Calgary at Ottawa GDT

Started by GOLDMEMBER, August 05, 2022, 07:51:20 PM

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What an extraordinarily bad football game, no offensive touchdowns, yawn 17-3 final score, brutal


Quote from: BLUEBOMBER on August 06, 2022, 02:49:06 AM
It's clear that Calgary is just taking it easy this game.  They know the RedBlacks are no match for them.
possible but I think Calgary is not a good a some think they are. I think BC will handle those dudes without issue. Cannot wait for that game to occur!


OMG, what did I just watch.

OTT beats best-in-East TOR last week putting 23 on the board, and this week they meltdown vs a much weaker CGY?  Caleb throws for big yards last week, this week he basically just goes backwards.

It isn't all on Caleb, though: OTT's OL was leaking badly all night, even when Arrrrbuckle came in.  CGY was getting pressure and sacks even when rushing just 3!!  Inexcusable more than once a game for any team.

What was I thinking pickem'ing OTT??  Even with a very stinky BLM, OTT manages to flub it.

You know the team is having a bad day when you're screaming at the TV for the INT guy to run it all the way for a TD because you just know the O ain't gonna pound it in from the 10.  Worse, they turn it over!!

Poor, poor OTT fans in the stands.  We feel your pain.  Been there.  Done that.
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Quote from: Pete on August 06, 2022, 01:58:45 AM
that flag was ridiculas

Worst flag thrown in the CFL in years.  That was absolutely nothing.  Never been a flag before today.  Inexcusable.

Even worse is command sees it's so bad but covers for the refs by making up an even more bogus offsetting flag!!  Just tell Major to pick up the flag and say no foul.

That was bush league.  Just take the flag back.  Who cares if the rules don't allow it.  What they did makes it even more of a mockery.  Are they now going to call every tiny push any player does?  I think not.  So much for consistency.
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I don't understand why Calgary isn't using Jalen Philpot, like Montreal uses Tyson?


Quote from: CrazyCanuck89 on August 06, 2022, 06:27:02 AM
I don't understand why Calgary isn't using Jalen Philpot, like Montreal uses Tyson?

They had him get the ball once or twice this game I'm pretty sure.  He's done 200 yards on 8 returns.  So CGY does use him back there.  A few shots on O also.  I think Philpot actual was on the chart as starter a couple of games, including this one.

I think Jalen was injured for a little while, so he has to play catchup to Tyson.

They seem like decent talents for NATs and am optimistic for their futures.  They're certainly using them more than we've used Ford so far.
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Bad game. Ugly win for Calgary, but they all count the same. Santa Dun-in-again was the only entertainment in the game. At least there weren't any horns.

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I like dunnigan as well. I know some were complaining about him talking more about himself
Than the game but heck, what was there to talk about in that game. The poor throws, the dropped passes, Arbuckle mysteriously dropping the ball when he was going to pass, the ugly swing pass to nobody??! Good god this was worse than a preseason game!!!


Was one of the few "waste of time" games I've watched this year in the CFL. 

And, the one thing that they missed was giving Kilam a Gatorade shower for his first win as HC.    That would have made it worth watching,

Kilam has been sitting behind Dickensen for far too long to not get a shot at a HC gig.  He was a ST coordinator when O"Shea got his first coaching job as ST co-ordinator in TOR. and now O'Shea is in year 8 of HC duties.   

Maybe its the hair....
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What does Ottawa see in Kaleb Evans?? He was gawd awful tonight, yet this is his second season starting games??? Are there no other Qb prospect out there?? And Arbuckle, yikes. Fumbling the ball.away while trying to pass it then threw that weird swing pass to nobody, what the heck is that??

When is Masoli back as the redblacks are dead without him, dead.