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 on: Today at 03:33:20 AM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by TecnoGenius
Bombers had a good team.
Hall was a hall,and kills us with a soft defence
Injuries hit
Zero new players were brought in( who made any impact)
Coaches cant seem to adapt in game, on a consistent basis I

Hall did pretty good, I thought.  Got pressure all night.  Many sacks, on the supposed "unsackable" Johnny Runaround.  Forced bad throws.  What more can you ask?  The soft zone was only egregious on maybe 3-4 plays.  It enabled 1 INT and another almost-INT.

New players?  Not brand new, but Thompkins started shining bright.  If that's the Thompkins we can count on going forward then he's our new star INT SB.  Those were great catches, and great at getting open.

Coaches: blew it in the 3rd, but unlike every other loss this year, they found a way in the 4th.  The 4th Q drives where somewhat successful, and we would have won the game even without the last-minute INT.

I think Lapo/Hall addressed the "can't finish the game" problem quite well.  They did, in fact, finish the game.  MTL had a chance to tie/win and we didn't let them.

 on: Today at 03:30:33 AM 
Started by Pigskin - Last post by kkc60
nah, our roster is above average
I dunno. I mean besides depth I can't really find a glaring hole. Our secondary and receivers have immense up and downs and Dressler is pretty much invisible now so I guess those are issues. Nevis looks tired. Honestly our best DT is on our PR so I dunno if that's a hole or not

 on: Today at 03:28:34 AM 
Started by Norlorne Dr. - Last post by TecnoGenius
Maybe Roh's performance will light a fire under Okpalaugo and he'll improve his output like he did late last season.  He earns a decent pay-cheque and he's an older vet. so he could be under consideration for a convenient salary dump to balance out the S.M.S., make room to bump Jeffcoat's pay cheque or free up some extra cash for F.A. spending heading into next spring.  I'm thinking 3-5 vets. will not be renewed in the off-season, cause the bang is no longer worth the buck.

I think Okpa will step up.  When he's on, he's really on.  And he has a Jefferson-like wing span.  I wouldn't be quick to try to dump him.

Also, I'm pretty sure Roh wasn't cheap.  I wouldn't be surprised if Roh was within $25k of Okpa.  I say let the DE guys compete, rotate them, and try to keep them all if we can.

We should all smile, though, as it looks like Wally made another booboo ditching Roh for Willis.  Willis hasn't impressed at all this year (or last).  And I bet he had to pay Willis more than he was paying Roh.

 on: Today at 03:24:40 AM 
Started by Pigskin - Last post by theaardvark
JSK has been playing some MLB, has he not?  The seem to flex the LBs around... Biggie and JSK play MLB / WIL interchangeably...

 on: Today at 03:23:25 AM 
Started by Pigskin - Last post by TecnoGenius
We probably have the best Canadian receivers in the league. Petermann will be fine if Demski is out. I was told today that Harris had some swelling on the knee. Knox could play MLB, with Wilson or Wild sliding into his position. Palacio is the LB we picked up 6-1, 237. He's pretty new to our D, so I can't see him starting.

If true, that fits with the kneecap hit I described.  That's also very good news (I think!?) because that should be a 1 game IR at most.

It's a darn good thing Harris jumped up in the air before the hit on his legs.  I'm starting to think Harris is an expert at not getting hurt.  He's just so smart about what to do when a hit is coming.  He's talked about it in interviews.  I think he studies this stuff and practices how to protect himself.

If he's sharing all his hard-learned tips with LaFrance & Demski this could be good news for WPG for many years to come.

 on: Today at 03:20:23 AM 
Started by GOLDMEMBER - Last post by Lincoln Locomotive
He a playmaker, he should have been on the field.
For whatever reason he?s on a rather short leash it seems...he didn?t look happy riding the pine...

 on: Today at 02:53:08 AM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by Tiger
It was a W

As many have said the score flattered the Bombers

FYI the stats were pretty much the same

Including the QBs

Nichols was better?  The first quarter and did not turn theball over.

I felt bad for Manziel in that he had no online and receivers were suspect.  He seemed frustrated and rightfully so.

 on: Today at 02:45:42 AM 
Started by Pigskin - Last post by Pigskin
Thomas had a very good game. The bad part for us is that Corney is injured?? And Faith didn't pan out.

 on: Today at 02:39:17 AM 
Started by Norlorne Dr. - Last post by Tiger
Always liked Death Roh.  He had a great game.

 on: Today at 02:37:46 AM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by Pigskin
You mite not be there, but us die hard bomber fans will be there. Good or bad we are always there.

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