2023 Player/Coach Awards

Started by Tiger, November 14, 2023, 04:13:43 AM

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Quote from: GOLDMEMBER on November 17, 2023, 08:35:23 AM
I think he means well enough but can across as fake. I think he has trouble speaking from the heart. This is likely not entirely his fault. Guy still had a great first year as starting QB in the CFL. Difficult to truly judge his character from that speech.
True enough.....I did comment earlier that he had an outstanding season however there's something about him that I can't put my finger on about his demeanour.    Just not a fan but I do respect his ability.    With Zach it's all about his personality and leadership.....I tend to forgive his miscues because of it and he's one of the best at shaking off a bad throw or play and follow that up with a game winning TD pass.    The 21' GC was a classic example of that where he threw two picks and yet in OT he throws a strike to Adams and another to Bailey for the 2 point conversion.    The fact that we even got to OT was a minor miracle in itself, and Zach took full advantage of his opportunities.    
The Bombers were basically overlooked in the awards ceremonies however we know they will be focusing on their number one pursuit....let's hope they can do this without two of their best players in Biggie and Dalton.....I believe they can.
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Quote from: drahgon on November 17, 2023, 02:28:30 PM
^ Same

Outwardly I'm sure they will all use the cliche of "individual awards don't matter" but internally this will definitely provide some motivation. However, Montreal could be equally motivated since they were completely shutout.
I'm expecting this to be a battle to the very end....both teams will be playing with a chip on their shoulders.   It has the makings of a classic....the "castoff" Als vs the "vengeful" Bombers.   I like our chances
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Kelly has always been kind of an oddball. Makes me wonder if some of Bethel-Thompson's weirdness rubbed off last season when they were teammates.

He did have a pretty outstanding season in what was his first as a QB1. Not sure I'd have put him ahead of either Oliveira or Collaros if we're going purely off statistics; they were both individually superior at their respective positions. It is what it is, though. These individual awards are consistently mired in controversy, anyway.

The Argonauts had a very successful season, so I'm not surprised that they cleaned up last night. Dinwiddie, Leake, Stiggers, and Allen were all excellent during the regular season. That said, my praise ends there and let that be the highlight of their 150th anniversary while they are reserved to being spectators for the last game of 2023.

Congrats to Betts on his MODP award. He had a phenomenal campaign.

I also loved Oliveira's acceptance speech. He's such a high quality human.
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