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Started by Sec223, January 28, 2024, 04:28:26 PM

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Do the Bombers ever give numbers of season tickets sold as we get closer to the season ? Wade always says "going great "


I've never seen them give out total numbers
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Quote from: Marni on January 28, 2024, 08:47:11 PMI've never seen them give out total numbers

They did back in 2011 (or so). Printed out t-shirts with the number on them and everything.

But I guess if they're not setting records, they keep it under wraps.
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While we might not get an update, it's nice to know where we stand closer to spring
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It always seemed like a rounded number, IMO.

"We've cracked 21K STHs for next season" or something to that effect.
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Remember folks if you have friends that want to come to a few games, hook them up, the sales reps with the Bombers can put extra tickets in your account, charge you card and it's so easy.  Then buddies save the ticketmaster fees and we pack the house.  Cheaper than when I used to get my tickets on kijiji lol.  Well maybe not, but way easier ;)
Sometimes you need a fresh start