Dru Brown traded

Started by theaardvark, January 18, 2024, 07:56:05 PM

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I  was naively hoping he could have stayed however I also understand why he left to play in Ottawa for a shot at being a legit #1 guy.   He was mentored by one of the best in the business who BTW, feels Dru could be a star in this league!
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Dru Brown shows the most potential of any QB developed by Winnipeg in recent history. He's going to tear up the league.
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Best of luck to DB6 for sure. We were never keeping him and it's LOL funny that anyone was upset about it. Collaros was publicly helping him pick his spot. It's interesting that his contract is only 2 years and comes due when Collaros contract ends. Now we wait and see on The Strevolution...


Just having some fun, guys, and apologies about the hex thing. I, too, wish Dru all the best in Ottawa (until he plays against us).
Go Bombers!