Woli re-signs in Winnipeg

Started by VictorRomano, January 20, 2024, 02:34:35 PM

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Nice to have Woli back for another 2 years.
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I love the 2 year deals. It's going to make the next off season that much easier for Walters to maximize the home Grey Cup roster.
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Winnipeg Blue Bombers re-sign receiver Drew Wolitarsky to two-year deal

WINNIPEG, MB., January 20, 2024 - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has agreed to terms on a two-year extension with National receiver Drew Wolitarsky. He was scheduled to become a free agent next month.

(6-2, 224, Minnesota; born: March 22, 1995, in Santa Clarita, CA) returns in 2024 for his seventh season with the Blue Bombers after originally being selected by the club as a supplemental pick in the 2017 CFL Draft.

The 2023 season was Wolitarsky's best of his six years with the Blue Bombers as he set career highs in receptions (47), receiving yards (668) and touchdowns (six) while suiting up for all 18 regular season games as well as the Western Final and Grey Cup. In his more than 86 CFL games, he has 194 receptions for 2,551 yards and 17 career touchdowns.

Wolitarsky was born in California, but is listed as a Canadian under the CFL's rules as his mother hails from Montreal. Prior to the 2017 Supplemental Draft, he provided proof of Canadian citizenship to qualify as a national player.

Wolitarsky finished his college career at Minnesota with 130 catches – then tied for eighth all-time in Gophers history – while his 1,749 receiving yards ranked ninth.
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He's underrated around the league, with most teams he'd have more stats, but behind Demski Schoen and Lawler last year simply not enough balls to go around


Another great re-signing!
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Key offensive component especially if we lose Schoen.


Some thought we'd have to lose Woli to make the SMS$ work, but KW pulled it off.  I think everyone can agree Woli is the best NAT WR we've had in long time.

I didn't realize his '23 season was so productive.  Those numbers are better than most teams' 3rd read IMPs.

I'm still bummed that they tipped away that near-TD to Woli in the GC (2Q5:03)... (both botched TD passes were underthrown by Zach rolling out right.)
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Our 2nd down specialist is signed for 2 years.

Big, reliable and tough, he fits the WFC system in all ways.

Great and important signing.

We will have a lot of draft picks to back him up.
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Quote from: TecnoGenius on January 21, 2024, 12:11:53 AMSome thought we'd have to lose Woli to make the SMS$ work, but KW pulled it off.  I think everyone can agree Woli is the best NAT WR we've had in long time.

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Quote from: Jesse on January 21, 2024, 04:35:56 AMDemski?

Oops!  I meant NAT "ratio-placeholder" style (i.e. lower-pay) WR.  You know, like JFG, Petermann, etc.

Ya, Demski I don't even really consider a NAT WR anymore, he's just a WR as good as any star IMP, who happens to be a NAT.  (And is paid as such.)  That's why I forgot him, doh.

But thanks for correcting me... definitely want to get that one right!  ;D
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I watched the 2 botched TDs in the GC when thinking of the Woli miss, and suddenly realized Ento basically cost us the GC win by himself.  His outstanding and near-impossible plays saved 2 near sure-thing TDs, and cost us 14 points.

Is Ento getting NFL looks?  He's better than Holm and maybe as good as D.Alford who's still down south.  If Ento ever shakes loose, we need to pick him up; if we can afford him.  What a game wrecker.
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