punctuate the point – Canadian Football League rushing champ and top homegrown product, Brady Oliveira.

There's also this: GM Kyle Walters, along with his assistants in Danny McManus and Ted Goveia, are also working on expiring contracts.


Some context here, before clenched fists slam down on the proverbial panic button: at this time last year the Blue Bombers had 26 free agents, with eight then signing new deals before the New Year and another 10 before the annual league-wide talent grab began in February.

The bigger questions are how does a team that is so big on continuity keep this group together, knowing that everyone is a year older, that so many deserve raises or have taken cuts to stay? Who retires and who tries to squeeze out another year? Who might leave for the NFL? And which players does management make those difficult calls on and moves on from for someone younger and cheaper?

"My hope is that everybody comes back, obviously," said quarterback Zach Collaros, who is locked up through 2025. "It was a great run this season. We came up short in the final game but with the group that we had it was a successful season minus the last moment. You go back to last season as well and it was basically the same group of guys.

"I don't know what management has planned and I'm sure they've already started their due diligence with the evaluation process. It's just tough, whether it's guys moving on to a better contract or the team moving on from a person, or guys just choosing not to play anymore. It all makes it difficult."

Another factor here: the reality is with the amount of success this franchise has had over the last few years – seven straight double-digit win seasons and four straight trips to the Grey Cup – it's somewhat shocking more talent, including that on the coaching and management staffs, hasn't been poached by other organizations.

How long can that last?

"Good question," said guard Pat Neufeld, among the group of prospective free agents. "There's also a feeling that you've worked so hard to get to this spot. It's a group effort where guys have sacrificed a whole lot.

"So, you say guys could have gone or maybe should have been poached, but that also says a lot about what we've done here; the brothership and camaraderie we've built here. It means a lot to come to work and enjoy being with the people you work with.

"I've talked to a lot of guys before – the grass isn't always greener. I understand if there's a massive jump in salary that will have an impact on things, but if you truly love coming into this building and working with these people, that has to help with your decision, too.

"I've guided my decisions on that a lot," he added. "I've never really gone into free agency and knowing that I love being here, I don't want to change."

Financial rewards haven't always been paramount in keeping this group together over the last few years, but it is always a factor. Opportunity matters for those fighting for starting work, too. And a player like Oliveira, for example, will be watching closely – should he not land a gig down south in the NFL – as to how the club handles the uncertainty along the O-line while weighing his own financial demands.

"Everyone always says it's a special group – other teams would probably say that about their group," Oliveira said this week. "What makes it special? I've had time to reflect on that and I think it's because when you have so much continuity – the same guys in the locker room for multiple years – you start to create a really close bond. We've had lots of these same guys together for the last couple of years and just the reality of it now is we don't know how it's going to look next year. It's probably going to look a lot different and that's what sucks the most about it."

A look at the Blue Bombers pending free agents:

The Starters

RB Brady Oliveira: CFL All-Star, rushing champ, the league's Most Outstanding Canadian and a hometown product.
Guard Pat Neufeld: CFL All-Star, has made no secret of his desire to stay.
Guard Geoff Gray: Manitoba product has made 35 regular season starts over the last two seasons.
Centre Chris Kolankowski: Took over from Michael Couture and the offence hasn't dipped one iota.
Receiver Drew Wolitarsky: Posted career-best numbers in receptions (47), yards (668) and touchdowns (6) while continuing his evolution as a leader in the room.
Defensive tackle Jake Thomas: The longest-serving Blue Bomber, he turns 33 next month but is also coming off a season in which he matched his career high with five sacks.
Dimeback Redha Kramdi: Grabbed hold of the dime spot this year and made 11 starts there.

Receiver Dalton Schoen: CFL All-star two years in a row and with gaudy numbers in his two years. Due a huge raise if he doesn't get another NFL shot.
Receiver Rasheed Bailey: Took a cut last year to stay in this corps and does the grinding work while others often get the glory. That doesn't go unnoticed around the league.
Tackle Stanley Bryant: What's left to be said? Legend. He's 37 but proved he can still get it done.
Tackle Jermarcus Hardrick: CFL All-Star and a finalist for the league's top lineman. Sets a tone for the club every day.
Defensive end Willie Jefferson: CFL All-Star who led the team in sacks, led the league in knockdowns, lives here year-round and is a fan favourite. All that = leverage.
Defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat: Had eight sacks – second highest in his career – in 14 games to put him in the Top 10 in franchise history in that department. He'll be 33 on Boxing Day and will be in demand if he gets to free agency.
Defensive tackle Ricky Walker: Five sacks and 37 tackles on the inside, his solid work comes in the shadow of Jefferson and Jeffcoat.
Safety Brandon Alexander: West Division All-Star whose experience is critical on the field and in the room.
Cornerback Demerio Houston: CFL All-Star who led the league in interceptions, he won't turn 28 until next September.
Halfback Deatrick Nichols: Forget his absence from the CFL All-Star team – he's dominant at his position. Period.
Cornerback Winston Rose: Turns 30 next week and still has something to give but was also replaced by Jamal Parker in the playoffs.
Kicker Sergio Castillo: Set a club record for field goal percentage in a season at 90.2. In a league where the margins of victory are so thin, that can't be overlooked.
Returner Janarion Grant: The franchise all-time leader in kick return touchdowns, he's as dangerous as any in the league. Did miss 10 games in '23.

Other pending free agents:
Receiver Brendan O'Leary-Orange: The size and skill is there. He'll get interest if he gets to the market.
Running back Johnny Augustine: Morphed into a steady special teams player and is a valuable back-up if the team continues to go homegrown at the RB spot.
Fullback Mike Miller: The Goat special teams player did not play a single down in 2023 due to injury leading to questions about his future. Turns 35 next spring.
Defensive tackle Cam Lawson: The heir apparent to Thomas quietly had a solid year with five sacks. A still-emerging talent.
Linebacker Shayne Gauthier: So valuable for so long as a special teamer, his defensive snaps went up, too. He'll be 32 in February.
Linebacker Jesse Briggs: Another fixture on specials, he's been here for seven years and will be 34 next spring.
Linebacker Tanner Cadwallader: A younger version of Gauthier and Briggs at 26; third on the club in special teams tackles.
Safety Nick Hallett: Has proven he could be a starter when Alexander was down and when the head coach referred to him as 'grimy' there can be no higher compliment.
Defensive back Kerfalla Exume: Former draft pick scooped up by the Blue Bombers after his release by Montreal. A solid special-teams contributor.

Quarterback Dru Brown: His phone should be buzzing all winter with calls from around the league. Deserves a chance to start. Critical for him will be choosing his best spot.
Quarterback Dakota Prukop: A master at short yardage, which has become a massive gig in the Blue Bombers offence and across the league.
Running back/receiver Greg McCrae: Smaller CFL rosters means every team needs a versatile player like 'Nighthawk', who can step in at so many positions.
Linebacker Brian Cole: Superb speed for his position and has shown enough in his spot snaps on defence to earn more.
Linebacker Malik Clements: Made seven starts this year and, like Cole, could be in the position to command more.
Dime Alden Darby, Jr.: His best attribute is his experience, but has been passed by others on the depth chart.

Defensive end Thiadric Hansen: A testament to his work ethic that he returned to the field after suffering an Achilles injury in 2022.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers' pending 2024 free agent list
By John Hodge -November 22, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers capped another promising season with a disappointing Grey Cup loss, this time falling to the Montreal Alouettes by a score of 28-24 on the CFL's biggest stage. The club has now lost back-to-back championship games in heartbreaking fashion by a combined total of four points.

There are a number of all-star talents under contract for 2024, including Zach Collaros, Kenny Lawler, Nic Demski, Adam Bighill, Kyrie Wilson, and Evan Holm, though the club's free agent list remains lengthy. The biggest name is Brady Oliveira, the CFL's reigning Most Outstanding Canadian, followed by defensive ends Willie Jefferson and Jackson Jeffcoat.

This is the eighth installment in a series of articles from 3DownNation outlining the pending free agents from each CFL team. We have already covered the Edmonton Elks, Saskatchewan Roughriders, Ottawa Redblacks, Calgary Stampeders, Hamilton Tiger-Cats, B.C. Lions, and Toronto Argonauts.

Please note that "N" denotes nationals (ie. Canadians), "A" denotes Americans, and "G" denotes Globals.


Dru Brown (A) traded to Ottawa Jan 18 2024
Dakota Prukop (A)

Running back

Johnny Augustine (N) extended Jan 26 - 1 year
Brady Oliveira (N) extended Feb 6 - 2 years


Mike Miller (N) retired Jan 8 2024


Rasheed Bailey (A)
Janarion Grant (A)
Greg McCrae (A)
Brendan O'Leary-Orange (N)
Dalton Schoen (A)  extended Feb 6 - 1 year
Drew Wolitarsky (N) extended Jan 20 - 2 years

Offensive linemen

Stanley Bryant (A) extended Jan 16 - 1 year
Geoff Gray (N)
Jermarcus Hardrick (A)
Chris Kolankowski (N) extended Jan 20 - 2 years
Patrick Neufeld (N) extended Dec 18 - 1 year

Defensive linemen

Thiadric Hansen (G)
Jackson Jeffcoat (A)
Willie Jefferson (A)  extended Dec 4 - 1 year
Cameron Lawson (N) extended Dec 22 - 2 years
Jake Thomas  (N)  extended Feb 2 - 1 year
Ricky Walker (A)


Jesse Briggs
(N)  retired Feb 12 2024
Tanner Cadwallader (N) extended Dec 20 - 2 years
Malik Clements (A)
Brian Cole (A) extended Jan 1 - 1 year
Shayne Gauthier (N)  extended Feb 12 - 1 year

Defensive backs

Brandon Alexander  (A)  extended Feb 7 - 1 year
Alden Darby Jr. (A)
Kerfalla Exumé (N)
Nick Hallett  (N) extended Feb 1 - 2 years
Demerio Houston [/b](A)
Redha Kramdi (N) extended Dec 19 - 2 years
Deatrick Nichols (A) extended Dec 21 - 2 years
Winston Rose (A)


Sergio Castillo (A)

American receivers Markeith Ambles and Ronnie Blackmon, Global offensive lineman Tomoya Machino, Global linebacker Les Maruo, Canadian defensive back Noah Hallett, and American defensive back Desmond Lawrence all finished the season on the practice roster. As such, they are all currently free agents.



ALEXANDER Brandon    A    DB    Central Florida      Extended 02/07/24 
AUGUSTINE Johnny    N    RB    Guelph    Extended 01/26/24  
BAILEY Rasheed    A    WR    Delaware Valley   
BRIGGS Jesse    N    LB    McGill        Retired 02/13/24   
BROWN Dru    A    QB    Oklahoma State    Traded to OTT 01/18/24
BRYANT Stanley    A    OL    East Carolina    Extended 01/16/24
CASTILLO Sergio    A    K    West Texas A&M   
CLEMENTS Malik    A    LB    Cincinnati   
COLE Brian    A    LB    Mississippi State    Extended 01/01/24
DARBY JR Alden    A    DB    Arizona State   
EXUME Kerfalla    N    DB    Montreal         Signed by TOR 02/13/24  
CADWALLADER Tanner    N    LB    Wilfrid Laurier    Extended 12/20/23
GAUTHIER Shayne    N    LB    Laval        Extended 02/12/24 
GRANT Janarion    A    WR    Rutgers   
GRAY Geoff    N    OL    Manitoba   
HALLETT Nick    N    DB    Toronto    Extended 02/01/24   
HANSEN Thiadric    G    DL    Potsdam          Signed by TOR 02/13/24 
HARDRICK Jermarcus    A    OL    Nebraska         Signed by SSK 02/13/24  
HOUSTON Demerio    A    DB    Southern        Signed by CGY 02/13/24    
JEFFCOAT Jackson    A    DL    Texas   
JEFFERSON Willie    A    DL    Stephen F. Austin State    Extended 12/04/23
KOLANKOWSKI Chris    N    OL    York    Extended 01/29/24
KRAMDI Redha    N    LB    Montreal    Extended 12/19/23
LAWSON Cameron    N    DL    Queen's    Extended 12/22/23
MCCRAE Greg    A    RB    Central Florida   
MILLER Mike    N    RB    Acadia   
NEUFELD Patrick    N    OL    Saskatchewan    Extended 12/18/23
NICHOLS Deatrick    A    DB    South Florida    Extended 12/21/23
O'LEARY-ORANGE Brendan    N    WR    Nevada   
OLIVEIRA Brady    N    RB    North Dakota      Extended 02/06/24
PRUKOP Dakota    A    QB    Oregon          Signed by BC 02/13/24 
ROSE Winston    A    DB    New Mexico State   
SCHOEN Dalton    A    WR    Kansas      Extended 02/06/24 
THOMAS Jake    N    DL    Acadia    Extended 02/02/24 
WALKER Ricky    A    DL    Virginia Tech   
WOLITARSKY Drew    N    WR    Minnesota    Extended 01/20/24


Winnipeg Blue Bombers sign nine, including QB Terry Wilson Jr.
By 3Down Staff -November 28, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed nine players, including American quarterback Terry Wilson Jr.

The six-foot-three, 207-pound passer originally committed to the University of Oregon, though he transferred to Garden City Community College following his redshirt freshman season. He played one season with the Broncbusters before moving on to the University of Kentucky and the University of New Mexico.

The native of Oklahoma City, Okla. started 31 games with the Wildcats and Lobos, completing 63.2 percent of his passes for 4,501 yards, 27 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. He also carried the ball 307 times for 1,062 yards and 11 touchdowns.

The 25-year-old attended rookie minicamp with the Dallas Cowboys after going unselected in the 2022 NFL Draft. He spent the 2022 season with the Houston Gamblers of the USFL, appearing in six games and making one start.

The Blue Bombers also signed American receivers Bryce Mitchell and Ontaria Wilson as well as American defensive linemen Nate Givhan and Jamal Woods.

made 70 receptions for 1,297 yards and 11 touchdowns over 52 games at the University of Toledo. The six-foot-three, 210-pound target was named second-team All-MAC in 2019 after leading the Rockets in receiving yards.

Wilson made 108 catches for 1,521 yards and 12 touchdowns over 51 games at Florida State University. The native of Ashburn, Ga. also recorded seven carries for 57 yards and one touchdown along the ground.

Givhan spent a portion of the 2023 season on Winnipeg's practice roster, though he didn't dress for any regular season games. The six-foot-two, 239-pound edge rusher made 97 total tackles, 16.5 tackles for loss, 13 sacks, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and one interception over 47 collegiate games at the University of Toledo.

Woods made 78 total tackles, 17 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks, three pass knockdowns, and one forced fumble over 49 collegiate games at the University of Illinois. The six-foot-two, 290-pound interior defender went unselected in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Winnipeg has also brought back four Canadian players who were selected in the 2023 CFL Draft, including running back Jonathan Rosery, defensive lineman Collin Kornelson, linebacker Max Charbonneau, and defensive back Bret MacDougall.

, who also plays slotback, led the Alberta Golden Bears in receiving yardage this past season, making 32 catches for 440 yards and three touchdowns. The five-foot-eight, 199-pound native of Edmonton was taken in the seventh round.

Kornelson made 17 total tackles, two tackles for loss, one sack, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery playing along the interior of the defensive line for the Manitoba Bisons. The fifth-round pick missed three of the club's games due to injury.

Charbonneau won the President's Award as the outstanding stand-up defensive player in the OUA this past year while playing for the Ottawa Gee-Gees. The eighth-round pick made 62 total tackles, one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, and one blocked kick.

MacDougall made 30.5 total tackles, two interceptions, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery this past season with the Windsor Lancers. The sixth-round pick helped the club win a home playoff game for the first time since 1975.


ROSTER                                    27-Nov-23
WPG ADD  NAT Collin KORNELSON (DL)    Manitoba
WPG ADD  NAT Breton MACDOUGALL (DB)    Windsor
WPG ADD  NAT Jonathan ROSERY (RB)    Alberta

Blue Bombers add to roster - November 28, 2023

WINNIPEG, MB., November 28, 2023 - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the signings of American quarterback Terry Wilson Jr., American receivers Bryce Mitchell and Ontaria Wilson, American defensive end Nate Givhan, and American defensive tackle Jamal Woods.

(6-3, 207; New Mexico; born: January 14, 1998 in Oklahoma City, OK.) comes to the Blue Bombers after a brief stint in the USFL and a six-year collegiate career with Oregon (2016), Garden City CC (Junior College, 2017), Kentucky (2018-2020), and New Mexico (2021). In 31 FBS starts, Wilson recorded 439 completions for 4,494 yards with a 63.3 completion percentage and 27 touchdowns, while rushing for 1,047 yards and 11 touchdowns on 308 attempts. Wilson attended the Dallas Cowboys rookie minicamp after going undrafted in the 2022 NFL Draft, and was later signed in May 2022 by the Houston Gamblers of the United States Football League (USFL). In 6 games and one start, Wilson passed for 138 yards and one touchdown, while maintaining a 64.7 completion percentage.

(6-3, 210; Toledo; born: November 8, 1998, in Toledo, OH.) joins the Blue Bombers following a five-year collegiate career with the Toledo Rockets (2017-2021), posting 70 receptions for 1297 yards and 11 touchdowns over 52 games. In his 2019 and 2020 seasons, Mitchell finished second in MAC in yards-per-catch with 19.4 and 23.5, respectively. The Toledo native was a Second-Team All-MAC selection in 2019, leading the team in receiving yards (679).

Wilson (6-0, 175; Florida State; born: August 12, 1999, in Ashburn, GA.) signs with the Bombers after five seasons with the Florida State Seminoles (2018-2022). Wilson appeared in 51 games, 36 of them starts. Wilson finished his collegiate career with 1,521 yards on 108 receptions and 12 touchdowns, and rushed for 57 yards and one touchdown on seven attempts.

Givhan (6-2, 239, Toledo, September 20, 1998, in Montgomery, AL.) played outside linebacker at Toledo for five seasons (2018-2022), recording 97 total tackles, 16.5 tackle-for-losses, 13 sacks, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and one interception over 47 career games. Givhan went unselected in the 2023 NFL Draft and now re-joins the Bombers after previously spending time on the club?s practice roster earlier in the 2023 season.

(6-2, 290; Illinois; born: June 14, 1999, in Hueytown, AL.) joins the Blue Bombers after a six-year collegiate career with Illinois (2017-2022). In 49 career games, 18 being starts, Woods achieved 47 solo tackles, 31 assists, 17 tackle-for-losses, 1.5 sacks, three pass deflections and one forced fumble. The defensive lineman attended the 2023 Illinois Pro Day this past March.

The club also signed the following national players (draft choices) who previously returned to school:

Defensive tackle Collin Kornelson (Manitoba)
Running back Jonathan Rosery (Alberta)
Defensive back Bret MacDougall (Windsor)
Linebacker Max Charbonneau (Ottawa)


DECEMBER 4, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms with defensive end Willie Jefferson
on a one-year extension. Jefferson was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

(6-7, 242, Stephen F. Austin; born: January 31, 1991, in Beaumont, TX) returns in 2024 for his fifth season with the Blue Bombers and 10th in the Canadian Football League, including his days with Edmonton (2014-15) and Saskatchewan (2016-18).

Named a CFL All-Star for the fifth time in his career in 2023, Jefferson was also selected as the Blue Bombers' Most Outstanding Defensive Player for a third time after posting a team-leading 11 quarterback sacks, three forced fumbles – tied for second in the CFL – and 13 pass knockdowns (most in the league), and 21 defensive tackles.

In 2022, Jefferson became the first player in CFL history to record 50 career sacks and 50 pass knockdowns and his 37 career sacks ties him for ninth on the Blue Bombers all-time list.

Jefferson was also named the 2022 recipient of the Ed Kotowich 'Good Guy Award' which recognizes a Blue Bombers player who has 'excellent football ability, is a leader in the locker room and shows outstanding effort in the community.'

Winnipeg Blue Bombers sign wide receiver Ronnie Blackmon

December 7, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers signed wide receiver Ronnie Blackmon on Thursday.

Ronnie Blackmon
is five foot nine and weighs 186 pounds. The 26-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, was on the practice squads for the Montreal Alouettes and Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2023.

Collegiately, Blackmon began at Colorado (2017-18) on special teams with 23 kick returns for 486 yards, 34 punt returns for 329 yards, and seven tackles in 19 games for the Buffaloes.

Next, Blackmon transferred to Toledo (2019-20). He sat out in 2019 due to transferring from Colorado. In 2020, he caught 12 passes for 149 yards, two touchdowns, two kick returns for 27 yards, and 13 punt returns for 59 yards in six games for the Rockets.

Then, he transferred to West Georgia in 2022 with 30 catches for 451 yards, five touchdowns, seven kick returns for 150 yards, and 17 punt returns for 160 yards in ten games for the Wolves. He was named Second Team All-Gulf South Conference in 2022.

ROSTER                                    07-Dec-23
WPG ADD  AMER Ronnie BLACKMON (WR)    West Georgia

ROSTER                                    11-Dec-23
WPG ADD  AMER Willie JEFFERSON (DL)    Stephen F. Austin State


DECEMBER 12, 2023 Ed Tait

It is part prospect list, part wish list, and it can be a vital lifeline for talent for Canadian Football League teams.

The CFL unveiled its second batch of names from each club's negotiation list on Tuesday, providing a sneak peek at some of the players who may soon be appearing on training camp rosters – and perhaps game-day lineups thereafter – across the league map.

Each team can claim the exclusive rights for up to 45 players by placing them on their negotiation lists, with the ability to add, remove or trade prospects at any time. Teams now reveal 10 names from their negotiation lists twice a year, in September and December, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers group is an intriguing collection that could one day be the next Deatrick Nichols, Brandon Alexander or Dalton Schoen.

A look at the names on the Blue Bombers most recent neg list reveal:

-QB Mark Gronowski
, South Dakota State

FYI: Was named an Associated Press FCS All-American Team on Tuesday and is a finalist for the Walter Payton Award as the most outstanding Player in the Championship Subdivision... Led the nation in passing efficiency rating (178.06) and with 25 TD passes... The Jackrabbits host Albany on Friday in the FCS semifinals and Gronowski is hoping to lead the school to its second straight national title.

-QB Darren Grainger, Georgia State

FYI: Began his collegiate career at Furman, where he was named to the Southern Conference All-Freshman Team as the school's starter in 2019... Transferred to Georgia State and was the MVP of the TaxAct Camellia Bowl in 2021... Earned Honorable Mention All-Sun Belt Conference recognition in 2021 after passing for 18 touchdowns and leading the school in rushing... Completed 67 per cent of his passes for 17 TDs and rushed for 788 yards and eight more scores in 2023.

-QB Carter Bradley, South Alabama

FYI: A transfer from Toledo, Bradley set school records for South Alabama in 2022 by passing for 3,343 yards and 28 TDs... Threw for 2.660 yards and 19 TDs this year in 11 games... He is the son of Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

-DE Praise Amaewhule, Texas El Paso

FYI: Named this week as an All-Conference USA Second-Team All-Star and finishes his college career as UTEP's all-time quarterback sack leader with 22.5... Had five sacks, 33 tackles, six tackles for loss, two forced fumbles, on interception, 11 hurries, two breakups and two blocked kicks in 2023... Measures in at 6-3, 250 pounds with an 82-inch wingspan.

-LB Michael Ayers
, Ashland

FYI: Signed as an undrafted free agent with the Seattle Seahawks but was released in the spring... Played in 43 games over four years at Ashland and was the Great Midwest Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year and a first-team All-Great Midwest in 2021.

-WR Kody Case
, Illinois

FYI: Was one of the final cuts of the Indianapolis Colts in late August after joining the team as an undrafted free agent... Transferred from South Dakota to Illinois in 2022... Played in four games with Illinois in 2023 and was a solid receiver and kick returner during his days with the Coyotes.

-WR Penny Hart
, Georgia State

FYI: Now 27, Hart has had NFL looks from the Colts, Seahawks and most recently with the Atlanta Falcons before his release in October... Spent four years at Georgia State and was the Sun Belt Conference Freshman of the Year and First Team All-Sun Belt that year. Was first team again as a sophomore... Attended the 2019 Senior Bowl... Also has kick return skills.

-WR Gavin Holmes, Baylor

FYI: Attended minicamp with the Philadelphia Eagles this year before being released... A third-team All-Big 12 all-star as a punt returner in 2022 and ranked second on the school for receiving yards that season.

-DE Jalen Redmond, Oklahoma

FYI: Tested very well at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine, with the second-best 40 time among his position group as well as the best broad jump and vertical jump... Signed by the Carolina Panthers as an undrafted free agent and was released in August... Played basketball in high school and didn't turn to football until he was a junior... Made seven starts for the Sooners in 2021 and appeared in 12 games as a senior in 2022 with four sacks and 10 tackles for a loss.

-DB Anthony Witherstone, Merrimack

FYI: Signed as an undrafted free agent with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2023, but was released during the summer... Had two interceptions – both Pick-6s – for Merrimack in 2021 and played in all 11 games.


DECEMBER 18, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a one-year extension with Canadian Football League All-Star guard Pat Neufeld.

Neufeld was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

Neufeld (6-6, 311, University of Saskatchewan; born: December 26, 1988, in Regina, Sask.) returns in 2024 for his 11th season with the Blue Bombers and 13th in the Canadian Football League, including his days with Saskatchewan (2011-13).

Named a CFL All-Star for the third time in his career in 2023, Neufeld started 17 regular-season games this past season along with the West Final and 110th Grey Cup. The Blue Bombers finished first in scoring in 2023 and Neufeld was part of an offensive line that helped Brady Oliveira rush for a league-best 1,534 yards in earning his first rushing title.

Originally drafted by the Roughriders in 2010, Neufeld was acquired by Winnipeg in a trade in 2013 and has become a fixture at the right guard spot. He has now played in 153 CFL games, including 116 with the Blue Bombers, and now makes Winnipeg home.

Neufeld was also honoured as the 2021 recipient of the club's Cal Murphy 'Heart of a Legend Award' presented annually to the player who has shown 'outstanding sportsmanship and dedication to the Canadian Football League and the community.'

DECEMBER 19, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a two-year extension with defensive back Redha Kramdi. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

Kramdi (5-10, 194, Université de Montreal; born: December 22, 1996, in Montreal, Que.) returns in 2024 for his 4th Canadian Football League season – all with the Blue Bombers.

Selected in the second round, 16th overall, of the 2021 CFL Draft, Kramdi has grown from a special-teams contributor in his rookie season into the club's starting 'dime' back. He appeared in 14 regular-season games in 2023, including 11 starts, and started in both the West Final and 110th Grey Cup. He finished the year with 22 defensive tackles, six more on special teams, while adding two quarterback sacks.

Kramdi has now dressed for 38 games with the Blue Bombers, including 12 starts.


DECEMBER 20, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a two-year extension with Canadian linebacker Tanner Cadwallader. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

(5-11, 214, Wilfrid Laurier; born: June 24, 1997, in Georgetown, ON) returns in 2024 for his 4th Canadian Football League season – all with the Blue Bombers.

Selected in the seventh round, 64th overall, in the 2020 CFL Draft, Cadwallader has grown into one of the club's top special teams players. Since being selected, Cadwallader has played in every game over his three seasons, recording 38 special teams tackles (including 16 in 2023), four defensive tackles and one forced fumble.

DECEMBER 21, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a two-year extension with American defensive back Deatrick Nichols. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

(5-9, 180, USF; born: June 8, 1994, in Miami, FL) returns in 2024 for his 4th Canadian Football League season – all with the Blue Bombers.

A two-time CFL all-star, Nichols originally signed as a free agent in February of 2021, Nichols has played in 47 career regular season games for Winnipeg, recording 126 defensive tackles, one sack, four interceptions and one forced fumble, and has been a mainstay in the club's defensive backfield since 2021.


DECEMBER 22, 2023

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a two-year extension with Canadian defensive tackle Cam Lawson. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

Lawson (6-3, 281, Queen's; born: October 7, 1998, in Caledon, ON) returns to Winnipeg for his third season in Blue and Gold, after originally being acquired in a trade in May of 2022.

Lawson has appeared in 33 games over those two seasons, and in 2023 he recorded five sacks, eight defensive tackles and an interception in 18 games, playing mainly in a rotational role.

JANUARY 1, 2024

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a one-year extension with American linebacker Brian Cole. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

Cole (6-2, 210, Mississippi State, born: April 3, 1997 in Saginaw, MI) returns to Winnipeg in 2024 for his third season. Over 26 regular season games, Cole has recorded 20 special teams tackles, three defensive tackles, and three forced fumbles.

Cole originally joined the organization when he was added to the practice roster in July of 2022.


JANUARY 8, 2024

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has named Jordan Younger as Defensive Coordinator and Mike Miller as Special Teams Coordinator, the latter replacing Paul Boudreau whose contract was not renewed by the club. Richie Hall remains on the defensive coaching staff.

returns to the Blue Bombers for a sixth season in 2024 and his first as the Defensive Coordinator after previously serving as the Defensive Backs Coach. Winnipeg's secondary has been a force under Younger's watch, ranking first in passing yardage allowed per game (229.4 yards) and opponent completion percentage against (59.7) in 2023.

Over the last three seasons, the Blue Bombers have finished first or tied for first in passing yards allowed per game, allowing just 216.4 in 2021, tying with the B.C. Lions at 253 in 2022 and then dropping that number to last season's 229.4. During Younger's tenure, the Blue Bombers have had two players lead the league in interceptions in Houston (2023) and Winston Rose (2019) while the club has developed Deatrick Nichols, Evan Holm, Houston, Rose, Brandon Alexander, Dee Alford, Taylor Loffler and Marcus Sayles into all-stars.

Younger came to the Blue Bombers in 2018 after working as the defensive backs coach with the Toronto Argonauts (2015-16) and previously with the Ontario Football Conference's Oakville Titans and the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.

Hall will remain in the organization, working with the defensive staff, and 2024 will mark his ninth season as a member of the Blue Bombers coaching staff.

Hall's association with the league dates back to the beginnings of his playing career with the Calgary Stampeders in 1983 and then with the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 1988-91. His first coaching job in the CFL was with Saskatchewan in 1994 and he remained on staff there as defensive backs coach (1994-2000) before serving as the defensive coordinator from 2001-08.

He was the head coach in Edmonton from 2009-10 before returning to Saskatchewan as the defensive coordinator from 2011-14. Hall is a five-time Grey Cup champion, winning as a player with Saskatchewan in 1989, as a Riders assistant in 2007 and 2013 and with the Blue Bombers in 2019 and 2021.

"JY (Younger) has been an intelligent, creative and passionate leader for many years, and this transition is something that we had discussed a couple of years back," said Head Coach Mike O'Shea. "Having Richie remain with the organization and provide his decades of experience is something we are all very grateful for."

Miller moves directly from the playing ranks to coaching after spending the 2023 season working with the specialists in a non-playing role. The CFL's all-time leader in special teams tackles with 226, Miller missed the entire 2023 season after suffering an injury in training camp. An undrafted prospect out of Acadia University, Miller began his playing career in Edmonton in 2011. In his more than six seasons in Alberta, he established himself as a superb contributor on special teams, further building on that reputation after joining the Blue Bombers in 2017. Blue Bombers President and CEO Wade Miller held the record for most special teams tackles with 184 when he retired in 2005, he was first passed by Jason Arakgi (190) in 2016, before Mike Miller became the all-time leader in 2021.

"Making any staff changes is never an easy decision, and we are very appreciative of the years Bou (Boudreau) spent with us," O'Shea said. "Mike Miller is a guy who is very well respected across our league, and I think will make a great coach. He is one of, if not the best, special teams player of all-time, and I'm looking forward to seeing him transition into this new role."

Miller was twice named the Blue Bombers Most Outstanding Special Teams Player (2019, 2021), was the team's Most Outstanding Canadian in 2019 and was selected as the West Division's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player in 2019 and 2021. He is a three-time Grey Cup champion, having won with Edmonton in 2015 and with the Blue Bombers in 2019 and 2021.



2024-01-12   WPG   CASE, Kody   WR   A   Illinois   ADD   Game Roster
2024-01-11   WPG   Adams, Tyler   WR   A   Butler   ADD   Game Roster
2024-01-05   WPG   Brown, Ronnie   RB   A   Shepherd College   ADD   Game Roster


JANUARY 12, 2024

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has signed three players - running back Ronnie Brown and defensive back Anthony Blue, both Americans, and Canadian defensive back Nico McCarthy.

Brown (5-11, 187, Shepherd University; born: April 12, 2000, in Baltimore, MD.) signed as an undrafted free agent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last May and was among the team's final cuts in late August after a solid training camp and preseason. Brown was a star in his four seasons at Division II Shepherd, helping the Rams reach back-to-back national semifinals in 2021-22 while rushing for 3,041 yards and finishing with 1,158 receiving yards while scoring 41 touchdowns.

Blue (5-11, 175, Newberry College; born: February 6, 1998, in Newton, S.C.) joins the Blue Bombers after appearing in two games with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL while also helping at his alma mater as a defensive back and special teams coach. Blue was an Associated Press All-American, South Atlantic Conference and Division II All-Southeast Region First Team all-star during his days at Newberry, where he finished with 173 tackles, nine interceptions - including six in 2021 - plus 16 pass breakups in four seasons. He also became just the second player in school history to play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

McCarthy (6-1, 200, Wilfrid Laurier University; born February 26, 2000 in Scarborough, Ont.) played in 38 games over five seasons with the Golden Hawks, registering 72 tackles, and two interceptions with eight pass break ups and two fumble recoveries. He had 29 tackles and his two picks in 2023, his final year at Laurier and was named an OUA Second Team All-Star at safety in both 2022 and 2023.



2024-01-15   WPG   LAWLER, Kenny   WR   A   California   ADD   Game Roster
2024-01-15   WPG   LAWLER, Kenny   WR   A   California   DEL   League Suspension