CFL contemplating 4 major changes to CFL '22

Started by Lake Winnipeg, March 19, 2022, 04:14:21 AM

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Lake Winnipeg

1. Moving Hash-Marks to align the field goal posts.

2. Changing the field to 100 yards. And it looks like this is going to happen which is like 7 yrs too late after building new stadiums its going to make end zone seats harder to sell and less enjoyable even though being that far away from the other end zone sucks, its goin got be kind of worse cause the end zone on your side will now by further away. Unless they move the entire field closer to 1 side.

3. 3 Downs looks like its staying but there is a new rule possibility that you cant punt once passed mid-field

4. clock rule changes. Clock will stop on incomplete pass and not start until snap. Clock stops on first downs and run out of bounds but will start once play clock starts. a run or pass competed before first down clock runs continuously. This will save clock with more possessions made available overall in a game.


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Quote from: Stretch on March 19, 2022, 12:16:04 PM

A combination of Ambrosie interviews, speculations concerning those interviews, and made up BS.

I do expect  the hash marks to be moved closer together though. Everyone seems up for it.
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I don't mind the hash mark rule. The rest suck.
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1. Don't see the point really.  Currently 24' from each sideline and field is 65' wide.. Goal posts are 18'6" wide.
2. Don't like this idea at all.
3. Would just mean teams would " punt " from FG alignment. A missed FG is another version of a punt if you aren't really trying to make the FG. LOS from the 54 ( for example ) yard line means a nearly 100% chance of not making the FG and would result in not reaching the end zone.
4. Not the worst idea.
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I don't like any of the ideas.  There will be more field goals if they move the hash. Too many already in my opinion, just rewards mediocrity.

Same thing with shorter field, promotes field goals.

Not punting is ok but already pointed out that it is easy to get around by kicking ball deep out of bounds.

More plays means more injuries too, 18 games is already long. Not many QB's survive it. Will possibly need to increase the roster to provide more rotational players so ends up costing money no one has.
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The CFL game doesn't need tweaking..  it's the marketing that needs to improve to appeal to younger and more diverse fans. Currently the CFL is only mostly able to attract older fans.

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Quote from: BLUEBOMBER on March 20, 2022, 01:49:26 AM
The CFL game doesn't need tweaking..  it's the marketing that needs to improve to appeal to younger and more diverse fans. Currently the CFL is only mostly able to attract older fans.
i think you're correct.....if they're trying to attract the younger audiences and can't see how changing some rules will attract younger audiences?   Marketing is everything and currently the CFL sucks at it to be honest.
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In general though, I think football in Canada is on the decline and has been for a long time.  It is being taken over by basketball, soccer, etc..  there is just so much money to go around and unfortunately the CFL/football in general has done a pretty bad job at reaching out to youth in elementary and high schools. 

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Contemplating the above rule changes including going to a four down game are I believe, well within the realm of possibility though I'm pretty much dead set against any of them....

Here is triple Grey Cup winner, Marc Trestman's opinion on the 4th down rule change proposal with regard to our "brilliantly conceived" Canadian game.

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Been a CFL fan for 60 years but the 100 yard field and 4 downs would do it for me. May as well watch the NFL even though I stopped doing that when they changed from being a football league to a political party.


Hash: who cares, fine.

100 yard field: hate it, but at the end of the day, meh who cares.  fine.  (There goes our "our field is longer" bragging rights though.)

Can't punt past C: is kind of like my "encourage more O" idea.  Only works if it makes more teams gamble on 3rd.  What if they go for a "FG" on 3rd and purposely kick it OOB coffin corner?  Is that a penalty?  My idea was to make FG's worth less points the closer you are to the EZ.  I still like my idea better.  The goal isn't to turn punts into FG's, the goal is to make gambling more attractive so teams go for TDs or have TOs: both are exciting for fans.

Clock: if the purpose is to squeeze more plays into a game to get more O, this completely goes against what many have said for years that the "game is too long".  They think the game is too long but they want more play time and more clock stoppage??  Uh, ok.  Make up your mind.

How will the clock change affect the changes at the 3 minute warning?  No difference?  There goes the "different" and exciting end of every half.

So it all sounds pretty useless.  On the other hand, they aren't going 4 downs, so we should feel blessed they aren't screwing up our game too badly.  They could have really done some horrific damage.  So let's not complain.  We can breath a sigh of relief for at least another year.
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Why even bother with hash marks ? Line up right in the middle.