George Reed Passes Away

Started by ModAdmin, October 02, 2023, 05:13:02 AM

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Just one of the great players in the CFL and a wonderful ambassador for the league.  George Reed played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders passes away at 82 years of age.
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RIP Reed.  What a legend.  This will get a big, much deserved, tribute at the next SSK home game.  It was cool to see him braving the cold to attend home games all the way up to last year.  And he could have had an indoor seat, but he showed he had become a true prairie guy.
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Best running back in the league for a long time. I can still remember being a kid and we would all want to be "George Reed up the middle" when you had the ball. We did our own announcing then, haha.  You just had to like him, he was so good. sad to hear this.
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Remember him well.....I put him up there with Leo Lewis as one of the greats as far as running Leo, he was a true gentleman and a great ambassador for the sport.   RIP George!
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Before my time but sounds like an exceptional man. All time CFLer



I guess the best compliment I could give to George Reed is that I didn't like him...I didn't like him because he and Ron Lancaster would always defeat our Bombers with Reed running wild on us. He was exceptional runner and very difficult to bring down. He also remained in Regina all these years (he deserves a medal just for that alone). RIP.

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RIP. One of the greatest players of all time and an all around great individual.
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Quote from: ModAdmin on October 02, 2023, 05:13:02 AM
Just one of the great players in the CFL and a wonderful ambassador for the league.  George Reed played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders passes away at 82 years of age.

A very sad day for all CFL Fans - George Reed was one of the greats and will be missed by all CFL fans RIP George you were one of the all time greats!

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As a kid growing up in Winnipeg I used to pretend to be George when running with the ball... Although I was and always have been a Bomber fan George Reed was definitely a football hero in my eyes. The man was a tank, I have vivid memories of him just trucking guys as he rambled down the field, not often was he tackled or brought down by one man. I never played at the running back position but I channeled his toughness and his ability to run though people into my playing style. A different time but it's clear he was a man of honor and respect, he was aware of the opportunity that was offered to him in Saskatchewan. He embraced it, as did the fans embrace him. By all accounts he gave back far more than he received from the game. A player that for me embodied the essence of CFL football, especially in the fall/winter season... soft spoken, tough as nails. He will be honored in a way that he deserved by the Saskatchewan fans, it's going to be epic! Expect a sell-out, wish I could be there.     
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