Blue Bombers Transactions - October 5

Started by Sir Blue and Gold, October 05, 2023, 02:32:15 PM

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Quote from: Waffler on October 12, 2023, 05:05:23 PM
It was the same conversation then, yes. What did the Hamilton Spectator print about that?

Jeffers-Harris, 21, will be ineligible to play for Hamilton for the remainder of the post-season but would have detailed knowledge of the Bomber game plan for Sunday.

his knowledge of the Bomber game plan for Sunday?s playoff game will certainly be helpful

What about the Winnipeg Sun on the subject?
By kickoff time, we presume Willy will have shared everything he can about Winnipeg?s offensive playbook and Heath will have handed out copies of the Argos? defensive plays.

Much ado about nothing, you say?

CFL history is riddled with former-player-rats-on-his-team spy stories, but usually they involve a spurned player who might have an axe to grind.

You don?t have to go far back in Bomber lore to find a couple examples.

The last time Winnipeg played in a division final, in 2011 ? with LaPolice the head coach ? served up a classic example.

The Bombers that week cut receiver Terence Jeffers-Harris, reportedly because he was in a snit over not being on the roster for the big game.

Hamilton, Winnipeg?s opponent, immediately scooped him up, sparking accusations of foul play from the blue and gold.

LaPolice was also involved when the Bombers pulled a similar stunt late in the 2002 season.

Before a late-season game with the Riders, then a division rival in the West, the Bombers brought in linebacker K.D. Williams, who?d just left Saskatchewan in a snit.

I can still see Williams huddled with LaPolice in the hotel lobby in Regina the day before the game, sharing what he knew of his old team.

In fact Terence Jeffers-Harris never played a down for Hammy and was signed by Sask the following July. Again, it is not a physical playbook or electronic copy they want but the player's knowledge. Agudosi has been here since the 2021 season and I would be sure he has much insider knowledge to share. Will he ever play a down for TO? Call me skeptical.

LOL I forgot about that dude. What a waste of talent.


Quote from: blue_gold_84 on October 16, 2023, 01:46:56 PM
If the Argos did scoop him up to get knowledge of an opponent's playbook, that smacks of weird and needless desperation to me. I don't buy that, though. They're too good of a team to rely on such antics.

If it's allowed, why not take advantage of every chance to help you win?  Maybe you're not cut-throat enough.  I think Dinwiddie is extremely cut-throat and will do anything to win, if he can get away with it.  Maybe he's perpetually compensating for his botched GC when in WPG, who knows.

TOR is good.  They probably don't need to "cheat".  However, let's say grabbing Agudosi lets them, in the GC, stuff us on 1 play that we otherwise would get 10 yards on.  That could be a critical play: say that last short curl on 2nd & long in the '22 GC.  In that GC the teams were so balanced that just 1 play could be the difference between winning and losing.

Is it worth it for them to expend a few thou $$SMS on?  Why the heck not?  Morals?  Doubt they care.  Rules?  Don't apply.  All it takes is 1 play and it pays off.

How about something like that Kenny sweep and subsequent fake & Brady TD we used vs TOR and BC.  Say we held that in our pocket instead of blowing it on BC.  Agudosi would have been privy to that play and the setup, as they probably (closed) practised it.  Stuff like that would be valuable to a GC opponent.  As would all the stuff others have listed, like general plans like hot routes, hand/voice signals, cancel-play signals, blocking schemes/assignments, etc.

Sure you can pick up some from film, but you can't always figure out the overarching concepts being used.  You can see the trees, but not the forest.

I'm not saying I'm right.  However, no one can say that I'm wrong.  The tin foil conspiracy is 100% possible.

So far the only other possible answer to "why?" is "they want a look-see".  The reader can determine what best explains why TOR bothered with all the trouble to sign him with 3 weeks left.

Quote from: Pete on October 16, 2023, 03:16:20 PM
Currently argos now have  5 wr on practice roster, they eill have to cut down soon They also have several injured.
. Not sure why other than the conspiracy theory they felt need for Agudosi other than a look see
We may see shortly when they have to reduce the practice roster.

Haha, wouldn't that be rich if they cut Agudosi before the post-season!!  Sign him, suck him dry of info, then discard him like waste.  I hope if he spilled the beans that he demanded top-dollar in up-front money!  The only thing worse than being a traitor would be failing to obtain your 30 pieces of silver for your troubles.
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Bombers brought back Noah Hallett onto the PR. Also added an import receiver. CFL.CA show him added to the AR although that can't be correct. More shuffling on the PR I'd think.

ACTIVEXX                                  16-Oct-23


NON-ACTIVE                              16-Oct-23

WPG ADD  NAT Noah HALLETT (DB)    McMaster

EDIT: Mitchell signed to a futures contract for 2024. That makes sense now. Hallett could be a player added shortly for work on ST's IMO. I think he would be ahead of Kelly for the balance of 2023?

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Quote from: TecnoGenius on October 17, 2023, 12:44:08 AM
If it's allowed, why not take advantage of every chance to help you win?

Because there is no tangible advantage in this case. He's a fringe player who's done next to nothing in this league.
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