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USFL 2022??

Started by Blue In BC, September 28, 2021, 06:20:27 PM

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Blue In BC

I watched part of the two games on Fox over the weekend. Actually I've watched less and less as the league has continued into it's 4th week. QB play for the most part is not very good. Football starts and stops with the man in charge.

A few players have stood out but that might be more about the lack of quality opponents. OTOH a few players could have a chance at another NFL look.

With so few fans in the stands it's just depressing to watch. I'll have to check and see what viewer ship is like from week 4. If it continues to decline that's not good.
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Watched both games... Bertolet kicking, played in Hamilton last year (was cut in Nov after hitting only 67% during the year).  No mention of CFL.  Only A&M...  so I'm guessing there is a ban on mentioning CFL...  they were gushing about his performance and how wonderful the teams scouting as to have found him, and have him come in and make some long FGs.

Games were unimpressive, play was mediocre, refereeing was sadly lacking even with the reviews, production values dropped again, two spider cams, no drones, a few handhelds running around the field, not much mic'd up, no helmet cams. 

Looks like they are scaling back production dramatically.  And the lack of crowds... yeesh.  During the Birmingham game, the commentators actually were mentioning that the teams had to put up with crowd noise for a change... and then jumped to "Not a lot of crowd noise"...

Lots of injuries, players aren't in shape, and aren't working as nice, clean units.  One of the commentators was arguing an OPI on a rub route where the receivers had too much separation and the "rub" actually reached out to deflect the DB... and the commentator disputed it was OPI initially...

Lots of time outs for no reason, and the "Clock stops on a first down in the final 2 minutes" did not seem to actually be the case...

I can't see a season 2, I would be surprised if they finish out the season except that they may have contractual obligations that may make it cheaper to play that pay out non performance penalties...

Unabashed positron.  Blue koolaid in my fridge.  I wear my blue sunglasses at night.  Homer, d'oh.

Blue In BC

Pretty grim when the 1st pick in their draft is released and picked by another team. QB Shea Patterson.
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Blue In BC

Cue taps after the playoff game this week. I'm not convinced the USFL exists in 2023.

EDIT: In theory the are increasing their roster size from 50 to 75 ( including PR ).
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