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Offside Forum / Re: Winnipeg Jets Discussion -...
Last post by Jockitch - April 12, 2024, 10:55:39 PM
Such a magnificent win
-- LB was perfect, Samberg and Stanley were very good and play away from the puck was superb
Offside Forum / Re: Winnipeg Jets Discussion -...
Last post by Pigskin - April 12, 2024, 10:46:33 PM
Another big game tomorrow against the Ava's. 3 pm start.
Quote from: theaardvark on April 12, 2024, 08:18:09 PMLooks like the Bombers have taken some income from the Jets... its amazing what winning does.

Winning helps but it's not the only reason. The Bombers are infinitely easier and more friendly on the sponsorship side than TNSE has ever been. The difference is enormous.
Looks like the Bombers have taken some income from the Jets... its amazing what winning does.
Its hard to argue Walters results.  4 straight GC appearances for his players, 2 rings.

With every decision about who to keep and who to let walk, he will be judged at the end of the year.  He knows that.  And he does not make those decisions lightly.

Sometimes, players make those decisions for him, either by signing inflated contracts elsewhere, or looking for more than he is comfortable offering (for whatever reason), and we sign someone else to his job.  Regardless the reason, Walters will be judged on it.

His decisions are not always popular, but they cannot be argued against as being ineffective, given his results year after year. 

The scouts are going to have to bring in a bumper crop this year, for this year and going forward, replacing a lot of our veterans including Bighill, Bryant and Jefferson. 

But the Canadian Mafia has a proven record, and I can't see that changing anytime soon.
Blue Bomber & CFL Discussion Forum / Re: Mock Drafts
Last post by theaardvark - April 12, 2024, 08:09:17 PM
What is really humorous is that this is the CFL.  And these are NAT players.  As compared to the likes of the NBA, the NFL or even the NHL, these potential draft picks are rather unknown quantities.  And the teams picking are utilizing a handful of scouts, most of whom have never seen the majority of these players live.

So, doing a mock draft, even of the first round, is purely conjecture and for entertainment purposes only.

Glancing at the mock drafts out there, where the NHL/NFL and NBA have a consensus group of players for the first round, with the top few players usually written in stone, its hard to find 2 CFL mocks that have any commonality in the first round.

But that's the CFL offseason for ya.

Good on the people that take the time and effort to put together a mock for our entertainment.  Who actually go through some of the scouting, and the combines. 

I'd say, making a perfect CFL round 1 mock is probably harder than a perfect first round in March Madness. 

But people still put together brackets in March...
Quote from: Throw Long Bannatyne on April 10, 2024, 06:07:28 PMBryant and Biggie were the logical candidates to be pushed towards retirement

I believe Biggie has guaranteed money this year. 100k. So for whatever he makes over that is what you'd have to pay his replacement just to break even. Biggie is going to play, barring injury.