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Question: How long have you been a fan and supported the Blue Bombers?
Less than a year? - 0 (0%)
1 to 5 years? - 0 (0%)
6 to 10 years? - 0 (0%)
11 to 20 years? - 2 (3.8%)
21 to 30 years? - 6 (11.3%)
31 to 40 years? - 12 (22.6%)
41 to 50 years? - 11 (20.8%)
Over 51 years? - 22 (41.5%)
Total Voters: 53

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Author Topic: Blue Bomber fan for ?? Years  (Read 4071 times)
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« Reply #45 on: December 17, 2021, 08:34:00 PM »

I am retiring at the end of December, and today they had my Zoom retirement "party".  Its a national organization with most staff in the East, and my boss isn't much of a CFL fan, but she was thoughtful enough to arrange a video retirement message from Milt Stegall! 

Pretty cool, especially right after a Cup win.

Fantastic!! Great job by your boss and Milt, and great on you for retiring! Congrats. Pretty sweet to win a grey cup and then not work for money again in your life in the span of a few weeks!

Unless he did these things regularly, I was at that same event!

Went to my first Bomber game, with my Dad, early in the 1971 season, against the Ottawa Rough Riders. Bombers lost, but I was hooked. The Don Jonas/Mack Herron/Jim Thorpe days. Made it to three games that year, the other two in the Salisbury House Kids Section, where tickets were $1.

In 1972 Bomber receiver Bob LaRose was my phys ed teacher at my Junior High School (Munroe Jr. High in East Kildonan), and that was the coolest thing in the world. Really nice guy. We'd go to games, and in those days the players used to congregate in the south end zone (where there were no seats) after they'd showered and dressed to unwind, and anyone had access. We'd visit with him there, and he'd always try to hide the beer he was drinking.

The 1972 Western Final that the Bombers lost to the Riders is, to this day, my worst sports memory. I was there, and at that time, age 13, it was by far the worst day of my life. Since then I've had worse, but I've still never forgiven the Riders or their fans, so the last couple of Western Finals have been sweet for me.

Finally watched them win the Cup in 1984, a month before I got married. It was like the last childhood item on my bucket list. Now I was ready for adulthood.

The Bombers won the Grey Cup the year I was born (1959), the year my wife was born (1962), the year my first son was born (1990), and they went to the Cup and lost the year my second son was born (1992). We've always teased him about that. When they finally won in his lifetime in 2019, he was living in England so he couldn't be here for it, but it was finally, last week, that I got to watch the Bombers win the Grey Cup with my whole family being here. It meant a lot.

My Dad was born in Winnipeg, and he'd tell me stories of going to games in the '30s. He remembered Fritzie Hanson and the team's first Grey Cup win in 1935, so my family's history as fans of the team goes right back to the very beginning. It's almost sacred.

In 2009, the Mike Kelly debacle, my oldest son got a summer job working for the team as part of the film crew, filming practices for the coaches and players to study. He hung with the team all year, got to know some of them (some interesting stories, and Mike Kelly, for all his faults, treated him wonderfully. The events of that year were hard on him, and he took losses hard. I can't help but have some sympathy for him to this day, despite the fact that he almost destroyed the team). My son is in the team picture from that year, and that was a moment for me, I'll tell ya. If only my Dad had still been around to see it.

So yeah, our roots with the Bombers go deep.

Fantastic story and small world- my mom was probably in your class because she went to Munroe Jr High, was born in '59, and told me once she had a teacher who played for the Bombers. And I also went to Munroe!

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