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Quote from: Waffler on February 22, 2024, 08:27:07 PMPeople compliment how calm and cool we are when behind and you can't tell we are worried. Veteran poise. When we come back and win this is a great thing but when we don't it's terrible. Not enough fire. Two sides of the same coin, this is the team we are and it wins more than it loses.

I have zero worries about someone stepping up on this team, we have leaders here aplenty.
Well I do. We have nobody who gets in the grill of players and gets them going. Harris used to come onto the field and get the O line going before the first snap and then when he d get a decent gain, he'd work on whipping the crowd into shape and get them going. Brady tries to do that but he doesn't do it to the extent Harris did. Harris refused to lose, he would not have anything to do with that, he was possessed to win and he singe handedly willed us to win the GC. Without him we wouldn't have done it. And after he left, we haven't won it since. Coincidence?? Hardly
There's fire alright. I hope the fired employee has the strength to take this one to the end and Kelly gets what he deserves. He has always come across as a creep with freaky eyes
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Last post by Pigskin - Today at 03:59:19 AM
Nice to see NE27, finally get a couple of goals. Only if he was more consistent. Far to many giveaway, and sloppy play in the D zone. Will take the 2 points.
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Last post by Pete - Today at 03:49:52 AM
Quote from: TecnoGenius on February 23, 2024, 10:46:17 PMBiggie gets it as Biggie will be in this same boat before long.

This was a weird year with our top $$ FA questions unanswered for an extra couple of weeks.  Biggie hints that this may have caused the comms trouble.  Maybe.

My question is: so how did we handle top-10 player shedding in the past?  Is this normal for KW?  Or is this year really out of the ordinary?  Who are the departing stars in previous years, and did they get better comms?  No?  Then this is normal and just the way KW does it, for whatever reason.

We all know the famous AH debacle, but how about non-AH players?

I'm sure there are very good reasons for the way KW handles it other than "I'm a mean guy".  You could also try to compare to how other teams handle things...
this year is a unique one because of the amount of top free agents we have that were coming off elc.
of the top 10 cfl free agents this year only 3 were coming off entry levels..schoen, Olivera and Oullette(Who also didn't sign til free agency window) These contracts present a big problem to the salary cap meaning if they sign you have to cut elsewhere ad until they sign you are hamstrung..
A second issue is the uncertainty in the market this year as to what is market value. If we had signed shoen early it would have had to be for close to 275k , it wasn't til he found out that teams were no longer paying that premium for receivers that he came down to 230k.
One way to get more certainty of what you can afford is to sign players to longer contracts. It feels like we do more 1 year terms than most, meaning more players to negotiate with and more uncertainty.
Like who?
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Last post by Blueforlife - Today at 12:18:24 AM
Jeffcoat when healthy is one of the best.  Some hard on him and it's clear based on what Biggie has said that it's a giant hole.

Now start developing our next guy!
Where there is smoke there is a fire and this will blow unless they get ahead of this now
Offside Forum / Re: Jennifer Jones: Retiring
Last post by Pigskin - February 23, 2024, 11:18:36 PM
4 Manitoba teams in the final 6 at the Scotties. Jones is already in the 1 vs1 game. Lawes, Cameron, and Einarson will play tonight for a spot in the 2 v 2 game.
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Last post by Pigskin - February 23, 2024, 10:52:11 PM
Barron  back in tonight.