Blue Bombers transactions - May 10, 2022

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Blue Bombers transactions - May 10, 2022

WINNIPEG, MB., May 10, 2022 - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has signed American wide receivers BJ Muckelvene, TJ Hammonds, and Tavonn Salter, as well as American linebacker Darian Taylor, American running back Vance Barnes, American defensive back Javon Jackson and quarterback Jake Floriea.

Muckelvene (5-10, 180, Wingate; born:July 6, 1997 in Waxhaw, N.C.) comes to Winnipeg after a four-year college career with the Wingate Bulldogs. He made an instant impact for the Bulldogs during his first full season by playing in all 11 games. Muckelvene was a two-time All-SAC honors in 2017 and 2019. He posted 107 career catches, 1,713 yards, and 17 receiving touchdowns. 

Hammonds (5-10, 195, Arkansas; born: April 24, 1998 in Little Rock, AR) spent his five-year college career with the Arkansas Razorbacks where he appeared in 50 games, rushed for 543 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Hammonds also contributed out of the back field where he caught the ball for 221 yards and an additional 2 touchdowns. 

Salter (6-2, 194, Middle Tennessee State; born: March 1, 1996 in Atlanta, GA) joins the Blue Bombers after spending his college career at Middle Tennessee State. During his time there, the wide receiver hauled in 21 receptions, 297 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Salter also spent time with the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL. 

Taylor (6-3, 214, Pittsburg State; born: March 30, 1996 in Manhattan, KS) brings plenty of experience to Winnipeg after his five-year college career with the Pittsburg State Gorillas. He recorded 169 career tackles and 4.5 sacks. In 2018, Taylor was selected as a team captain and named to the ALL-MIAA team. 

Barnes (5-9, 190, Northern State; born: July 15, 1997 in Bloomington, MN) comes north from Minnesota to Winnipeg. In 2021, Barnes appeared in all 11 games for the Wolves rushing for 389 yards and 3 touchdowns. Prior to 2021, he spent time at Minnesota State playing wide receiver. Barnes tallied 1,287 all-purpose yards and 11 touchdowns for the Minnetonka Skippers and earned all-conference accolades in his final season.

Jackson (5-11, 195, Georgia Southern; born: September 28, 1997 in Hogansville, GA) spent four years at Duke University before graduating and transferring to Georgia Southern for the 2021 season. Jackson was a leader in the secondary and made his presence felt on special teams. His most noticeable play came against Georgia Tech where he scooped up a block punt and returned it for a touchdown. His two pass breakups against Temple in the Independence Bowl were tied for second most in Blue Devils history. 

Floriea (6-1, 215, John Carroll University, Mentor, OH) joins the Blue Bombers after college careers at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Toledo, and finally John Carroll University. As the starter at John Carroll University, Floriea threw for 2,515 yards and 23 touchdowns. The quarterback also showed off his running capabilities adding another 204 yards on the ground and a pair of touchdowns. Floriea was a 2021 Honorable Mention All-MAC player as well as a Spring 2021 All-OAC Honorable Mention. 

The club also announces today that quarterback Chase Litton has informed the team that as of this time, he will not be reporting to training camp (not CBA related).
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We have 102 players of which about 6 are non counters. 2022 draft choices yet to be signed and added to roster. Might see some of them added today?

Some of these players are going to show well but a bunch will be gone quickly. Always interesting to see if some of early impressive players continue as TC goes on.

No idea of which rookies will rank where in the depth chart. Hopefully some posters will make it to some practices and give us some early impressions.

Wouldn't be surprised if we have a few no shows or fail physicals but that's normal.

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The problem with a 102 players and a short TC, we could missing out on a very good player.
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Quote from: Pigskin on May 11, 2022, 03:11:51 PM
The problem with a 102 players and a short TC, we could missing out on a very good player.

Very true. Showing up not in shape or even a small injury and out the door you go. If a player makes it to the full TC and has a few days to impress they might keep him around on the PR or just in town until he heals up. That said, any early injury and the other players can pass somebody on the TC depth chart.

We have 27 DB's and 20 receivers to look at. The Bombers home site gave a 5 player list of who to watch so that with listen to info about them in TC to see how they're doing.

Canadian DB Chaves was mentioned that he's also a LS. By definition I think he gets a long look for the PR at the very least. It's a depth need from a development point of view. Not 100% certain that Benson might be considering retirement. Very good player but want to see if he shows up for TC. Leaving after winning a GC is a good time to retire for some players.  He turns 35 this Friday and been in the CFL since 2012.

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Quote from: Pigskin on May 11, 2022, 03:11:51 PM
The problem with a 102 players and a short TC, we could missing out on a very good player.

I think the corollary is true... by having 102 players in camp, you increase the chances of finding a very good player.

Yes, a few off days and a player that might have been a gem could get overlooked, but that happens whether you have 102 players in camp or just 80... on the other hand, having 102 in camp means that you will see additional players... and some will jump out, either by their actual play, their raw skills, or their hustle/desire. 

Terms like "stealing reps" and "flip their hips" and "fast feet" will get players noticed.  TC is a short time, but you can bet the coaches will make connections with players they are going to have to cut, that part of the game gets harder with a larger TC crowd.  But remember, a TC cut now has film/reps that may put him above another prospect that did not have a TC, so they add to the pool that make up "Next Man Up"... every cut is one injury away from a phone call...

We will get some guys making the AR/PR on heart alone.  Odds on favourite for that honour sounds like BURTENSHAW, Konner taken last in the draft. 
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Quote from: Pigskin on May 11, 2022, 03:11:51 PM
The problem with a 102 players and a short TC, we could missing out on a very good player.

Honestly, hard for teams to cry "poor" when they're still employing the same inefficient wasteful practices that put them in the hole.  Bringing in so many players to compete for a handful of openings is inefficient.  A little more time and money spent on the scouting dept. could pre-determine the best candidates to invite before camp, bring that number down below 85 and pass the savings onto the players who actually make the team.