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Author Topic: Kongbo gone  (Read 4775 times)
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« Reply #45 on: January 22, 2022, 06:07:52 PM »

Ugh, I wasn't "trashing" Westerman.  I said:

1. "He showed promise": fact, I thought he was quite good, that was a complement.

2. "dumb penalty": fact, he took O/S and UR and other penalties at the worst time; *according to my memory*; I recall him getting the MOS-hated "off the field" penalties that extended opponent O drives.

3. "often injured": fact (from my memory).  Then FWIR he left and was always injured in the other teams.

Does anyone want to contest my facts?  No one has yet.  How are facts "trashing him"?  You guys said he was good: I never contested that.  My beef with Westerman is he left when I wanted him to stay; when we needed a top player the most.  The ironic part is he probably would have done better if he stayed in WPG, because he did nothing at all (relatively speaking) after leaving.

I'm the last guy to bash all players just for leaving.  I'm still the league's biggest Nichols#15 fan (you want to talk about fan bashing!!), and I always talk up Lucky (minus the arms).  Same with Nevis, bummer he was in the tub all the time after he left.  I'm a huge Strev fan, and Sayles in BC.  I followed Wild in TOR, as a huge Wild fan.  I was hoping for big things from Randle in OTT (didn't happen).  I wish all the Bombers luck when they go to the NFL, even if I say player X will come back; again that just a (likely, predictable) fact.

The only ones I recall being negative at all on are: Muamba (an amazing player turned money-merc, yes I'm bitter and don't care if it's irrational); and Willis (because he looked so bad his last 1-2 years on that crap team, it was sad to see him so fallen).  I wasn't even negative on Westerman!  I just stated actual facts: penalties, injured.  Fact.  We all form impressions of players that stick in our minds as the memories of their exact plays fade.  My memories of Westerman were these words: "promising", "penalties", "injured".  So that's what I said.  It's not all rainbows and unicorns.  Prove me wrong.

"He showed promise" is not a compliment, it's an implication that maybe he would be good.

I don't recall there ever being an issue with off the field penalties.

Yeah he got injured after he left. That's pro football, injuries happen.

Exactly so you have a beef with him for leaving. Your views on him are slanted because he left your team.

You felt the need to give him nicknames for absolutely no reason. It didn't control anything to the conversation and didn't make any point. But like you said, you have a beef with him for signing elsewhere instead of Winnipeg.
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For The W

« Reply #46 on: January 24, 2022, 01:54:46 PM »

"He showed promise"

He was a 30-year old seasoned veteran with over five years of NFL experience when he signed here in 2015. He was a known commodity and easily amongst the best players not only on this team, but in the league at the time.

The mental gymnastics of yours are just hilarious sometimes.


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