AAF League game tonight

Started by Blue In BC, February 09, 2019, 06:04:53 PM

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Blue In BC

I'll watch with curiosity to see what it's all about. Not expecting much though.
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I seeing if the Mods let a topic like this slide just for tonight. I want to get exposure and posts and on the off side forum we may get next to none.


We'll keep it here for today then move it to the Offside forum where it belongs.
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James Wilder Jr @IAm_Wilder32

The @TheAAF look legit, CFL better handle they business this CBA with insurance and more pay. Cause @TheAAF got insurnce and paying more for half the games USD!! Worried about Mexico n France instead of CBA them gone be the only players lol, I?m just the messenger don?t shoot me!

Wow... talk about biting the hand that feeds you... especially from a guy that basically busted a valid contract to get more bucks, endorsing a socialist league where everyone gets paid exactly the same. 
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Who really cares what this clown thinks?? Re-negged on his contract last year, cried and whined about it. Hey Wilder, do us a favour and stay down south!!!

I only saw a handful of plays in the game I tuned in on....Marvin Lewis and Maurice Jones Drew doing the telecast...I prefer everything about the CFL...the players, talent level and broadcast. From the empty seats I saw, the US fans feel the same way....makes an Argo game look like a sellout!!!