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Author Topic: 7 Starting NATs - flexibility?  (Read 3131 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 08, 2020, 11:08:33 PM »

The ratio must be maintained throughout the game with one exception.

Mike O'Shea touched on the exception during his call in show a couple of years back.

Darn!  I must have missed that one!

A team can change the ratio mid-game but one of the players must be declared ineligible to return to the game.

Is this in any written rule anywhere?  Or is this something they came up with on the fly and stuck with it?

It actually makes a lot of sense.  Thanks for that tidbit Junkie!  I thought there might be more to it.

I'd love to know what game this actually occurred in!

I'm guessing that any ratio change would need to be made preemptively, by that I mean if you are moving from 6o-1d to 5o-2d, you would have to play a series with 2d before you would be eligible to play a series with 5o...

That's precisely what I was pointing to originally... you would hope that you couldn't finish a series with 5o after an injury, gain the benefit of an extra IMP, then up your d to 2.  No, that must be forbidden.  It has to be like Aards says and you must finish the current series with the previously-declared ratio on that side before changing it.

Down the ratio rule rabbit hole we go...

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