PFF CFL QB Rankings

Started by pdirks67, June 06, 2023, 07:50:33 PM

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Pro Football Focus published CFL QB rankings yesterday, along with write-ups on each rank. A US Bomber fan just posted this on Mastodon, and I thought that the people on the forum would find it interesting. Jake Maier at #9 was the most interesting one to me.


What a duff list.

Harris, BLM and Fajardo way up there?  Fawgetaboutit.  Masoli and Corny at the bottom?  Hahaha.

I do agree Maier ranks low.  I see him as a Franklin or Jennings.  Probably won't be starting in 1-2 years, doubly so if CGY cuts him (see Arrrbuckle).

Harris and BLM are on their way out.  BLM first, probably.  This is their final hurrah.

Fajardo may be on his way out, as he's no spring chicken yet still plays like he is.  Masoli is a mix as he can be great but is getting old too.

Out of all the above, I think Corny outlasts them all and is nothing but upside.

Looking at what I just wrote, it's clear the CFL needs more young quality QBs, and fast.  So many oldsters with limited life left (including our own).
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