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2023 USFL

Started by Blue In BC, April 16, 2023, 03:18:44 PM

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Blue In BC

Watched parts of the 1st 2023 games for the USFL.

A few brief points:

1. Games are more interesting than the XFL IMO.
2. I prefer their kicking and convert rules than the XFL.
3. Prukop got more playing time than I thought he would. Not sure if USFL teams only roster 2 QB's?
4. 1st time I noticed cheerleaders for USFL games.
5. Broadcasters announce offence and defence players. XFL doesn't seem to do that ( not helpful at all ).

Today the Gamblers play in about an hour. I want to watch and see how Rutledge does in the USFL.

Generally speaking I think USFL has a better chance to survive into season 3 but attendance is not good. My interest will be brief and revolves with watching some ex CFL players.
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USFL seemed a little more watchable from a football perspective, XFL more of a show.  WWE definately in that mix.

Whether either come back next spring, who knows.  How much Dwayne wants to pump into a league with zero gate, we will see.  WWE gets gate plus PPV and subscription, I can't see any of those revenue streams for the XFL.  Or merch.

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Thought Rutledge looked like belonged

Blue In BC

Quote from: DM83 on April 30, 2023, 08:24:30 AM
Thought Rutledge looked like belonged

I thought he was playing well in the games that were televised that I watched.
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