Als at Argos GDT (Harris debut)

Started by GOLDMEMBER, June 16, 2022, 01:20:08 PM

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Quote from: Jesse on November 23, 2022, 01:59:04 PM
Where did you pull that out of? As far as I know he was offered more than that and that's what offended him. He refused to be paid less than the other RBs.

The $80k I mentioned was what I'm guessing the difference was between what we offered AH (roughly $80k-$90k) and what he would have stayed for ($160k-$170k).  How do I know he'd have stayed for $160k?  Because that's what TOR paid him.  And he wanted to stay.

So screwing up the storybook ending basically saved us $80k.  Reread my original post with the understanding of the above paragraph if you want to know what I was saying.

Quote from: Pigskin on November 23, 2022, 02:21:42 PM
I was told he was offered a base salary of $125K. BO20 got 92K, and JA27 90K.

If that is true, then the extra cost was $40k and the situation is more laughable.  I'm pretty sure most here thought/agree AH was offerred less than BO/JA, so not sure if you're $125k is correct.  Doesn't matter, as my point still stands as long as we offered AH more than $80k and TOR paid him $160k (or more).
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Quote from: blue_gold_84 on November 23, 2022, 02:27:46 PM
Your anecdote in bold is evidence of nothing, BTW. The "trust me bro" line is particularly comical to prop up this revenge narrative you've fabricated, going so far as to claim you know exactly what he was thinking while celebrating with his team. Come off it.

Were you there?  The Jumbotron had AH jumping and dancing around right when the clock hit 0:00 just like he was in CGY winning the 2019 GC.  You believe what you want.

The word "revenge" was said to AH in many pressers (available on the web sites), TSN interviews, and TSN panel talking points.  I'm not positive AH ever actually said the word "revenge", but he didn't correct interviewers when they clearly said that word to him.  It's not really my narrative, it's basically everyone in the media's narrative.

And there's something called human nature.  It's pretty much common knowledge that when you play your old team, you want to beat them and show them up.  Maybe the best word isn't "revenge", but it's the one that's used all the time.  Can you think of a better word?

I don't know exactly what AH is thinking.  But I can read his body language, think objectively about the situation, and understand player mentality as has been proven over the years.  I'm not exactly sure what it is you're trying to shoot down.  Are you trying to say "AH definitely isn't thinking about revenge"?  Or are you trying to say that players in his situation don't think about revenge?  Or are you just trying to say that I don't know anything and thus should not be able to make educated guesses about a player's mindset?

It's a fan forum.  All we do is speculate and try our best to interpret the limited information we are presented with.  Not sure why this particular one rubs you the wrong way.
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Quote from: Jesse on November 23, 2022, 06:40:09 PM
It's all useless information when it comes down to it. But increases in transparency increase engagement.

Yes.  Did you guys ever visit the BC Lions website the week we were going up against them for the WDF?  I was thoroughly impressed that they have all sorts of fan engagement videos that no one else has.  They have locker room videos of sensitive things, like post-game after their loss in the WDF.  They have deeper discussions with many more players.

They are doing the fan engagement thing right, as they are going after the younger / tech-savvy market to get new fans.  People want the "reality tv show" type thing, like watching them all pout in the locker room after a big loss.

The rest of the CFL should follow suit.
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