NFL Cuts - never say never? Chris Jones goes Tasmanian Devil?

Started by Tiger, August 08, 2022, 04:55:39 AM

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Blue In BC

Quote from: TecnoGenius on August 14, 2022, 04:06:21 AM
Something is off with your math, or Waffler's.  From the other thread from Waffler:

Clearly that's far under 90%.

And it's not the miss %, it's the fact he's gonna blow it when we get down to the 20 to win it and won't even hoof it out the EZ.

Are you telling me that, if it's the GC tomorrow and Leggs has to hit from the 20 with 0:00 on the clock or we lose, you wouldn't be sweating buckets with a nagging feeling we're gonna lose??  I know I'd be praying like mad, just like I was in the losing 37 kick in OT.

We had our fill of "pray" kicking in 2021.  KW doesn't "pray" going into the playoffs.

No, I wouldn't be worrying about him making the kick anymore than any other kicker. Kicks get missed by every kicker in the league.

You're just too close to the ledge on this and so many other topics.

It appears that the CFL.CA stats weren't updated on the FG kicking when I quoted them. Now it shows 19 / 23 = 82.6% Both Bomber stats and CFL.CA show that now.  Which is still more than what Waffler showed? I don't believe he's missed 5 converts in 2022 either?
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