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Started by ModAdmin, May 02, 2023, 02:47:36 PM

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Quote from: Sir Blue and Gold on May 03, 2023, 02:01:38 PM
It's not money or ratio.

It's not money, but it is ratio when it comes to the decision to break out K from P.  For instance, even if they were the best K and P in the world, we'd never slot in an IMP K plus an IMP P.  Never.  We'd also never slot in an IMP P to go with our NAT K.  Never.  (Though we could go IMP K and NAT/GLOB P, if the IMP K was money.)  But we could separate K/P duties if both are either NAT or GLOB.  (With GLOB even preferred over NAT because it's a "free dress".)

So the fact we have the weird (for us) situation of having 2 GLOB P in TC is 100% about the ratio, as really that's one of the few "tweaks" we can do to improve our overall kicking game.  My hunch is we don't actually choose this option, but it's clear KW is looking at it in a serious way.
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Quote from: Blue In BC on May 03, 2023, 04:52:47 PM
That's the bottom line.  However " better " in TC doesn't always relate to " better " once the season starts. Unless we found a real stud, I'd expect we go with Liegghio to start the season and he'll have to lose some or all of the role in the 1st part of the season.

There is no reason to believe he can't and won't improve but he needs to show it as well.  Competition was promised and clearly that will be happening.  We now have 7 players in this category if the global choices are signed.
Agree about TC and preseason vs. Regular.  Competition is a great idea.