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 on: Today at 07:14:56 AM 
Started by bigbuff33 - Last post by TecnoGenius
Looks like we'll be fighting with the riders for the bottom rung...We are not good enough to compete with Edm,B.C. or Cal....Proved that last night and it looks like more of the same coming our way Sad

Are you insane?  We went head to head with near-top-rated TSN-gush-recipient near-totally-healthy BC Lions, score 42 points, and lost by only 3.  That's == Riders?  Bombers 100% make it into playoffs this year and have a legit chance at the cup if luck is even slightly on our side.

Arcenaux said it best after the game (on SC?), we had them by the neck and decided to let go.  We need to pound the crap out of them when they're down, just like CGY always does to everyone.  Letting them come back a bit tires our defence and sets us up for the loss.

 on: Today at 04:47:34 AM 
Started by bigbuff33 - Last post by DM83
It's a team's game!
Ok I am old also.
Wally Gabler, Dave Raimey, Canada packers training camp in St. B ( about seven minute drive from our house)
Gabler came to Wog and made us better, sitting in the " track seats" behind the bomber bench at field level, still one of the best seats ever"

2017 - The receivers played well enough to win. Adams stepped up, everyone else also contributed.  If the team puts it all together it has the potential to win the cup.( plus the odds are with us)

 on: Today at 04:36:27 AM 
Started by Lincoln Locomotive - Last post by DM83
Of course OShea is learning from his decisions.  However, he is a very slow learner!

Face it, of all the coaches in the league where would he rank on the list of "smartest coach"Huh

Who says at the  bottom of the list?

It looks like to me he would,rather avoid making tough decisions. He seems to always defer to his "guys"
OShea has to realize, during the game, in many games field position counts. N

The stupidity of Medlock,to throw that pass was really stupid.  Clearly the play was to,kick it away, and make Lulay. Go eighty yards.  At that time of the game BC was not doing much on offence.

I mean in most normal football teams you consult the DC and say what do you Think?  Do you think Ritchie Hall would approve of a gamble in this situation.  NO

So again, clearly the head Coach, didn't know about the choice or if he did.....OMG.....none the less this was one of the most stupidest decisions ever made in the history of football. 

 on: Today at 04:13:36 AM 
Started by BomberOptimist - Last post by DM83
These comments are bang on.  The coaches kind of blew this one.
Tough realization, but in the crunch, the OC and the DC did little,strategically to help the boys win.  As was noted this dates back to the. West Semis last yr.


 on: Today at 03:47:39 AM 
Started by Sir Blue and Gold - Last post by dd
They both act like spoiled brats who whine and  complain at every opportunity. Grow a pair and play the game like men for cripe sakes!!

 on: Today at 03:42:56 AM 
Started by BomberOptimist - Last post by BLUEBOMBER
Clearly against elite QBs in the league like Mitchell, Lulay, Harris, etc.. our D is not up to speed.  Hall needs to play his defences more aggressively.

 on: Today at 03:39:03 AM 
Started by Sir Blue and Gold - Last post by elder
I've definitely noticed this too...Dickenson & BLM have to be the biggest whiners the CFL game has ever known.
I totally agree.

 on: Today at 03:35:49 AM 
Started by Sir Blue and Gold - Last post by dd
I have never seen a team that wants a flag if things don't go there way, QB and receivers. Time for Calgary to be pros and not babies, it even seems the refs are on there side.
I've definitely noticed this too...Dickenson & BLM have to be the biggest whiners the CFL game has ever known.

 on: Today at 03:31:14 AM 
Started by BomberOptimist - Last post by Throw Long Bannatyne

The reason the Lions were allowed to get back in the game, is because our offense couldn't string together a could of first downs and burn up some clock. BC KNEW we were going to run the ball to chew up the clock so they were in a run defense, which stuffed us on 1st down and we couldn't convert a 2nd down to save our souls.

Despite all the talk about the fake punt, we get 2 first downs instead of 5- 2 and outs, we win the game and that includes the botched fake punt

The same thing happened last year in the WSF, the offence cratered in the second half and left the D on the field for the remainder of the game to fend for themselves.

 on: Today at 03:21:55 AM 
Started by Lincoln Locomotive - Last post by SSC
This has only been mentioned in a few posts nevertheless I'm concerned that we are often out coached in these crucial game decisions at the wire.  Last years semi final decision to have JM attempt a near to impossible 61 yard FG defied all the odds yet he said he would do it again if the situation came up?!  Obviously math was not one of his majors in school!   Last nite with less than a minute left and down by 3 points he elects to receive the KO rather than taking the ball at the 35.  We ended up at the 35 and lost 9 seconds of time which in the CFL is at least time for one possibly two more plays.  Playing for a tie on another long FG defies logic. 
The fact that JM had the green light to audible on our 26 yard line when we had the lead late in the game is just poor judgement.....even if our punting was poor for most of the game!  These type of gaffes are forgive able for a rookie HC but this is season four and his stubborn streak precedes logical decision making at times perhaps too many times.  That game was definitely winnable and there is no moral victory in losing it the way we did! 

Here,Here, L.L. you hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

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