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Author Topic: First & 10 | A positive mindset  (Read 1128 times)
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« on: August 23, 2020, 12:38:28 AM »

First & 10 | A positive mindset - Ed Tait

Life has served up this meal before to Jermarcus Hardrick. It's a big, fat s-t sandwich. It's nasty and, no, it just doesn't seem fair.

The Canadian Football League had its 2020 season officially cancelled earlier this week after the federal government backed away from funding the bubble-city concept here in Winnipeg.

As late as last weekend, there was a quiet-but-growing optimism a condensed CFL season was a go. That notion was perfectly captured by Blue Bombers head coach Mike O'Shea earlier this week during in his address to the media, when he admitted he was blindsided by the sudden change in events, with Monday being "one of the saddest days I've had in a long, long time."

It's news that has impacted many and will impact many more that are/were employed by the teams and the league. And so in that sense, it's been not just a crappy week, but makes for some very uncertain times ahead.

It was against that backdrop that I asked Darren Cameron, the Bombers' Senior Director of Public & Player Relations and Chief Consigliere if Hardrick, the likable veteran right tackle, might be available for an interview on Friday.

Part of me was bracing for a thumbs down on the request, as a lot of people in the organization and in the league have used the last few days to decompress.

But part of me was also hoping he would agree to chat and we could then provide a look at the human side on the past week. And Hardrick, a husband and father of three who has come to love playing in Winnipeg, is also one that depends on the league to provide for his family.

"I feel like complaining," began Hardrick from his offseason home in Lincoln, Nebraska, "but then that wouldn't help the situation and half of this is having a positive mindset.

"That news on Monday? Monday hurt, man. I thought Coach O'Shea put it in perfect words (in his address to the team via Zoom) when he said it was kind of like a death in the family, but it wasn't."

"But this is hard. This is something I've been doing since I was 13-14. I can't remember the last time I wasn't playing football at this time of year, being sweaty and being around my guys.

"Without that in my life... look, it's great to know I can live without it and be successful without it and still be a great husband and father. But, man, I miss it."

We've told Hardrick's story before and I frequently share the link because it's the kind of tale that can not only provide perspective, but offer a reminder to appreciate what you have when things are sour.

That's the thing about any conversation with Hardrick - invariably you feel uplifted afterward. It's what O'Shea mentioned the other day, both to the team and to the media later - now is the time more than ever to be a good teammate.

And that might just best describe Hardrick.

"With how bad this year has been you're going to need somebody to lean on, you're going to need positivity from somebody," he said. "You need to talk to someone who is going through the same situation you are to keep you uplifted and get motivated......

The rest of Ed Tait's article on Jamarcus Hardrick is here!

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"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." - John Wooden
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« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2020, 11:55:14 PM »

I too, like many of us feel,a void in our life with no football.  Many changes for many of us.  One wise friend just made a wise statement, time this will pass, and we will return to relative normal

Yep, so just tolerate it. 
I always think OK we have done six months of restrictive activities, if I already did six,I can do it again.

So let's start planning for the grand re-opening of IGF.....
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