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 on: Today at 10:02:50 AM 
Started by LarryCross - Last post by bomb squad
As I understand it, technically the idea could be implemented, but only if Streveler is not designated as a QB or an ineligible receiver. You would not get any advantage with the run or pass threat out of that position however. Actually it diminishes it. He would have to throw on the run more, which limits his passing options. He's a much better run or pass threat out of the QB position.

As for the idea itself of using Streveler as a running back, I agree it's not a good use of his talents, but it's not like it's an idea from outer space. He is obviously a very good runner and we don't actually know what his blocking abilities are. 

 on: Today at 07:40:58 AM 
Started by barbk - Last post by TecnoGenius
Hamilton at Edmonton    start time 9 PM

Note, the start time is 8:30, not 9:00.  I'm going to post a new thread just to announce this for all the PVR people out there.

 on: Today at 07:40:37 AM 
Started by TecnoGenius - Last post by TecnoGenius
For all my PVR pals... TSN and the league did it again and  made another night of overlapped games.  This Friday, Sept 20, the HAM@EDM game starts 30 minutes earlier than usual.  So the schedule is:

CGY@TOR 6:00pm
HAM@EDM 8:30pm

So you're going to need the TSN TV pack to see the entirety of both games (unless you wait for repeats), and a good PVR system that you program wisely.

Luckily, there's a good chance the TOR game is over by halftime (or maybe not!), so as long as you pick the channel that will switchover instead of the stays-with-TOR channel, you should be ok.  That said, we'll all be praying for an amazing upset win of MBT over BLM!!  That would be a great start to a football weekend!

 on: Today at 07:25:11 AM 
Started by J5V - Last post by TecnoGenius
Agreed on all points. The weird thing about giving up that late drive in the LDC was that our D was barely on the field in the second half. They should not have been tired at all. It's just weird for a fresh D to give it up so easily when they were needed so badly. I have to think the wrong scheme and/or formations were being called. I have no other explanation.

1. Willie said it in a post-game presser: SSK went to dink & dunk that was hard to stop and not really planned for.  If a team can master the dink & dunk (like WPG in '17), it's really hard to stop them churning out the 1st downs.

2. Hall played hard (not soft, go look again, it's mostly man, and blitzes), but it was designed to stop the mid/deep pass, not the 10 yard hitch and Powell hold-aided run.

3. Hall said it in his post-game presser: everyone waited for someone else to make the play.  Watch the drive, and it's true, no one had any real zeal or energy.  And yes, TOP was ours so no excuse at all.  Maybe they lacked leadership, or trust in Hall's calls.  Maybe they thought because they were the best D and owned the 4th that it would just magically fall into their laps.  Maybe everyone not named Willie just waited for Willie to get another INT or FF.

4. This will not happen again.  I already saw in the BB many changes on our D specifically designed to crush the SSK dink & dunk.  Worked beautifully then.  Will work in game 3 in a few weeks.  If McAdoo dares to take it to the deep pass then we'll kill them with our DBs and pass-rush.  Oh ya, and we'll be ahead enough they must go for a TD+2pt, not a FG.

 on: Today at 07:15:00 AM 
Started by GOLDMEMBER - Last post by TecnoGenius
My as-predicted?  Duron Carter is a clown and wastes a roster spot.

 on: Today at 07:13:45 AM 
Started by bwiser - Last post by TecnoGenius
"BC as bad as they are" as a surprise seems popular.  But a huge chunk of people saw it coming...

Pre Season Predictions... some pegged BC as worst in the West!

People who picked BC as 2nd worst in the West, only behind SSK:
heart of gold

Funny, when people picked BC as 2nd worst, the worst was always SSK.  I guess many (me included) got blinded by our green-filtering glasses.  Or maybe not, as Zach probably would have SSK in the dumpster right about now.  SSK did luck out with Fajardo not being as horrifically awful as he was as a BC & TOR backup.

Personally, my big surprise is that SSK's D post-Jones is pretty much the same as SSK D with Jones.  Some presser said that the DC stayed the same and was basically keeping everything the same as Jones had it.  So I guess that explains it.  I thought it would be a "complete rebuild" year in SSK, but they kept it pretty consistent.

The biggest WPG surprise for me is we got a great return game this year.  Lucky is super, and then Grant comes along, and we also have Nelson at depth.  We may have the most-feared return game in the league this year, which is truly shocking.  I'm a big proponent of the theory that KW+Mafia are methodically making our team better each year, but I think the return game has just been a big lucky surprise / bonus / gravy.  I'll take it!

 on: Today at 06:56:42 AM 
Started by LarryCross - Last post by TecnoGenius
Glad to see BinBC is going easy on the new poster!  Yes, can't be done.  But it's a good question anyhow.

However, after watching Augustine, I'd peg him in the "power rusher" category.  Certainly not at the power level of AH33, Powell or Gable.  But he's as much power as speed, IMHO.

So you could pretty easily play dual-back sets with both AH and JA, as they are both NATs (Canadian) and already rostered (JA as AH backup).  If you wanted to...

Heck, might be fun for poops and giggles.  But then wouldn't D's just load the box for run blitz?

Here's what I'd do:
1. Early in the game you do a dual-back set and pick one to fake and one to hand it to.  Go up the gut.
2. Few plays later show the same set, do a fake to both, and they both park as blockers in max-pro 7-man block. Then you have our QB with all day drop back to pass to one of 3 WRs running go routes in different 3rds of the field.  Or, perhaps even better, since they loaded the box, throw over the LBs in some sort of 25 yard crosser with the other WRs running layered clearing routes.
3. Put that set away and never use it again.

It'd be fun to see, just once, and achievable with 2 NATs.  Probably not worth the practice time.  But you never know, in garbage time in some game...

 on: Today at 06:45:18 AM 
Started by GOLDMEMBER - Last post by TecnoGenius
I don't think people predicted Rose would be leading the league in INTs.

Most people did think Rose was a good pickup.  But no, I don't think anyone realized he'd be a total lights-out hawkin' DB.  He's certainly looking at best-in-CFL DB kudos if he keeps this up.

In short, most predicted Rose=good, new reality is Rose=superb.

 on: Today at 06:36:05 AM 
Started by GOLDMEMBER - Last post by TecnoGenius
I wanted to note another interesting thing SSK did.  At the end, on MTL's last 30s series, SSK didn't play loose prevent D, they played hard-nosed 6 and 7 man pass-rush.  Almost no team does that in that situation.  I thought it was brilliant, and we should also throw away prevent-D and be even more aggressive on those final opponent drives that can win the games.

Option #1: play deep and soft and rush 3, like most teams would.  What happens?  QB gets all day to pick his perfect pass target.  You're allowing a WR with 1 or 2 man coverage to make the play, get DPI, or at worst, have a 50/50 shot.  I'm not talking hail-mary time, I'm talking moving the ball 30 yards or so.  You're relying on their QB and WR to not connect, and your DB not to take DPI.

Option #2: pass-rush like there's no tomorrow.  What happens?  QB is rushed at the least, pressured or sacked at best.  No time for long routes to develop.  QB likely makes a mistake.  Could be an INT.  Worst case?  They make the 30 yard pass you tried to prevent with option #1.

The way I see it, the worst case scenario with both is they get the 30 yard pass they need.  But the best case scenario seems much better with option #2, which is what SSK did.  You also force the QB and WR involved to execute more precisely, in a more stressful situation, for less possible gain.

The only way it all blows up in your face is if the WR gets behind coverage, caught in stride, and goes for a TD.  But that's a low-probability scenario.  And when you only need a FG, who cares if that happens.

I hope we never go prevent D in the last 60s when they need a FG ever again.  Might have allowed us to win Strev's first start vs EDM in '18, when we let MR do precisely that by using option #1 and praying.

 on: Today at 06:12:30 AM 
Started by Knocker42 - Last post by TecnoGenius
I read somewhere on this post that VA doesn't pass the ball around much....he threw to 5 different receivers for 344 yards.....Matthews had the longest reception at 42 yards.   Was this is first game for the Als?   

I didn't say VA doesn't pass much, I said he doesn't spread it around as much (as say WPG).

rec yards receiver
8 130 Lewis
6 73 Posey
4 73 Bray

Matthews was just the 1 reception on 2 targets.  Stanback had a couple, but he doesn't count as he's the RB, and on the field for every down, so he gets the dump pass.

Not one single target for the rest of the O weapons:
(not to mention their FBs)

That would be like a game where we only target Adams once and throw nothing at all to Petermann, Lawler and Woli.  We tend to spread the ball around more, which is why picking WPG WRs for fantasy is usually a bad idea.  We make every player a threat (even Miller!) so that the D's are forced to defend everyone carefully.

If I was playing MTL, I would forget the above players completely as they probably aren't even in the read sequence.  Or, at the very least, cheat up closer to the real targets while keeping just an eye on the nobodies.  Just focus on the "big 3", and also Matthews for the few times he's on-field.

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