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Started by the paw, October 06, 2022, 09:20:41 PM

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the paw

Fan voting now open.

I voted for 3 Bombers (Collaros, Neufeld and Nichols), and 4 Stamps (Carey, Rose, Judge and Paredes).
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I had 4 bombers, Collaros, Schoen, Neufled, Jefferson.
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the paw

Quote from: Pigskin on October 06, 2022, 09:29:38 PM
I had 4 bombers, Collaros, Schoen, Neufled, Jefferson.

I really considered Schoen seriously, but even though his yardage is up there, there were several receivers who have over 70 receptions.  I wish they would have let us pick 2.
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If it's just straight up open voting on any team then won't SSK just win all the slots?  They have a) the biggest fan base, and b) are sufficiently rabid that a huge proportion of them participate in such things.

I would have preferred each fan base gets to only vote for its own team.  Then once each team's picks are selected they do another round where everyone must vote for players on a non-home team.  That's the only way you fix the SSK numbers advantage.

Of course, with the way SSK is going this year, the fans are sufficiently miffed at their team that perhaps they won't vote for any player in green.  ;D ;D
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