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 on: Today at 03:22:27 PM 
Started by bombergal - Last post by John T.

Dieter Brock lost to Moon on several occasions in the playoffs....he was no Moon.

Yeah. He was. Dieter lost to Moon on several occasions because Moon had a better defense on his team, plus the most egregiously horrible referee call in CFL history in 1982(?), a bogus roughing the QB call against Winnipeg's John Helton, late in a Western Final that Winnipeg was winning.

I'll concede the Flutie > Dunigan thing, though, because Flutie > everybody.

 on: Today at 03:19:12 PM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by NewBlue
Foketi & Washington are 2 that I think will be hard pressed to accept a PR spot.

 on: Today at 03:16:42 PM 
Started by The Zipp - Last post by NewBlue
"We know when a players time is up..."

Kinda like they did with Andrew Harris?  Shocked

 on: Today at 03:12:40 PM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by booch
depending on what O-lineman we keep/hide and who we have to cut, I bet any Canadian we have to let go will get snapped up pretty quick..We cant keep all of Neufeld, Gray, Couture, Speller, Desjarlais, Eli, Koczwara, Oullette Decarlo as well as Foketti as our Import depth...

 on: Today at 03:07:36 PM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by kkc60
So, we have to cut 20+ of the people now in camp.  Some may end up back in school, some on the IR, and some the PR, but of the group not making the 46 man, there are going to be a lot of players that will make other teams.  Maybe even a few that can win a starters spot. 
I doubt a lot of our cuts will make other teams. That just never happens. Keep in mind we also aren't hearing other peoples TC reports. Good chance some of them are saying the same thing

 on: Today at 03:04:23 PM 
Started by The Zipp - Last post by kkc60
Sources have informed me that the #Alouettes are signing All-Star defensive back Ciante Evans.

The 26-year-old spent the last four seasons in Calgary. Signed in the AAF this offseason. Massive addition.
One of, if not the best DB in the league. Him and Campbell are as good as you can get

 on: Today at 03:03:46 PM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by theaardvark
So, we have to cut 20+ of the people now in camp.  Some may end up back in school, some on the IR, and some the PR, but of the group not making the 46 man, there are going to be a lot of players that will make other teams.  Maybe even a few that can win a starters spot. 

It is so great to have these problems.  We are not far removed from having to start a Hargraves or Greaves to make ratio, or having players starting on our squad who couldsn't crack another teams PR... 

Walters and McManus have done Yeoman's work, we have an awesome stable of QB's, probably the best in the league, when was teh last time that was said about the Blue and Gold?


 on: Today at 03:01:24 PM 
Started by bombergal - Last post by blue_or_die
Strev. needs to develop more patience and trust in his receivers, the O-line and the called play, he's too quick to "exit, stage left" the first opportunity presented.  If he can settle down a little more this year and learn to work the pocket his season will be a success.

Matthews will help with that. He already has chemistry with Woli, and Darvin is another sure guy.

With those tools and Strev's ability to roll out and re-set the defense, he can trust he can afford to lob up 50/50 balls.

 on: Today at 02:56:33 PM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by blue_or_die
Some of my observations from camp yesterday..

Appears to be a 2 man competition for the slot that Dressler vacated between C. Washington and R. Bailey...both seem to have the waggle mastered and look very smooth and precise with their route running...Bailey seems to be faster, but Washington offers the bigger body and familiarity..the rest of the group are good, but these guys are head and shoulders above in my opinion...a dark horse to me could be Kenny Walker...nice hands...nice in space and just something about him....Looks like Denmark out there

Simonese looks poised to have a super hard in all facets of the drills, very focused and engaged and I think the maturity happening and the vets around him are really rubbing off on him. He seems faster than last year and for a big bodied guy very agile and quick...and love his catching ability, catches everyting with his hands and has been coached well somewhere down the line...with him Demski and Woli our National receivers are looking good..Peterman to me is good...but not Simonesegood or has more potential...He is constantly using his body to make catches and only uses his hands if thats the only way to catch ball not thrown directly at him. Doesn't seem to work as hard or be as engaged as the others either

Oliviera has impressed...he has great hands and can be just as good as a weapon out of the backfield as Harris and is a solid runner...gets the ball and heads up field..he is going to be good..Same can be said of Augustine..had some nice runs...looked good receiving and he its line hard and is all business running straight up field. If both are not on roster I would be shocked and should be at the expense of John Rush (who is not participating at moment) Either one will offer more in offense and backing up Harris and Augustine can fill the role on ST's...not sure if they have used Oliviera on teams yet. My surprise tho at camp was Santiago out of UND...Great hands, super agile and fast and when he has ball in his hands is making guys miss left right and center..get him in space and he will be a pian in arse for play i watched he juked and jump stepped about 3-4 times and caused Choujda to roll an ankle...not sure how we roster him, but I bet he gets PR'd...he's good...and he does returns

Lucky and Nelson appear to be competing for one spot on the roster, both are quick and shifty as heck, but Lucky appears to have more outright speed and if he gets just a little seam..he's gone...he gets to top speed pretty quick..Nelson is more polished receiver, but Lucky has shown no signs of being a poor this decision will be interesting especially as Lucky is the better returner

Our d-line is gonna be a beast..Jefferson is flat out good..Jeffcoat too and Bryant is a beast, and very agile for a big dude, Nevis appears to be in even better shape than last year and quicker too, but I think him and Roh better be looking over their shoulder. Richardson out of Minnesota is a force..just and utter tank and man is he impressive...power as I have not seen at a DT here in handled pretty much whomever he faced and his shorter stature and low center of gravity really allows him drive through the he is fast...he would be a real force coming off the edge I wouldn't be shocked if he takes Nevis spot, or takes Roh's DI spot seeing as we have Kongbo chomping at the can see the guys just wanting to get in there...mimicking the moves, and right up close taking it all in...and he is a specimen as well...

No issues with our o-line with whomever gets in there...Eli looked really sign of missing any  ball with that guy, had a series in skeli where he manhandled Griffiths, then on next play #97 and on next play just pancaked Jake Thomas...and in the 0ne on ones the only guy to really have his way with him was Richardson, but he did with basically everyone. Gray has looked good as well..very athletic and get downfield to clobber guys like Yoshi does...Speller didn't look outta place either, and Couture looked fine...same as always but these young guys seem to have a bit more to them..I see Bryant, Neufeld, Gray and Hardrick as the for sure guys, and if Eli keeps on keeping on dont be shocked if he starts, if they feel he not totally ready wouldn't be shocked if he is the 6th o lineman...he was a steal this draft. That being said they may start the season with Couture as he is familiar with things and would help with continuity but he shouldn't get too comfortable.

Losing Randle and Loffler is gonna be a non issue..Winston rose is a baller...he's good and made play after play...the only time I seen him beat was a down the rail long shot to Matthews where you couldn't cover any better, but man that Matthews is good, and he just went up and took the ball cause thats what he does...he is gonna be a beast for us.
Jones as well, great in coverage and fast and makes reads and breaks on the ball very nicely, and I can see our defense doing a lot of things based on this. Gaitor  as well was lights out, and Fenner seems to be the swiss army knife who can play all the spots and is a lot faster than I remembered. As for new guys Boynton stood out to me..makes quick reads and closes fast, same with guy and good cover skills....Humes too....looking as good or better than last year. A secondary/and SAM of Rose, Alexander, Jones, Sayles and Fenner and one of Humes/Boynton or Este wont surprise me

Not much to say on the linebackers as didn't pay much attention though did notice Dale Warren as a solidly built guy with athletisim

Sounds like everything is just perfect. Grey Cup, no doubt! Lmao.

Seriously, thanks for the detailed report man.

 on: Today at 02:53:48 PM 
Started by Lincoln Locomotive - Last post by kkc60
A "bad way" for the other team... we hope...

Sounds like this draft class might be even better than hoped for.  I guess it drops to Dejarlais and Griffiths to start getting comments, Kongbo, Oliviera, Eli getting lots of mentions...
Too soon to say. Give me 2 years

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