Do This Nowadays & You Will Pay A Heavy Price

Started by In Motion, May 12, 2020, 01:46:58 AM

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In Motion

These hockey players got caught for their very bad behaviour, and it may well
be the end of their hockey careers and reputation. Does this punishment exceed
the crime? Probably. I would vote to give them a second chance after a year
of suspension and sensitivity training. They are the scapegoats for what many men before them
have done.

On the other hand, hockey needs to clean up this part of its culture.
Fear of losing a lucrative career you've worked hard for all your life may be a deterrent,
since other things have't seemed to work in our society to protect women and children
from abuse.

In Motion

"Honestly it was super disheartening to see," Bombers fullback John Rush told Global News. "It really struck a nerve with me.

"What I take so much issue with, with Brendan and his cohorts saying these things... (is because) it starts with us."

Rush said for too long these kinds of comments and 'locker room talk' have been deemed normal and acceptable and it's time for that to change.

"I played hockey until I was 16. I saw a lot of that as a kid and when I was growing up. To see it still happening when you're dealing with grown men was super disheartening. It really struck a nerve with me."

The 26-year-old is going into his fourth professional season in the CFL and has been an active participant in the Bombers Break the Silence on Violence Against Women program.

In Motion

On average in Canada, a woman is killed every 6 days by an intimate partner. The shooting spree in Nova Scotia started as a domestic abuse incident. I think pretty much ever woman in Canada knew instinctively how it began before any of the details even came out. Often children and men are harmed in the process too, as was the case here.

Yes, men can be victims of domestic abuse too. Only approx. 17% of the time though, and they're rarely the ones being carried out in body bags or found cut into pieces and buried under concrete.

In Motion

Oh it's even worse than I thought! After an 8 yr decline in domestic abuse cases, a couple of years ago it went up again. One woman killed every 2.5 days in Canada by an intimate partner. :(


We need change and we need it now.  Thanks for posting this.