BO20 in Blue and Gold for 2 years

Started by theaardvark, February 06, 2024, 04:37:26 PM

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William Stanback in BC... Leake to the Elks.

It's all happening now that BO is signed I feel.   :o


Quote from: theaardvark on February 06, 2024, 05:31:44 PMFarhan Lalji is saying $230K in 24, $240K in 25... 

And Dunk confirms...

$230k is a bit more than I had hoped we'd land him for, $30k goes a long way in re-signing others, but its still a good deal.  Not the great deal, but a good deal.

Yikes that's a lot of coin for a RB.  Good for Brady for getting it, but we should have passed


Quote from: bluengold204 on February 06, 2024, 08:13:40 PMYikes that's a lot of coin for a RB.  Good for Brady for getting it, but we should have passed
more than I hoped we would pay but the markets the market and he's not only a large part of our offense but also a ratio breaker.



Basically this is going to mean Brady is a Bomber for life. He will be turning 27 in August so its safe to say he's going to want to build a big legacy for himself. With what he does off the field he already has a bunch of social media attention. Kid has potential to be an all-time great Canadian RB and I'm really excited for his future



Go Bombers!


Seems a bit high for a running back and hopefully it doesn't weaken the team somewhere else.  Hopefully this isn't what impacted us being able to keep Hardrick on our O-Line.


Quote from: Tehedra on February 06, 2024, 10:23:47 PMSeems a bit high for a running back and hopefully it doesn't weaken the team somewhere else.  Hopefully this isn't what impacted us being able to keep Hardrick on our O-Line.
I would assume Hardricks contract is what impacted us signing him. Unlike Bryant, who took a pay cut, Hardrick probably has not been making that much. Not much time left in his career, a young family, already having two rings all make taking the Riders offer a no-brainer. I wouldn't want the bombers to match it, even if they could

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curious to know what Schoens one year contract was for?
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Quote from: Jesse on February 07, 2024, 11:39:46 AM230k
well we knew he was going to be over 200K....we are loaded at receiver....question is whether or not we retain Bailey or he walks for more $$?
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A few years ago we debated who should start at RB for us as the OL and BO started off slow.  This guy has gone right to the top in short order and it's amazing we got him for 2 years.  I want him for 10!
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It's now apparent that Brady played his hand out perfectly and in reality to the home team discount as both BC and Hamilton offered Brady significantly more $$ than did the Bombers.  He made the statement that he is loyal to his team and is committed to the community!   My feelings early on were that he had other intentions and I was dead wrong on that count.   At the end of the day Brady managed to reset the salary boundaries for RBs in the CFL and hats off to him for this...albeit it did come with a steep price and we simply weren't able to retain some key players.
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Quote from: theaardvark on February 06, 2024, 04:48:32 PM$200k for BO20, wonder what Ouilette will now get... has to be close to that... even without the Nat passport

Quote from: Throw Long Bannatyne on February 06, 2024, 05:08:20 PMI don't think Ouellette will get near the same amount, he has direct competition from cheaper Import RB's to deal with.  With Brady's re-signing I think the Argos likely reclaim him for around $175k.

Oullette with the wrong passport is not worth anywhere near $230.  He will get the same $ that top IMP guys like Stanback, Butler, Sheets, etc have gotten over the years.  Plus inflation.

I don't think he's even that great...

Quote from: tlf on February 06, 2024, 05:41:08 PMOulette is going to Sask as per Dave Naylor.  Sask is loading up!

That's the best news yet.  We get to finally see if Oullette is the real deal in that sorry-state CFL club, or if he was just propped up by his strong TOR OL & team.  I would expect SSK to attempt to use the run more, though.
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Oh ya, I'm surprised we got it done.  Assuming he didn't make the the NFL, I knew it was pretty much here or nowhere.  We always were going to get the hometown discount.  Being loved by your own hometown every time you step on IGF/PAS is worth $10's of k's.  Building a legacy is worth $10's of k's.  Being here to help win the home 2025 GC is worth $10's of k's.

So the rumor is other teams offered a lot more.  Let's say $260?  So there's your $10's of k's.

I am surprised KW went up to $230.  I would have tried to get much closer to $200, which we all thought was a fair, even high-ish, number, and then backload it with a bigger bump in 2025.  I think KW went outside his comfort zone on this one and this is going to hurt us at RT and D.

But if we think about it this way: Demski is making around the same.  One question: does Brady provide as much value (yards, points, blocking, etc) to the team as Demski?  Sure does.  So why not have them paid the same?
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