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 on: Today at 05:12:30 AM 
Started by Tiger - Last post by TecnoGenius
It's almost certain Harris 1k/1k dream is dead.  If W19 plays out the way it should and the WPG@CGY game ends up meaningless, then Harris shouldn't even play W20.  Even if we have to play like the wind in W20, it's too far for Harris now.

But this may not be a bad thing as the focus shifts to the ring and we forget about stats.

And all you guys are right, and I was wrong, Flanders' dual-back threat was really helping Harris rack up the stats.  That setup was really working for us and it's sorely missed.

 on: Today at 04:58:34 AM 
Started by Doublezero - Last post by TecnoGenius
Our offence to a large degree is structured around him and I was hoping we went for the major score at the end.  The loss of 4 yards in a running play was particularly unfortunate as that may have been the difference between him making that kick and just missing by inches....

Yup, I was quite surprised when MOS took the foot off the gas at 1:08 @35yrd.  We had just gotten a new 1st down (due to awesome Thorpe-y plays by LDW) and the stopped the tempo O, started taking their sweet diddly time to do 2 Harris runs the whole world knew were coming (we've done that in this situation 800 times before).

We had all day to make some more plays, go for a TD, or at least move it to the Medlock can't-miss range of 20-30yd attempt.  We were stomping all over TOR at that point, and they had no answer.  It was a replay of the MTL miracle game.  Our tempo kills opponents.  Why not try a couple more high-percentage plays with max protection with strict instructions to throw it away if a sack is coming?  Just think how nice a Harris fake would have worked with Nichols rolling the other way for a little 10 yarder to Dress or even Normand?  The whole world would have followed Harris.  Heck, have Nichols roll and run towards the sideline!

Medlock already missed a 39'er in the game and the coaches must have known it was a 50/50 chance he misses another, not like Meddy's usual 99/1 odds.  Plus, now we destroyed his confidence even more going into the playoffs.

Of all the losses this year, this one stings the most.

 on: Today at 04:43:43 AM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by TecnoGenius
The worst possible set of circumstances would be if WPG loses to BC, and EDM wins in W19.  That would mean the WPG@CGY game (W20) would count for us, but not CGY.  We'd have to go all out balls to the wall fielding our best players and our players will get hurt.  Then we go weakened into the playoffs.  Luckily I don't see much chance of that happening... I hope I'm right.

 on: Today at 04:22:26 AM 
Started by Lincoln Locomotive - Last post by TecnoGenius
Stamps are far from done.  The road through Calgary will be tough.

Yup.  If they didn't throw the game (watch BLM's throws... not just bad throws; horrible decisions like he was drunk on cough medicine), then they are doing a hustle: faking that they are bad in all these games that don't matter to make everyone question "is Bo hurt?", "does CGY D suck?", etc.

CGY will play a killer WF and only a very strong team will beat them.  Hopefully WPG will be that team.

 on: Today at 03:07:35 AM 
Started by fansince79 - Last post by Blue In Edmonton
I guess anonymous internet people criticizing other anonymous internet people for how they choose to exercise their fandom is what this is all about.

The 2017 team does not own 26 years of frustration, but long-time fans certainly feel that. Seeing championship-calibre components potentially being squandered by a relentlessly poor defence is frustrating. This team can win. Nevertheless it?s difficult to imagine that happening. This team isn?t elevating their game, and that?s troubling. We are seeing Edmonton elevating. Saskatchewan just beat Calgary, but they blew a game at home last week.

So, our defence can?t withstand a solid offence. This team is one and done.

Calgary: Underwhelming of late, got hammered at home. One and done.
Edmonton: Lost 6 in a row, but have now won three in a row. Their HC can?t control himself. One and done.
Saskatchewan: Brilliant one week. Dreadful the next. Ridiculously inconsistent. One and done.


We can score close to 30+ each week. Can be champions.
Calgary: Top players and coaching. Can be champions.
Edmonton: Maybe the most clutch QB and top receiver. Can be champions.
Saskatchewan: When at their best, can beat anyone. Coach has won before. Can be champions.

A rational thought 30-hours after a gutting disappointment.

 on: Today at 02:50:44 AM 
Started by elder - Last post by Blue In Edmonton
MOS has grown on me. He is eminently likeable. The players seem to love playing for him. I concur with earlier posters and the comments about the defence. Any failure to advance in the playoffs will be pinned squarely on the defence. His fierce loyalty to a player like Hurl and to Hall?s scheme are on his shoulders. Also, LaPo/Nichols/Harris will make any HC better. If we lose LaPo in the offseason, it will be interesting to see what happens with the offence, and that may be the true mark of what kind of HC he actually is.

 on: Today at 02:34:48 AM 
Started by TKTKD - Last post by GOLDMEMBER

 on: Today at 02:28:43 AM 
Started by the paw - Last post by longtimeblue
Fair point.  But we are assuming the guy isn't 'actually' injured when he goes down at this point.  But I guess too risky.
Assuming it's a non injury is the problem.

 I'm not sure what you can do about this with all the recent attention to head injuries. A concussed player can wobble back into position and go down anytime. You could open yourself up to all kinds of repercussions if you don't take injuries seriously, and penalizing a guy who's actually hurt doesn't seem fair. You could have concussed players staying in harms way for fear of a penalty at a critical time. Coaches can get around it by just having guys lay down directly after the previous play. Really, you have to think it's up to coaches and players to take care of this and show some class. Be professional. This is one of those "cry wolf" things that hurts everyone.

 on: Today at 02:16:20 AM 
Started by elder - Last post by kkc60
If he can fully overcome his "overly loyal" issue (he's been getting better but it's a work in progress) then yes for sure he can. Just as Lapo can OC the Bombers to elite status. As for Richie Hall...

 on: Today at 01:48:30 AM 
Started by fansince79 - Last post by bomb squad
You are wrong, people are still pulling for the Bombers, but after watching our defence struggle this entire year with the exception of maybe two games and this going onto year 27 without winning the cup, some fans maybe sending a message to the Bomber management that we are mad as hell with this defence under Hall and we are not going to take it anymore (to quote a famous line).

Right. I'm sure the Bomber management will get together this week and say "You know what, the fans are mad as hell about this defence. We better do something about it. Maybe they see something we don't. Ya think"?

And maybe it's just me, but I find comments like "This team is one and done in the playoffs"; "I have no confidence in this team"; and "We have no chance" to be a strange way of pulling for the Bombers.

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