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Started by ModAdmin, April 11, 2022, 09:03:35 PM

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Not a fan.. they look like flag football jerseys.


Not sure if this pic will work:

If that's it, it looks pretty good.  If you think it looks "junior" I think that's just because it looks a bit retro, like 1981-style (not 1981 BB: 1981 in general).

Hard to tell from the pic, but is that the normal/current shade of blue?  Looks a bit lighter in the pic?

I like it.  I think it'll grow on me, too.  I like the numbers on the arms.  Hate it when jerseys don't have arm numbers.  I like the big huge W too.

Is the idea that these will be used for a couple of games, and sold in the store?
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Somewhat off-topic: my oldest kid needs a new jersey, finally outgrew his first one (which will now go to the little sister).  Does anyone know if any stores in town still have the semi-official jerseys for kids?  I think we originally got it at sportchek.  I'd prefer to get one with player/number $40-$70 vs the official BB store ones ($80 no name/number).
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The Blue Bombers will wear the new alternate jerseys on two occasions this year, both home games - August 11th vs. the Montreal Alouettes and the annual Banjo Bowl against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on September 10th.
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They're alright. Something different but I won't be getting one.

At least the colour scheme is right this time.
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I wish they didn't do the large W on the front, if these just had big numbers on the front they'd be a 10/10.  But I love the fact that the two stripes represent the back to back Grey Cups.  Maybe Adidas will be our jersey supplier next year so we can move to the 3 stripes.


I think they're absolutely hideous.

The colour, large W, super tight spandex...

Just a whiff on every element.
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They look like a cross between the old NFL color rush jerseys and a hockey jersey with the big logo on the chest. Don't really like them personally but hope others do and they sell well!


Also, it looks like the retail version has the W way up high, which looks pretty bad..hopefully its a mistake


Definitely the colour rush vibe... nothing at all wrong with that.  A third jersey needs to be different and exciting, and I think they captured that...
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I have no problems with the color or these Jersey's. The very large W, not so much. And then the big patch of advertisement, just kills the Jersey. I will be picking this Jersey up for the kids, but minus the advertisement.
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I love the look of these new uniforms, spot on!!!


Are seeing impaired.?

I need reading  glasses.  DOLLAR store variety for me.....but.....They are so retro, they pre-date Egypt.
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I'm fine with them, can't wait to see them live !!


Likewise I like them too.  And initial sales have been very positive.
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