Started by theaardvark, December 05, 2022, 04:13:51 PM

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Sir Blue and Gold

Quote from: theaardvark on December 06, 2022, 03:43:17 PM
Since every non-NFL football league in the US has failed, might need to look at why.  You need $million spectacles to attract eyes... be it the show, the players, the production...

3 down football is a better game from a viewers standpoint.  Add in that you are going to be using players that are not NFL level, you need more excitement to make the games attractive.

Roughly 20% more plays per game, far more explosion plays, more ST play (and no fair catch) and far better game ending scenarios (no 4 downs of take a knee with over 2 minutes to play), and a far better overtime...  the rules just make for a better game experience.

If the XFL has no NFL ties, why play the boring NFL game, and die like every incarnation of a non-NFL league.  Why not model after a successful model, far closer to your operating parameters (budgetwise, talentwise) that has survived 100+ years?

Let the USFL be the NFL wannabe, and try something new.

Especially when you have a dynamic guy like The Rock in charge, who can market the heck out of the more exciting game, and take advantage of his roots in the game.

As to a hockey league with 8 players... no.  Europe has a bigger ice surface, and it is popular.  Adding 1 player in that scenario would not even be the same, going from 11 players to 12 is a lot less than going from 5 skaters to 6.   And yeah, the extra open ice is better for the skills game. 

As to 99% of *NFL* stadiums not fitting a CFL field, notice that I said College stadia.  More likely to be the XFL playing fields, (XFL could never afford to rent an NFL field) or other facilities suited for a soccer field, which should accommodate a CFL field.  And it does not have to be exact CFL size, in fact, being slightly different might be better.  It needs to be wider, for sure, and longer end zones.  But it doesn't need a 55 yard line.  It can be 100 yard field, 60 wide and 15 yard EZ's, and still be better than an NFL field. 

Full CFL rules and field might not be the answer, but adapting most of it and the theories behind them might be the key to success where every other league has failed.

3 down ball with a waggle is darned exciting, and I think people would get to love it real quick.  And the CFL negotiating with the XFL to get them to adopt some/most of our rules, offering exchange/supply of officials, or other strategic alliances would benefit both...   

Yes, leagues have failed but your conclusion as to why is wrong. Hint: it's not because the leagues didn't implement CFL rules. Football is exceptionally popular in the US. There is no "excitement" problem with the game that needs fixing in that sense. YOU personally seem to think there is, but Americans would overwhelmingly disagree with you, the proof is just how popular the sport is across all the various levels in that country.

I also bolded every part which is 100% your opinion, and for sure not the prevalent opinion of the average American football fan, without question.


The XFL and previous versions of it didn't fail because of the rules they played by, it failed because the talent level and execution of plays was brutal. There's too much competition for the viewer to decide on whether he watches NFL, or reruns of previously recorded games he has on his PVR, college games featuring up and coming NFL pro talent,or some misfits floundering around not being able to complete passes. They've tried all sorts of rule gimmicks to try and sell these leagues, but as long as you have inferior talent, the viewer is going to go elsewhere, me included.