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 on: Today at 04:38:29 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by blue_or_die
I'm most excited about our receiving core. If Matty is able to spread the ball around, there's no way opposing secondaries can cover everyone of Adams, Dress, Bowman, Demski, and Simonise. Throw in Harris and I have a hard time imagining us going 2 and out very often.

 on: Today at 04:31:38 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by GCn17
I am looking forward to all the pollyanna predictions and looking good on paper finally turning into something more than high hopes and pipe dreams.

 on: Today at 04:03:13 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by blueraid
Yes...yes...BUT the media is saying we`re a lower tier team LOL....Can`t wait till the season starts and we open a few eyes and those people especially will have to do a massive re-assessment

 on: Today at 03:41:03 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by Knocker42
Having attended a few of the workouts to date, I believe this is the best collection of talent we have had in a while. I see a team strong in all departments except back-up QB.  Barring injuries to key personnel, we could have a spectacular season.  However, Calgary, Edmonton and Sask. will also be good and, if Jennings can return to form, BC cannot be counted out so the West will be tough.
We won a ton of close games last year and those things have a habit of evening up in time, so let's hope we can dominate and not have to rely on miracle finishes such as the Montreal game .

 on: Today at 03:35:04 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by Lincoln Locomotive
I am really, really stoked about signing Bighill....he is going to make our D collectively better!  We need to make a stop when the game is on the line and Bighill is that kind of player.  I?m hoping Adarius still has his mojo and gives us another deep threat.   Judging by some of the reports on some other receivers it will be difficult to make the last cuts.   

 on: Today at 03:14:48 PM 
Started by ModAdmin - Last post by RebusRankin
Foketi is likely on the AR, specifically the two man reserve like he has been for the past two seasons imo.

 on: Today at 03:11:10 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by Throw Long Bannatyne
Much improved execution in the red-zone would be nice with less reliance on Medlock's big foot.  As always consistent protection of the QB is an extreme priority.

 on: Today at 03:10:24 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by Horseman
A significantly improved defense capable of taking control of games, providing some relief for what should be a potent offense, and an ability to shut down opposing offenses when it really matters. Oh, and a massive reduction of big plays allowed.


 on: Today at 03:08:42 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by TBURGESS
For me, it's a mixed bag. Not all good like some folks around here.

Bighill and Bowman were great signings.

Our National depth at receiver consists of Demski who is mostly potential and hasn't been able to stay healthy plus a bunch of guys with little to no CFL experience.

Fenner's a good signing. Leggett hasn't practiced yet and is unlikely to be ready to play at the beginning of the season. It'll be interesting to see who gets the DB spots that aren't taken by Randle and Loffler.

We still have Hall as DC, but we are using 11 imports plus 2 or 3 DI's which should make up for him.

I'm excited though. Looks like the best team on paper in a long while.

 on: Today at 03:05:03 PM 
Started by theaardvark - Last post by 1chad
 What are you most looking forward to seeing?


Adam Bighill's first crunching tackle and Adarius Bowman's first reception in Blue and Gold.

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