Global players 2022

Started by Blue In BC, January 03, 2022, 03:42:15 PM

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Yup, Blue in BC.  Fair. Comments.  Our exchange of opinions is probably what many coaches say about him.
Certainly a dime a dozen in the States.
All those drafted have above average abilities, comsistancy, attitude, desire, often seperated a lot of guys. actually the dime a dozen comment is erroneous probably a penny a/100th.

Lots of great playmakers, in many places.
What are we at 2 weeks to go?  Let's go Blue.


OK, I did not realize that the NFL has a "Global" program, and Jacksonville just scooped one of the Globals we had on our practice roster last year...
Unabashed positron.  Blue koolaid in my fridge.  I wear my blue sunglasses at night.  Homer, d'oh.