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Author Topic: Kyle Walters Instagram Live  (Read 1372 times)
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Blue Bombers and Fans

« on: April 03, 2020, 09:04:12 PM »

Kyle Walters Instagram Live - Ed Tait

Kyle Walters knows a thing or two about staying in his own lane.

And that, perhaps better than anything, explains why the Winnipeg Blue Bombers GM opened his Instagram chat with fans Friday afternoon with this honest and straightforward message:

"Unfortunately I drew the slot after Chris Streveler, which has certainly got some attention from friends and family busting my chops a little bit," he began. "Yes, he is a tough act to follow. No, I will not be taking my shirt off and no, there will be no shots of alcohol during this. I just wanted to get that out of the way early and clear that up."

In case you missed it, Streveler - the popular former Bombers quarterback now with the Arizona Cardinals - held his own Instagram chat with fans on Wednesday. That affair, an epic back and forth that lasted hours, naturally featured him taking his shirt off, chugging beers with fans and former teammates while his sister and his nana also made an appearance and imbibed along with him.

The session with Walters was much more subdued, but did offer some insight as the GM discussed plans for the upcoming Canadian Football League Draft on April 30th and the Bombers quest to repeat as Grey Cup champions.

Here are some of the highlights (note: some answers have been abridged or edited)...

Q: For the CFL Draft, how much extra value do you put on a player being from Manitoba?

Walters: "It's no secret that the talk through our playoff run and to the Grey Cup was the strong hometown flavour on our roster. Andrew Harris, Nic Demski, Thomas Miles were guys that decided to leave their former teams and sign with us. I can't speak for those guys, but certainly coming home was a big part of their decision to sign with us, which was great.

"As far as the draft goes, Geoff Gray and Brady Oliveira are two recent draft picks who are Winnipeg guys and, yes, when we do our evaluation of these guys we obviously make note of where they're from. But we weren't going to pick Geoff or Brady over a higher graded football player just because of where they're from.

"In the case of Brady, we knew we wanted to add a Canadian running back - we had him very high - there were a couple of guys in the same draft grade range. The deciding point, 100 percent, was he's from Manitoba with the thought that when it came time to re-sign him there's a high likelihood. Same with Geoff Gray. When we drafted him we knew he was going to be in the NFL and have a shot and when he came back there would be a higher likelihood that he would want to sign and come back to his hometown team.

"It goes into the process and it's a great story for our team that we have so much Winnipeg flavour on our team and it was a big part of the Grey Cup story, for sure."

Q: The CFL Draft is always a crapshoot, but how much moreso is it this year?

Walters: "A lot of the players that have had success at the USports level, we need to see their testing ability in person to see if that translates to our game. Without the regional combines and without the national combine it's going to be tough.

"It is tough this year because you're going much more on the game film, which is a big piece of the puzzle, but you're just not going to be able to assign that height, weight, speed (grade) and see them compete against each other.

"The agents have done a good job... we're getting a ton of film where these players are testing themselves in their own environments. It's a bigger challenge this year and a lot more work, actually, because we are doubling back on the film and still reaching out to these players and doing interviews over the phone. Mike (O'Shea), Ted (Goveia) and myself just had a four-five hour meeting yesterday to make sure nobody is falling through the cracks.

"The draft is full speed ahead on the 30th and we?ll be ready to call names, that?s for sure."

More Questions and Answers from Kyle Walters here!

"You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one." - John Wooden
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