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Author Topic: 2021 CFL Draft Preview  (Read 941 times)
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« on: May 01, 2021, 02:58:20 AM »

2021 Draft Preview | Part 1 - Ed Tait

A quick eyeball test - and no doubt the accompanying rancid smell - told Kyle Walters exactly what would be atop his long to-do list when he was officially named the General Manager of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in late November of 2013.

He needed a head coach with a vision and a long-term blueprint.

He needed stability at the quarterback position.

And, perhaps most pressing, he desperately needed to upgrade the Canadian talent ASAP.

The Bombers had either traded away or whiffed on most of their picks in the Canadian Drafts from 2009-13 and, in missing the playoffs in four of the five years over that stretch, had hardly established the franchise as a destination for free agents.

Fast forward to Grey Cup Sunday in 2019 and Walters - alongside the other two members of the 'Canadian Mafia' leading the franchise in President and CEO Wade Miller and head coach Mike O'Shea - watched as homegrown talent played an integral role in the franchise's 11th championship.

Some quick arithmetic of the Canadians on that squad, including those on the injured list or practice roster: 15 were drafted by the club, 12 more were signed in free agency and another, guard Pat Neufeld, had been acquired in a trade.

"I look back at our roster that won the Grey Cup and it was nice to see so many of our draft picks be developed and have contributed across the board," began Walters in a recent chat with "We were well-balanced in free agents vs. draft picks vs. scouting as to how our roster was built to win that Grey Cup.

"Our Canadian content was 100 percent a priority when we started. You need to acquire draft picks and then you have to draft and develop."

We bring this up today as Walters & Co. prepare for the eighth draft under this regime's watch, which goes next Tuesday, May 4th, as Part 1 of our annual Bombers at the Draft series.

The Bombers have six picks in the six-round draft - 3rd, 16th, 21st, 34th, 39th and 48th overall.

"It always starts with the O-line," said Walters. "And look at our track record... it started with Matthias (Goossen) and then Sukh (Chungh). We've had a lot of high draft picks at the offensive line position that have worked out really well for us. That's the base of any good Canadian Football League team - how good are the Canadians on your offensive line?

"We've got a good bunch and our strategy of adding Canadians in the draft - draft one early and draft one or add one late, like Cody Speller (signed as an undrafted free agent; now with Toronto) ? has worked out for us."

The club's approach to the 2021 selection won't differ from what it did in Year 1 of the current regime, back in 2014. Talent and fit matter, clearly, as do a pure passion for the game. What has changed vastly is the desperation level to find plug-and-play Canadians that had to be rushed into the starting lineup, as was the case seven years ago.

"When we drafted Jonathan Kongbo (in 2019) we knew with his knee injury he wasn't going to be ready at the beginning of training camp and were prepared to accept that," Walters explained. "But back in the beginning there was no chance we would have drafted a player in the first round knowing he wasn't going to be there at the start because we needed him. We needed Matthias, we needed Sukh right away and be able to play right away because of the talent we had back then. It's not so much the case now."

"When you have guys in place that you think are ready to play after being developed it allows you more flexibility in the draft to pick the best football player that maybe is a positional need, but is a guy who in a year or two might be a starter but can contribute right away on special teams."

We'll examine the Bombers' Canadian talent further in Part 3 of this series, but the current crop features much of the same crew it did in 2019, including starters Andrew Harris, Nic Demski, Drew Wolitarsky, Pat Neufeld, Drew Desjarlais and Michael Couture on offence and Jake Thomas on defence.

There is also excellent Canadian depth virtually across the board, as well.

"We're at the point now where we're looking at kids who we think can fit into our locker room and be good football players," said Walters. "We always have a strategy where we always want to draft players who have a chance to win a job and contribute.

"We study hours of film on these guys, watch them play special teams. We take that very seriously, especially with Mike and my background in that area. And Ted (Goveia, Assistant GM/Director of Player Personnel) has coached all over Canada. We have good relationships with U Sports coaches and work really hard at it.

"We do a very thorough job on all of this. And we certainly understand the importance of it."


A look at the draft classes of the current Bombers management regime:.........

And there's more on Part 1 of the 2021 Draft Preview here. 

Part 2 follows in the next post.

"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." - John Wooden
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Blue Bombers and Fans

« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2021, 03:06:56 AM »

2021 Draft Preview | Part 2 - Ed Tait

It is a Canadian Football League Draft beset with even more intrigue, unknowns, and question marks than usual.

But amidst all that uncertainty there is one given - as much as there can be in the annual Canadian talent grab - the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will hold on to their third overall pick in next Tuesday's draft rather than wheeling and dealing to move or stockpiling more picks by trading down.

"We're comfortable with where we're at," said Blue Bombers GM Kyle Walters in a media conference call Friday. "I don't anticipate us moving out of #3. I think we're going to get a really good football player.

"Obviously you listen (to offers), but nothing's been serious at this point in regards to trading up, but that might pick up.

"There will be some conversation between now and Tuesday that if a player that a team behind us really, really likes and they want to move up to #3 then we'd obviously listen to them and see. But it would have to pretty much knock our socks off at this point."

The Bombers hold picks in each of the six rounds in next week?s draft - 3rd, 16th, 21st, 34th, 39th, and 48th overall.

All seven Canadian starters from the end of 2019 return in offensive linemen Pat Neufeld, Michael Couture and Drew Desjarlais, running back Andrew Harris, receivers Nic Demski and Drew Wolitarsky and defensive tackle Jake Thomas.

The club did trade Cody Speller to Toronto before he was scheduled to become a free agent - he replaced an injured Couture in the Grey Cup run ? and saw Jonathan Kongbo go to the NFL, while defensive backs Derek Jones (B.C.) and Kerfalla Exume (Montreal) left in free agency, as did receiver Daniel Petermann (Ottawa), while linebackers Thomas Miles and Brandon Calver, fullback John Rush and defensive backs Jeff Hecht and Dexter Janke and long-snappers Chad Rempel and Maxime Latour weren't re-signed.

All that said, five of the seven picks from a year ago - minus linebacker Kyle Rodger and cornerback Bleska Kambamba, both of whom have walked away from the game - will be in camp to help offset those losses, while the team also added veteran long-snapper Mike Benson in free agency.

Walters & Co. are keeping a close eye on the NFL Draft as it unfolds through the rest of this weekend. A number of Canadians figure to be selected or signed as priority free agents or undrafted free agents afterward.

All of that will impact the Bombers final CFL Draft rankings, which Walters said will be finalized Monday.

"The number of Canadians that are going to get NFL looks this year is unprecedented and on top of that there's a number of Canadians that are going back to their schools that might get NFL looks a year from now," Walters said.

"What's different this year where teams are trying to figure out is the use of the 'futures' picks. A lot of the top-calibre players have declared that they're heading back to their NCAA schools. So, you're going to get a good football player, but you're not going to see him for a year, and is there going to be NFL interest in a year. It's a little more challenging than in drafts past where you knew the players would all be coming out.

"You combine that with the number of players that are in this draft that are coming out that are legitimate NFL-opportunity players and there's probably 12-13 names of players that are in that mix of you're not exactly sure if or when you're going to see them."

: The Bombers added to their receiver training-camp depth on Friday with the signing of American Carlton Agudosi.

(6-6, 220, Rutgers) was most recently with the St. Louis Battlehawks of the XFL. He originally signed as an undrafted free agent with the Arizona Cardinals in 2017, spending the season there before signing with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019.

Agudosi played 45 games in his career at Rutgers, recording 35 receptions for 513 yards and two touchdowns.
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"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." - John Wooden
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« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2021, 03:15:55 PM »

4 Canadians drafted in the NFL draft and 4 signed as UDFA so far. The 4 drafted stand a very good chance of making their teams roster being drafted that high.

Good on those players and I wish them all great success.

The 4 signed as UDFA's are less certain but they might get at least a chance to make a PR initially.

I could see a CFL team taking a chance on them in the CFL draft in later rounds?

Hard to tell with any certainty but the NFL took a big bite out of our top 20 draft rankings. 8 of the top 20 taken by the NFL. Might still see more UDFA's still in the works?

That leaves some OL high in the rankings. Still available:  DB's Leonard, Rene, Addae and Lokombo. DL Joseph and receiver Jana.

We're still going to get a very good player with our 1st pick. My preference is still to select a DB due to current depth and roster situation.

However it's like picking lottery numbers sitting on the outside. Looking forward to seeing what we do.

EDIT: Interesting to hear 2 of our 2020 draft choices have moved on from football ( 1 LB and 1 DB ). That was Roger and Kambamba, our picks # 55 and # 73. 5 of our 2020 picks have been signed.

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No more excuses.
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« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2021, 05:18:39 AM »

First & 10 | Previewing the CFL Draft

Mention the Canadian Football League Draft to any fan and invariably there are four different responses.

    1. There's agreement the draft is critical in building Canadian content, which has been the backbone of every championship for the last century-plus.
    2. Didn't a team draft a dead guy back in the day?
    3. Wasn't there once a reference on The Simpson's about the CFL Draft?
    4. And why can't the CFL Draft be somehow presented like its NFL counterpart, albeit on a much smaller scale?

Let's examine these further, bit by bit.

The first one is easy, given 21 players on a CFL's team roster must be Canadian. We pointed out in our first draft preview piece this week that of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' 2019 Grey Cup championship roster - including injured players and those on the practice squad - 15 were drafted by the club. Another 12 were added in free agency and one, guard Pat Neufeld, was acquired in a trade.

Canadians have played critical roles in all 11 of the Bombers? championships dating all the way back to 1935, through the glory years of the late 1950s/early 1960s, the three titles over a span from 1984-90 and then again in 2019.

Second, yes, a CFL team once drafted a dead guy. Believe it or not, it actually happened twice. The first time, back in 1994, was actually in a dispersal draft of Las Vegas Posse players after that franchise folded. The Ottawa Rough Riders selected defensive end Derrell Robertson fourth overall and, contrary to folklore, didn't just pull his name off a list. They had spoken to former Posse head coach Ron Meyer and offensive coordinator Ron Smeltzer about Robertson in advance of the draft but, alas, both coaches were unaware he had died in a car crash.

Two years later, in the 1996 CFL Draft, the Montreal Alouettes selected defensive end James Eggink in the fifth round, only to learn a few hours later he had died of cancer the previous December.

Neither the league or Eggink's school, Northern Illinois, were aware he had died. Afterwards, then Alouettes owner Jim Speros called the family to apologize.

You can?t make this stuff up, people.

As for the third point - The Simpson?s reference - it comes up every year right around now, just a few days before the draft, and features Homer watching the 15th round while avoiding going to Ned Flanders' barbecue.

The announcers, previewing the upcoming pick of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, announce that the club 'scored only four rouges all of last season.'


As for the fourth point listed above, it's one that has been discussed many, many times over the last few years. For the record, TSN will televise the first two hours of next Tuesday's CFL Draft before the names called in the remaining four rounds - this year's event will only be six rounds - will be available on the league's draft tracker on

Now, there's long been the argument that because so many of the players drafted play Canadian college football and that the interest in those teams is tepid in this country there is no larger audience for telecasting the entire draft. "Nobody knows who these guys are" is the common refrain.

The thing is, the talent this country is developing has never been better, or deeper, with Canadians now dotting rosters all over the NCAA and at big-time programs like Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma State and Oregon. The U Sports programs, also, are as talented as ever.

We'd also suggest this: even after the first round of the NFL Draft most fans are simply following who their teams pick and then doing further research. Let's be honest... when the New York Giants, for example, pick a guard from Bowling Green in the fourth round how many of their fans truly know anything about that player?

One more on all this - sometimes proceedings like this are made into 'events' by the networks that cover them.

The NFL Draft - which has unfolded over three days this weekend - was hardly the behemoth it is now when ESPN first televised the event back in 1980.

It could be said the same applies to TSN's coverage of the World Junior Hockey Championships or how the network turned 'Friday Night Football' into much-watch TV for CFL fans.

So, the question is, if you commit to televising all of it, will the audience will come? Just a thought.

More CFL Draft stuff and other notes, quotes and links in this week?s 1st & 10...

More on the 2021 CFL Draft is right here!

"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." - John Wooden
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Blue Bombers and Fans

« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2021, 03:54:10 AM »

2021 Draft Preview | Part 3 - Ed Tait

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers Canadian cupboard is already well stocked, but will bolstered with the addition of some fresh new faces this week.

The Canadian Football League?s 2021 Draft goes Tuesday night, with the Bombers holding a selection in each of the six rounds. Canadians are the lifeblood of CFL rosters and so the Bombers draft brain trust of GM Kyle Walters, Assistant GM/Director of Player Personnel Ted Goveia and head coach Mike O?Shea spend thousands of hours prepping for the event.

What follows below is our annual CFL Draft primer, which touches on a few issues as the Bombers finish up final preparations for Tuesday:


When: Tuesday, May 4th, 6 p.m.
How to watch: The first two hours of the draft - 6:00-8:00 p.m. - can be seen on TSN 1, 3 & 5 with the later rounds available on the league's website.


ROUND 1: 3rd overall
ROUND 2: 16th overall
ROUND 3: 21st overall
ROUND 4: 34th overall
ROUND 5: 39th overall
ROUND 6: 48th overall (Bombers traded the 52nd overall and playing rights to then-pending free agent Cody Speller to Toronto on January 27, 2021 for the 48th overall selection).


    1.  Four Canadians were selected in last weekend's NFL Draft:

    DB Jevon Holland (Miami Dolphins, 2nd round, 36th overall)
    DB Benjamin St-Juste (Washington Football Team, 3rd round, 74th overall)
    WR Josh Palmer (Los Angeles Charters, 3rd round, 77th overall)
    RB Chuba Hubbard (Carolina Panthers, 4th round, 126 overall)

Would the Bombers use a draft pick on any of these guys?

Highly unlikely. This current management regime has not used a single pick on a player who had been selected in the NFL Draft in its seven years at the draft table.

The likelihood of Holland, St-Juste, Palmer and Hubbard playing in the Canada is remote right now, although other CFL teams do take the risk occasionally. Example: defensive tackle Neville Gallimore was a 3rd-round selection of the Dallas Cowboys last year and was nabbed in the 8th round of the CFL Draft by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Here's how Walters answered that question when it was posed to him last Friday:

"You look at the name Josh Palmer... you see where he gets drafted this weekend and then at some point on your draft board you say, 'We'll if the likelihood of seeing him ever is 10 per cent, I'm still going to take that shot at 10 per cent because even a 10 per cent shot at him is better than the next name on the board and we're willing to take that risk.' Every team views that differently. Probably with us we'd view the back-end (of the draft) Canadians still having a shot before a longshot on an NFL team."

    2.  What about Canadians who sign priority free agent or free-agent deals with NFL teams after the draft?

This is different from above, although there are layers to this as well.

Bombers fans will remember Geoff Gray, the University of Manitoba product, was signed by the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted after the 2017 NFL Draft and returned home in October of 2018 after also getting looks by the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns.

'Priority' free agents usually get a decent signing bonus from NFL teams and that investment means at least a longer look than other free agents signed in the days after the draft. In a 'normal' year many of those players are invited by NFL teams to rookie camps or mini camps and still become available before CFL training camps open.

    3.  What are the club's areas of need?

The Bombers return six of their seven Canadian starters from the 2019 Grey Cup - Cody Speller, who started at centre for an injured Michael Couture - was traded to Toronto. Couture is back so, technically, all seven starters from '19 return.

The other six homegrown starters include running back Andrew Harris, receivers Nic Demski and Drew Wolitarsky, guards Drew Desjarlais and Pat Neufeld and defensive tackle Jake Thomas.

There is solid veteran depth behind all those starting positions, too, with Geoff Gray, Tui Eli and Chris Kolankowski along the O-line, rookies Connor Griffiths, Nick Dheilly and Zach Houghron along the defensive front, Johnny Augustine and Brady Oliveira at running back and newcomers Brendan O?Leary-Orange and Macho Bockru at receiver.

    4.  The Bombers did lose some Canadian players on defence since 2019 in DE Jonathon Kongbo (NFL), DBs Derek Jones (B.C.), Kerfalla Exum? (Montreal), Jeff Hecht (free agent), Dexter Janke (free agent) and LBs Thomas Miles and Brandon Calver. Is that side of the ball a position the club might target, especially with early picks?

Maybe. Last year's draft class featured Dheilly along with DB Noah Hallett and linebacker Tanner Cadwallader so that helps bolster the defensive depth. Plus, with the Bombers starting six Canadians on offence, it's not necessarily a priority to find a plug-and-play starter on the defensive side in this draft.

    5.  Have Kyle Walters & Co. displayed any trends in their previous draft classes?

Yes. First, unlike many previous regimes in these parts, they tend to horde their picks and treat them like gold - which they can be if the picks turn out.

Also, Walters has proven adept at packaging picks to move up or down in the draft, although he said last Friday it would be unlikely the club would trade out of the third-overall sot.

The team traditionally uses an early selection on offensive lineman and then identifies players who can be demons on special teams in later rounds. In seven draft classes dating back to 2014, this regime has had 16 picks in the Top 20 overall selections. Of that, six were offensive linemen, three were used on defensive backs and defensive linemen, two were used on receivers and one each on a linebacker and running back.

    6.  All CFL teams will have two draft classes attending training camps in 2021. How does that impact what might happen on Tuesday?

It's an interesting question. Every player needs reps in camp to impress, but especially young Canadians who are competing against veterans for roster spots. Those reps gets squeezed with two draft classes in camp. Also, the uncertainty regarding the 2021 season means rookie camps might get cancelled entirely and there is a likelihood there will be no preseason games this summer.

None of that helps the two draft classes.

"All of that stuff is uncertain," said Walters. "I'm not exactly sure how the numbers will work, but from a strictly competitive standpoint the more competition you have - and you're going to have two groups of draft classes coming in competing with each other - it's logical that the better players are going to survive and it's good for the young talent coming into our league."


Last year's picks never got on the field with the cancellation of the 2020 season and over the past year two picks - Kyle Rodger and Bleska Kambamba - have both opted to step away from the game.

Rd 1 (traded to Toronto as part of Zach Collaros deal)
Rd 2 (18th): DB Noah Hallett, McMaster
Rd 3 (traded to Toronto as part of Collaros deal)
Rd 4 (37th): WR Brendan O?Leary-Orange (Nevada)
Rd 5 (39th): K Marc Liegghio  (Western); (pick acquired as part of Collaros trade)
Rd 5 (46th): DL Nick Dheilly, Saskatchewan
Rd 6 (55th): LB Kyle Rodger, Ottawa
Rd 7 (64th): LB Tanner Cadwallader, Wilfid Laurier
Rd 8 (73rd): DB Bleska Kambamba Western

*Indicates starter

DT Jake Thomas* (Round 4, 29th overall, 2012)
LB Jesse Briggs (Round 2, 17th overall, 2014)
OL Michael Couture* (Round 2, 10th overall, 2016)
LB Shayne Gauthier (Round 4, 28th overall, 2016)
OL Geoff Gray (Round 1, 8th overall, 2017)
WR Drew Wolitarsky* (Supplemental Draft, 2017)
OL Drew Desjarlais* (Round 1, 14th overall, 2019)
RB Brady Oliveira (Round 2, 14th overall, 2019)
DT Connor Griffiths (Round 3, 25th overall, 2019)
OL Asotui Eli (Round 4, 34th overall, 2019)
DB Nick Hallett (Round 7, 61st overall, 2019)
DB Noah Hallett (Round 2, 18th overall, 2020)
WR Brendan O?Leary-Orange (Round 4, 37th overall, 2020)
K Marc Liegghio (Round 5, 39th overall, 2020)
DL Nick Dheilly (Round 5, 46th overall, 2020)
LB Tanner Cadwallader (Round 7, 64th overall, 2020)


*Indicates starter

RB Andrew Harris* - First signed by B.C. in 2009 as a territorially-protected junior player; signed by Winnipeg as a free agent in 2016)
OL Patrick Neufeld* - Round 5, 33rd overall, by Saskatchewan in 2010; traded two Winnipeg in 2013 for DE Alex Hall and a second-round pick in the 2014 draft.
SB Nic Demski* - Round 1, 6th overall, by Saskatchewan in 2015; signed with Winnipeg as a free agent in 2018.
FB Mike Miller - First signed as an undrafted free agent by Edmonton in 2011; signed as a free agent with Winnipeg in 2017.
RB Johnny Augustine - First signed as an undrafted free agent by Edmonton in 2017; signed with Winnipeg as a free agent in 2018.
LS Mike Benson - Signed as a free agent in February of this year. Veteran long-snapper. First signed by Edmonton as an undrafted free agent in 2012; has 89 career games with Edmonton, B.C. and Ottawa.
WR Macho Bockru - Winnipeg product who cut his teeth with the Dakota Lancers and Winnipeg Rifles before being a Canada West All Star in 2019 with the Manitoba Bisons. Signed as an undrafted free agent in January this year.
OL Chris Kolankowski - Round 6, 49th overall, by Toronto in 2016; Has a Grey Cup ring from the 2017 Argos and 22 regular-season games to his name.
DT Zach Houghron - Signed as an undrafted free agent this January, Houghron played in 22 games at Wilfrid Laurier. The Bombers like his athleticism.
K Matt Riley - University of Manitoba product signed as a free agent in February of 2020.


    1. Josh Palmer, Rec, Tennessee (Brampton, ON)
    2. Alaric Jackson, OL, Iowa (Windsor, ON)
    3. Jevon Holland, DB, Oregon (Coquitlam, B.C.)
    4. Amen Ogbongbeminga, LB, Oklahoma State (Calgary, AB)
    5. Chuba Hubbard, RB, Oklahoma State (Sherwood Park, AB)
    6. Benjamin St.-Juste, DB, Minnesota (Montreal, QC)
    7. Pier-Olivier Lestage, OL, Montreal (Saint-Eustache, QC)
    8. Sage Doxater, OL, New Mexico State (Welland, ON)
    9. Mohamed Diallo, OL, Central Michigan (Toronto, ON)
    10 Dean Leonard, DB, Ole Miss (Calgary, AB)
    11. Patrice Rene, DB, North Carolina (Ottawa, ON)
    12. Liam Dobson, OL, Maine (Ottawa, ON)
    13. Daniel Joseph, DL, NC State (Toronto, ON)
    14. Alonzo Addae, DB, West Virginia (Pickering, ON)
    15. Terrell Jana, Rec, Virginia (Vancouver, BC)
    16. Bruno Labelle, TE, Cincinnati (Montreal, QC)
    17. Nelson Lokombo, DB, Saskatchewan (Abbotsford, BC)
    18. Logan Bandy, OL, Calgary (Calgary, AB)
    19. Bryce Bell, OL, Wilfrid Laurier (Waterloo, ON)
    20. DeShawn Stevens, LB, Maine (Toronto, ON)
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"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." - John Wooden
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« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2021, 06:01:52 AM »

Ogbongbemiga, Labelle, Jackson, and Lestage have all signed NFL FA contracts.
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« Reply #6 on: May 04, 2021, 04:39:19 PM »

It would be nice to get Daniel Joseph tonight. Not sure he will be around at #3.
Blue In BC
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« Reply #7 on: May 04, 2021, 05:49:03 PM »

It would be nice to get Daniel Joseph tonight. Not sure he will be around at #3.

I don't know much about Joseph but a couple of questions regarding your suggestion.

There still look to be a few players ranked higher that will potentially be available

    A. Is your thought based on need or thinking he's best player available ( under ranked ).

    B. Or you do you feel uncomfortable with the current starting and depth at DT?

Just an FYI: I'm don't know much about the rookie depth at DT either.

As posted earlier I felt our depth at safety was a little light and thought we'd draft a DB with our 1st pick. However there are 4 DB's potentially available.

I'll be surprised if we draft an OL but I'll be watching to see how this goes. lol

I wouldn't be unhappy drafting Joseph. So I'm not knocking that suggestion.

Losing 8 top picks to the NFL made things more interesting.

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« Reply #8 on: May 04, 2021, 08:13:45 PM »

"I look back at our roster that won the Grey Cup and it was nice to see so many of our draft picks be developed and have contributed across the board," began Walters in a recent chat with "We were well-balanced in free agents vs. draft picks vs. scouting as to how our roster was built to win that Grey Cup.

This.  KW gets mega kudos for the great drafting over the last 3 years.  Sure, we had a couple of duds, but I'm not sure you could find a team doing better in the draft than we did over that same time period?  Especially at OL, but even DL, WR and ST.

Never go full Rider!
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