Winnipeg Blue Bombers Franchise History - by Rosters, Stats and Results

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Franchise History

BlueinBC found an interest link that,when opened, outlines Blue Bomber Rosters, Statistics and Results from 1945 to the current year.

An excellent source of information to reflect back on from time to time.
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Would have been nice to see who were the assistant coaches as well on these teams.

Blue In BC

I'd like to see more of him but he needs to get healthy and then we need a spot on the roster for him to take.

He's in the 2nd year of his ELC and has had multiple injuries in TC, been released and brought back.

If he doesn't get onto the roster again in 2022, I'm not 100% certain he gets another invite to TC 2023.

Football is a tough business and there are always new finds teams want to take a look at. We found Schoen this season and who knows who we find to bring to TC 2023.
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I use for historical stats is more recent CFL stats & other documents. It is maintained by Lucas Barrett (Associate VP Communications for the CFL).
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