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Started by Blue In BC, August 04, 2020, 06:30:49 PM

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Blue In BC

Apparently there is a petition / desire to remove the statue of James McGill due to the fact he was a slave owner.

He died in 1813 and at the time that was a pretty common situation among the rich business people.

I'm not saying that was a good thing but it was 200 years ago.

If there is an outcry to remove his statue, will the name of the university also need to be changed.

This sort of argument has come up with Yale, Columbus, Washington, Jackson and Jefferson and numerous historical figures.
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Yikes, you want to start that discussion here?  Good luck with that.  I'm game, but some others can't control their emotions, nor believe you can have a contrary good-faith argument .

All I will say is it will never stop, they will never be satisfied even if every statue is torn down and every name is replaced.  History repeats itself.  Try to appease them at your peril.
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Blue In BC

It was more of a rhetorical statement pointing out exactly what you are saying. No telling where it will stop.

History can't be re-written to create a more political correct image in society today.

I don't know specifically if there are statues of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse or Geronimo somewhere. They would be heroes to the native population. I can imagine those would not be popular with some portion of the US population.

That doesn't make it right or wrong. It just shows the perspective of how it impacted a group or culture that is not necessarily the majority. It makes it " historical " reference.

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