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Author Topic: New 2 QB rule clarification?  (Read 36358 times)
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« Reply #180 on: February 15, 2020, 03:47:36 PM »

Well, glad to see I was correct in that there is a 1 minimum and 1 maximum rule for QBs on the field.

The reason they heretofore didn't write the rule as "unless all designated QBs are injured" is because there never has been a situation where all 3 QBs have been injured.

But now Ambrosie in his Infinite Wisdom(tm) has lowered that to 2 QBs.  As we've seen, there's around a 25% chance each year of one game seeing both QBs injured.  We could very well end up seeing what happens vis a vis the rules as written vs "common sense".

I could 100% see the refs enforcing the 25-yd penalty each snap rule.  And if they don't, I would want MOS to be in their ear forcing them to.  The refs have to enforce the rules as written, not as they figure they should be.

The more we explore this situation, the more abundantly clear it is that Ambrosie forced this through without thinking it through.  There are all these knock-on effects and rulebook issues that no one is addressing.  The new elephant in the room is that Ambrosie says "carry a 3rd QB" (as DI I suppose) when the rulebook clearly states that such a 3rd "QB" would never be allowed to be the sole QB on the field!  It's so asinine.

I would hope someone is bringing this up with pie in the sky Ambrosie.  Clarification is required and rulebook changes are obviously necessary.

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