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Author Topic: Blue Bombers roster - 2018-2019  (Read 368783 times)
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« Reply #1455 on: November 22, 2019, 06:46:36 AM »

2019-11-06   WPG   CALDWELL, Joshua      N      Add To   Active Roster (Future)
2019-11-06   WPG   MOE, Mason      N      Add To   Active Roster (Future)
2019-11-06   WPG   LAFRANCE, Royce   DL   N   Tulane   Add To   Active Roster (Future)

2019-11-07   WPG   WILLIAMS, James      N      Add To   Active Roster (Future)

2019-11-08   WPG   KNIGHT, Trevor    QB   N   New Hampshire   Delete From Active   Free Agent

Bombers sign four players to futures contracts
WINNIPEG, MB., November 7, 2019 - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers today announce the club has signed the following players to futures contracts beginning in 2020:

American defensive end Royce LaFrance (6-3, 245, Tulane)
American Linebacker Mason Moe (6-0, 220, UC Davis)
American running back Joshua Caldwell (5-11, 220, Northwest Missouri State)
American defensive back Raekwon Williams (5-11, 185, Florida Atlantic)
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« Reply #1456 on: November 22, 2019, 06:48:04 AM »

West Semi-Final roster:

Darrin Bauming@DarrinBauming  Nov 9
Early indicators all rang true as the #Bombers starting roster only sees one change for the West Semifinal - Michael Couture is out, and Cody Speller in at Centre.

The Stampeders will be without All-Star receiver Eric Rogers Sunday, but 2018 All-Star receiver Kamar Jorden returns following a career-threatening ACL recovery. Starting middle linebacker Cory Greenwood comes off the 6-Game, but DL Cordarro Law remains out.

Collaros starts. Streveler active. One Winnipeg player will scratch on Sunday.

Jeff Hamilton   @jeffkhamilton   Nov 9
#Bombers release depth chart for Sunday's game vs. the Stamps. No C Michael Couture, who was injured in the Oct. 25 win over Calgary. Couture didn't practise all week, with Cody Speller taking his spot down the middle. Chris Streveler and Jesse Briggs also draw back in. #wfp

2019-11-09   WPG   KNIGHT, Trevor   QB   N   New Hampshire   Add To   Free Agent
2019-11-09   WPG   HALLETT, Nick   DB   N   Toronto   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   COUTURE, Michael   OL   N   Simon Fraser   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   WILLIAMS, Darrell   OL   A   South Florida   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   ROH, Craig   DL   A   Michigan   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   REMPEL, Chad   LS   N   Saskatchewan   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   GRIFFITHS, Connor   DL   N   UBC   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   GRAY, Geoff   OL   N   Manitoba   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   GAITOR, Anthony   LB   N   Florida International   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   FENNER, Chandler   DB   N   Holy Cross   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-09   WPG   STREVELER, Chris   QB   A   South Dakota   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-09   WPG   ELI, Tavita   OL   N   Hawaii   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-09   WPG   BRIGGS, Jesse   LB   N   McGill   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-09   WPG   JANKE, Dexter   LB   N   Saskatchewan   Extend On   Injured

WPG Blue Bombers   @Wpg_BlueBombers   Nov 10
Today's West Semi-Final starting lineup.
Inactive: #7 Lucky Whitehead.
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« Reply #1457 on: November 22, 2019, 06:49:47 AM »

2019-11-13   WPG   STEWART, Ardarius      N      Add To   Active Roster (Future)
2019-11-13   WPG   LUCIEN, Devin      N      Add To   Active Roster (Future

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« Reply #1458 on: November 22, 2019, 06:49:57 AM »

West Final roster:

Darrin Bauming   @DarrinBauming   Nov 16
Couple tweaks to the #Bombers' roster for the West Final vs the #Riders; Fenner and Hallett enter to bolster the special teams, Chad Rempel returns to long snap, and Jeff Hecht is out.

Chris Streveler is set play - I am told his health is similar to where it was last week.

Jeff Hamilton   @jeffkhamilton  Nov 16
#Bombers depth chart and roster ahead of Sunday's West Final vs. the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Fenner, Rempel, Hallett, and Gray in; Whitehead, Hecht, Latour and Calver out. #wfp

The #Riders depth chart. Cody Fajardo listed as the No. 1 QB; Shaq Evans, who was limited all week, is also set to start.

2019-11-16   WPG   WHITEHEAD, Lucky   WR   A   Florida Atlantic   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   LATOUR, Maxime   OL   N   Sherbrooke   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   HECHT, Jeff   DB   N   Saint Mary's   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   CALVER, Brandon   LB   N   Wilfrid Laurier   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   REMPEL, Chad   LS   N   Saskatchewan   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-16   WPG   HALLETT, Nick   DB   N   Toronto   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-16   WPG   GRAY, Geoff   OL   N   Manitoba   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-16   WPG   FENNER, Chandler   DB   N   Holy Cross   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-16   WPG   WILLIAMS, Darrell   OL   A   South Florida   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   ROH, Craig   DL   A   Michigan   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   GRIFFITHS, Connor   DL   N   UBC   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   GAITOR, Anthony   LB   N   Florida International   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-16   WPG   COUTURE, Michael   OL   N   Simon Fraser   Extend On   Injured

WPG Blue Bombers   @Wpg_BlueBombers  Nov 17
This afternoon's starting lineup.
Inactive: #22 Chandler Fenner

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« Reply #1459 on: December 02, 2019, 12:30:05 PM »

Grey Cup Roster:

Darrin Bauming   @DarrinBauming   Nov 23
In Sunday's #GreyCup, the #Bombers will dress a near identical lineup from last week. Jeff Hecht returns battling injury the last couple weeks. Brandon Alexander remains the starting safety. Winnipegger and reserve O-lineman Geoff Gray comes off. Fenner to scratch again?

Pat McKay   @PatMckayCTV   Nov 23
And the #Ticats final depth chart. Tyrell Sutton in at RB in place of Cameron Marshall.

2019-11-23   WPG   GRAY, Geoff   OL   N   Manitoba   Transfer To   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   HECHT, Jeff   DB   N   Saint Mary's   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-23   WPG   WILLIAMS, Darrell   OL   A   South Florida   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   WHITEHEAD, Lucky   WR   A   Florida Atlantic   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   ROH, Craig   DL   A   Michigan   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   OLIVEIRA, Brady   RB   N   North Dakota   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   LATOUR, Maxime   OL   N   Sherbrooke   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   GRIFFITHS, Connor   DL   N   UBC   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   GAITOR, Anthony   LB   N   Florida International   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   COUTURE, Michael   OL   N   Simon Fraser   Extend On   Injured
2019-11-23   WPG   CALVER, Brandon   LB   N   Wilfrid Laurier   Extend On   Injured

WPG Blue Bombers   @Wpg_BlueBombers  Nov 24
Our starting lineup for the 107th #GreyCup!
Inactive: #22 Chandler Fenner

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« Reply #1460 on: December 02, 2019, 12:30:48 PM »

Pending Free Agents

QB Matt Nichols (I)
QB Chris Streveler (I)
QB Zach Collaros (I)

RB Johnny Augustine (N)

WR Darvin Adams (I)
WR Drew Wolitarsky (N)

OL Michael Couture (N)
OL Pat Neufeld (N)
OL Stanley Bryant (I)
OL Jamarcus Hardrick (I)

DL Willie Jefferson (I)
DL Drake Nevis (I)
DL Craig Roh (I)
DL Jake Thomas (N)

LB Korey Jones (I)
LB Thomas Miles (N)

DB Chandler Fenner (I)
DB Jeff Hecht (N)
DB Derek Jones (N)
DB Mercy Maston (I)
DB Winston Rose (I)
DB Marcus Sayles (I)
DB Nick Taylor (I)

Players Remaining Under Contract

QB Sean McGuire (I) - 2020
RB Andrew Harris (N) - 2020
RB Brady Oliveira (N) - 2021
FB Mike Miller (N) - 2020
FB John Rush (N) - 2020
REC Rasheed Bailey (I) - 2020
REC Nic Demski (N) - 2020
REC Kenny Lawler (I) - 2020
REC Daniel Petermann (N) - 2020
REC Lucky Whitehead (I) - 2020
OL Drew Desjarlais (N) - 2021
OL Tui Eli (N) - 2020
OL Geoff Gray (N) - 2020
OL Cody Speller (N) - 2020
DL Thiadric Hansen (G) - 2020
DL Jackson Jeffcoat (I) - 2020
DL Steven Richardson (I) - 2020
DL Jonathan Kongbo (N) - 2021
LB Adam Bighill (I) - 2021
LB Jesse Briggs (N) - 2020
LB Shayne Gauthier (N) - 2020
LB Kyrie Wilson (I) - 2020
DB Brandon Alexander (I) - 2020
DB Kerfalla Emmanuel Exume (N) - 2020
DB Nick Hallett (N) - 2020
DB Mike Jones (I) - 2020
RET Janarion Grant (I) - 2020
K/P Justin Medlock (I) - 2020
LS Chad Rempel (N) - 2020

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« Reply #1461 on: December 02, 2019, 12:45:20 PM »


2019-11-25   WPG   WILLIAMS, Darrell   OL   A   South Florida   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   WHITEHEAD, Lucky   WR   A   Florida Atlantic   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   ROH, Craig   DL   A   Michigan   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   OLIVEIRA, Brady   RB   N   North Dakota   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   NICHOLS, Matt   QB   A   Eastern Washington   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   NELSON, Charles   WR   A   Oregon   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   LATOUR, Maxime   OL   N   Sherbrooke   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   JANKE, Dexter   LB   N   Saskatchewan   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   GRIFFITHS, Connor   DL   N   UBC   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   GRAY, Geoff   OL   N   Manitoba   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   GAITOR, Anthony   LB   N   Florida International   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   COUTURE, Michael   OL   N   Simon Fraser   Add From Injured   Active Roster
2019-11-25   WPG   CALVER, Brandon   LB   N   Wilfrid Laurier   Add From Injured   Active Roster

2019-11-26   WPG   WRIGHT, Dondre   DB   N   Henderson State   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   WILLIAMS, Malcolm   WR   N   Langley Rams Jr.   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   WALKER, Kenny   WR   A   UCLA   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   SCHIAFFINO PEREZ, Sergio   DB   A      Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   ROBINSON, Jordan   RB   A   Sacramento State   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   RIOS, Marcus   LB   A   UCLA   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   KOLOAMATANGI, Meffy   DL   A   Hawaii   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   KNIGHT, Trevor   QB   N   New Hampshire   Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   HERNANDEZ REYES, Manuel Eduardo   LB   A      Remove Unsigned   Free Agent
2019-11-26   WPG   BRISSON-FAST, Nathaniel      N      Remove Unsigned   Free Agent

2019-11-27   WPG   WILSON, Kyrie   LB   A   Fresno State   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   SPELLER, Cody   OL   N   McMaster   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   RUSH, John   LB   N   Guelph   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   REMPEL, Chad   LS   N   Saskatchewan   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   NICHOLS, Matt   QB   A   Eastern Washington   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   MILLER, Mike   FB   N   Acadia   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   MEDLOCK, Justin   K   A   UCLA   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   JEFFCOAT, Jackson   DL   A   Texas   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   JANKE, Dexter   LB   N   Saskatchewan   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   HARRIS, Andrew   RB   N   Nanaimo Raiders Jr.   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   GRAY, Geoff   OL   N   Manitoba   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   GAUTHIER, Shayne   LB   N   Laval   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   GAITOR, Anthony   LB   N   Florida International   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   DEMSKI, Nic   WR   N   Manitoba   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   CALVER, Brandon   LB   N   Wilfrid Laurier   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   BRIGGS, Jesse   LB   N   McGill   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   BIGHILL, Adam   LB   A   Central Washington   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   ALEXANDER, Brandon   DB   A   Central Florida   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   KENNEY, David   DL   N   Indiana   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   ROBINSON, Jordan   RB   A   Sacramento State   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   KOLOAMATANGI, Meffy   DL   A   Hawaii   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   OLIVEIRA, Brady   RB   N   North Dakota   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   KONGBO, Jonathan   DE   N   Tennessee   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   JONES, Mike   DB   A   Temple   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   HALLETT, Nick   DB   N   Toronto   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   GRIFFITHS, Connor   DL   N   UBC   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   ELI, Tavita   OL   N   Hawaii   Add To   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   DESJARLAIS, Drew   OL   N   Windsor   Add To   Active Roster

2019-11-27   WPG   WILLIAMS, James   RB   N   Washington State   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   WILLIAMS, Sam   LB   A   East Texas Baptist University   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   WILLIAMS, Raekwon   DB   N   Florida Atlantic   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   STEWART, Ardarius   WR   N   Alabama   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   ROSE, Ezekiel   DT   N   West Virginia   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   NEAL, Tyrone   LB   N   Auburn   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   MOE, Mason   LB   N      Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   MCCANTS, Tyre   WR   N   South Florida   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   LUCIEN, Devin   WR   N   Arizona State   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   LEWIS, Malcolm   WR   N   Miami   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   LAFRANCE, Royce   DL   N   Tulane   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   HOUSTON, Demerio   DB   N   Southern   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   HARPER, Isaiah   WR   N   Old Dominion   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   DURAL, Travin   WR   N   Louisiana State   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   CHOUDJA, Patrick   DL   A   Nevada   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   CALDWELL, Joshua   RB   N   Northwest Missouri State   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   APPLEBY, Austin   QB   N   Florida   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster
2019-11-27   WPG   ALLEN, Joshua   DB   N   Miami of Ohio   Add From Active 2020   Active Roster

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