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Author Topic: Another lost season  (Read 5023 times)
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If winning isn't everything,why do they keep score

« Reply #30 on: September 28, 2019, 07:49:39 PM »

MOS: Mr. July.

It's when his teams have been their best.

Yeah he should have a sign on his Jersey that said "Best before August 1st"
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« Reply #31 on: September 29, 2019, 07:03:15 AM »

It's called masochism. Some people (and fans) take pleasure in the pain of losing.

Nah, that's not us.  That's the 7 OTT fans that showed up to watch their worse-than-2013-bombers team today.

you have to admit though, they really fooled us... it looked to be a barn burner when we forced a 2 and out on Hamiltion's first series and came back with the 74 yard, dominant march down the field to score... felt like there was a chance for it to be a 'statement' type of game...  then the smoke cleared and calamity ensued...

Not the smoke.  The heat arrived.  Our first drive they brought no heat.  They were just toying with us to see what our game plan was.  Immediately after that it was heat nearly every down, and our junk pass-pro OL were looking like OTT's or BC's!

Last night they look like they simply can't compete with Hamilton. This is a team that recently lost squeakers to Calgary and Saskatchewan. Does that mean the Bombers can't compete with those teams now either? We'll find out next week. I still like to believe they have what it takes and can get it together again. But it sure is tough right now.

From what I saw it simply looked like our D didn't watch HAM film.  For instance, HAM did that Banks crossing right on the LOS after all receivers draw coverage out deep, then it's Banks vs a LB and/or DBs in chase mode, and they get huge yardage.  They ran that on us 2-3 times.  They ran it on every team in the last 3 weeks.  We didn't film study this or plan against it.  One of them we had Bighill as the guy assigned to Banks!  Painful to watch.

HAM was calling a masterpiece on O.  Simply owning us with receivers wide open everywhere.  Picking on Rios.  Mismatching fast guys against LBs.  Fooling us every which way.  That's all on Hall.

I'm a Hall fan (yes, I have a paper bag on my head, it still fits over my tinfoil), but he didn't plan squat against HAM.  It was even worse than vs MTL because HAM just ran all their normal plays, and for some reason we didn't find ways to stop them!

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