Blue Bombers re-sign all-star guard Pat Neufeld

Started by ModAdmin, December 18, 2023, 04:39:27 PM

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Quote from: Lincoln Locomotive on December 22, 2023, 04:27:25 PM
My fear last season was precisely around maintaining the status quo while other teams ramp up and continue to improve.    Both our OL and DL were outplayed in the GC with some of that attributable to schemes employed to neutralize Wj and JJ with those quick outs.

After my rewatch, and after watching the GC Wired show, it is clear to me the demeanour and morale on the two sidelines was vastly different.  On the field, too.  MTL was stoked to the max, crazy hyped up like they drank 20 pots of coffee and did a whole safeway bag full of smelling salts.  Then TSN showed our guys just kind of there... they weren't even as hyped as they get for the average away game!  Compare with our guys in BC for the West-division clincher week 18, or the WDF.

MTL made a big play and the entire sideline would congratulate the player like it was the best play ever.  We made some big plays and we just walk off the field like nothing happened.  No hype or energy.

I see the advantage of being chill... but we were too chill.  We didn't bring the energy and it showed and was likely the difference maker that caused us to lose.  We don't have that fire and I'm not sure if they can get it back.  The leaders and coaches need to step up.  It's NOT just another game.  I wish they'd stop saying that.

Once again, it all reminds me of CGY in their ton of GC appearances over the last 10-15 years.  Many of the ones they lost they were just there going through the motions, and got whipped by the upstart nobody opponent like OTT.  I don't want to have the same fate as CGY.

You don't win the GC by just showing up.  You need to bring the energy and the fire and the wood.
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Quote from: TecnoGenius on December 23, 2023, 01:31:11 AM
You don't win the GC by just showing up.  You need to bring the energy and the fire and the wood.

...and the match!
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Techno, nice point.  I wondered about the same.
Football needs emotion, as probably all sports do.
If guys become ho-hum they should retire and let the piss and vinegar guys play.
We have some back-up linebackers, and DBs who can play. The D line is so good they can probably play till they are. Forty! lol!

We lost the cup, because we had some significant injuries, and Hall?s ?prevent? defence?, ten yard cushions vs a team that used hitch screens every series.  He must have had a reason? 

So if we get Schoen back at 100% another championship awaits.  Bighill was limited, but he is still awesome.